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07/01/2003 thru 06/30/2007

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July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2007

        2003 - 2004 - 3.5% increase

        2004 - 2005 – same percent as WTEA* PLUS:
        Should the WTEA salary settlement close at a higher percentage than 3.5% for 2004-
          2005, the difference between 3.5% and that higher percentage will be paid to Central Office Support Staff members employed by the Washington Township Board of Education during the 2003-2004 school year.

        2005 - 2006 – same percent as WTEA*

        2006 - 2007 – same percent as WTEA*

        *Salary increase in any given year will be guaranteed to be no less than 3.5% even if WTEA percentage increase is less than 3.5%

        Tenure: Add $200
            Longevity: after 15 years $425
                  after 20 years $500
                  after 25 years $525


A. Personal Business Leaves
A Central Office Support Staff member is allowed three (3) days for personal business per contract year for personal business which cannot be transacted during contracted hours. The central office support staff member taking such leave will give their immediate supervisor ample advance notice whenever possible. A personal day may not be used before/after a vacation/holiday period except under the following conditions:
    1. Conditions
a. birth of own child or grandchild
b. immediate family weddings/grandchild
c. high school/college graduation of own child/grandchild
d. house closing
e. court appearance
f. family medical issue/illness
g. religious holidays of your faith
h. own child’s field trip
i. parent/teacher conference
j. at the discretion of the Superintendent (the above is not an all inclusive list)

Consecutive personal days will not be granted before/after a vacation/holiday period. A sick day before or after a personal day during a vacation/holiday period will fall under sick leave (2.B).

Personal days shall not be cumulative, except hereinafter set forth.

Unused personal days can be accumulated and added to the employee’s sick leave for a maximum of three (3) days sick leave at the rate of one (1) day for each unused personal day in the contract year.

B. Sick Leave

Twelve (12) days per year will be granted to the members of the Central Office Support staff accumulated as one (1) sick day per month. A doctor’s certificate may be required by the Superintendent of Schools for a sick day immediately before or after a holiday or school vacation period or after three (3) days of absence. All unused days of sick leave are accumulated without limit. The Central Office Support Staff member on maternity leave or extended leave, but not to include sick leave, shall receive sick leave proportionate to the number of months of employment for that year. For special cases such as retirement, resignation, or transfer, but not limited to these, employees shall receive sick leave proportionate to the number of months employment for the above calculations.

After 10 consecutive years of employment in Washington Township Schools, Central Office Support Staff members shall be reimbursed for their unused sick leave as set forth below. This payment is reduced by 5% if notification is not received by January 10th of the school year preceding the year in which payment is made. To avoid any penalty, the employee may elect to receive payment in the year following resignation or retirement. This penalty will be waived at the discretion of the Board of Education in case of forced retirement due to health reasons of either the employee or his or her spouse only.

1. Upon resignation or leaving the district in good standing, for days accumulated as of 6/30/89 and not subsequently used, employees shall be reimbursed at 80% of these unused sick days (no maximum) at the rate of $10.00 an hour = $75.00 per day.


2. For retirement in good standing as defined in TPAF, or death, employees or their estates shall be reimbursed for 90% of their unused sick days up to a maximum of 234 days, at the rate of $10.00 an hour = $75.00 per day.

3. In determining the unused sick days in “A” above, sick days are used in the order (A) accumulated after 6/30/89, (B) accumulated up to 6/30/89.

C. Death in Family

A Central Office Support Staff member will be allowed leave of absence, for the purpose of bereavement, due to death in the immediate family (husband, wife, father, mother, child or other relative living with the family) for a period of three (3) days at full pay. At the discretion of the Superintendent, employees may be granted two (2) additional days. Close relative (brother, sister, in-laws, grandparent, grandchild) not living with the family two (2) days; distant relatives, one (1) day.

D. Vacations

Vacations for Central Office Support Staff shall be:

Hired before 6/30/92Hired after 6/30/92
2 weeks after1 year2 weeks after1 year
3 weeks after5 years3 weeks after7 years
4 weeks after10 years4 weeks after14 years

E. Holidays

Central Office Support Staff members will have all school holidays off, as listed on the school calendar for that year.

D. Maternity Related Disability

As per district policy.


The Board shall provide insurance coverage for all full-time employees and those working over 25 hours per week and their families in accordance with the district health benefits packages and payment schedules.


Up to $500 per Central Office Support Staff member, per year, for course credit reimbursement, up to a maximum of $2,000 for the group, with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, whose decision is final.


Seniority and job security shall be as follows:
a. School district seniority is defined as total accumulated time a regularly employed Central Office Support Staff member serves in the school district, whether continuous or interrupted for good cause.
b. In cases where more than one staff member has the same number of years of experience, seniority shall be determined according to the initial contract date.
c. Seniority shall be terminated only in the event of dismissal.
d. In the event of any reduction in force (RIF), district-wide seniority shall apply. The Board shall retain the right to reduce the number of positions when done in good faith and for good cause.
e. In the event of any promotional position, district seniority shall apply if skill ability and fitness are equal.


a. All vacancies intended to be filled by promotion or hire will be posted for at least ten (10) workdays. Applications from current employees should be submitted through their immediate supervisor to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.
b. The posting noted in (a) above will include a brief outline of the desired qualifications, location of the position and annual salary of the position.
c. Employees in the district who apply for a position and are subsequently hired for that position may be given credit for previous years of directly related experience in the district for setting their starting salary.


If during the course of this contract, it is found that a specific clause of the contract is illegal under Federal or State law, the remainder of the contract not affected by such a ruling shall remain in force.

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