Contract Between
Lebanon Tp B/E-Hunterdon
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Lebanon Tp Admin/Supvs Assn
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07/01/2007 thru 06/30/2008

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Contract Text Below

Lebanon Township School District
Board of Education

and the

Lebanon Township Administrators

and Supervisors

For School Years


Health Insurance Benefits

The Board shall provide the Administrators with individual and family major medical coverage, dental benefits, vision plan and prescription drug coverage. The terms of said coverage shall be those currently holding contracts with the district at large.

Grievance Procedure

  1. Grievances will be handled in a manner similar to that outlined for professional teaching staff.
    1. It is the policy of the Board to develop and practice reasonable and effective means of resolving differences which may arise among employees, to reduce potential areas of grievances and to establish and maintain recognized 2-way channels of communication.
    2. Individual Grievance – Any individual member of the professional staff shall have the right to appeal the application of policies and decision affecting him/her through channels. When presenting an individual grievance, he/she shall be assured freedom from prejudicial reprisals and the following procedures shall be followed:
      1. The individual shall first discuss his/her grievance with the Superintendent in an attempt to solve the problem.
      2. If after 5 school days, the matter is not resolved between the individual and the Superintendent, the individual shall submit in writing his/her grievance to the Superintendent. If no written grievance is submitted within 5 days, the matter will be will considered closed.
      3. When the Superintendent receives a written grievance from the individual, he/she shall communicate his/her decision in writing within 3 days.
      4. If the individual is not satisfied with the decision of the Superintendent, he/she may appeal in writing through the Superintendent to the Board for a hearing with them. The Personnel Committee will schedule this request within 7 school days after being notified of the request. If both parties are in agreement, the meeting with the Personnel Committee may be waived.
      5. If the individual is not satisfied with the decision of the Personnel Committee, he/she may request to meet with the full Board of Education in executive session at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education to resolve the grievance. For individual grievances, the decision of the Board will be final and binding unless the individual grievance is picked up by the Association.

Personal Leave

  1. The Board and the Administrators hereby agree that Personal Leave will be as follows:
      1. Administrators will be granted 3 personal days (no reason), which if not used, will accumulate as additional sick days at the end of the year.
      2. Administrators will be granted 1 day for personal business which must be accompanied by a specific business reason as listed below. The day must be approved by the Superintendent. These days, if not used, will accumulate as additional sick days at the end of the year.
        1. Doctor e. Court Appearance
        2. Lawyer f. Convention
        3. House Closing g. Banking
        4. Graduation h. Conference Re: Children

Death In The Family Leave

    1. Administrators will be granted a maximum of 5 days leave for each death in the immediate family. Immediate family will be determined by a conference between the Administrator and the Superintendent. Generally, immediate family will mean: mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, brother, child, spouse, stepparent or grandparent.

Graduate Tuition Reimbursement

Reimbursement by the Board to the Administrators pursuing graduate studies shall be under the following conditions and provisions.
      The maximum reimbursement per year will be equal to the value of 9 graduate in-state credits at the Rutgers Rate.
      Reimbursement for courses at private Colleges will be made at a rate not to exceed the Rutgers rate.
      Reimbursement will be made only for courses related to school business or as specifically approved by the Superintendent.
      All courses taken for reimbursement must first be approved on the proper form, by the Superintendent and must meet the following application deadlines.
          Summer School Courses: June 30th
          Fall Semester Courses: September 30th
          Spring Semester Courses: February 15th
          Interim Courses: prior to registration
      Reimbursement is limited to courses for which a final grade of C or higher has been earned, as determined by an official transcript.
      All courses are to be taken through an accredited college or university as recognized by the New Jersey State Department of Education.
      Applicants for graduate tuition reimbursement must have served a minimum of one full year in the Lebanon Township School District to be eligible.
      To receive payment, the administrators must complete a voucher and present it to the Board Secretary. They must also enclose a receipt for tuition and report card indicating the grade received in the course.
      Courses are charged to the fiscal year in which they are presented for payment.

Mileage Reimbursement

  1. The Board and the Administrators hereby agree to mileage reimbursement at the IRS rate per mile for travel involving district business in their private cars.

In-House Credit For Pre-Approved Staff Development
  1. Administrators shall have the same requirements and conditions for In-House Credit as the members of the LTEA.

Business Expense Reimbursement

  1. The Board shall reimburse the Administrators for legitimate expenses incurred within the district in the performance of their duties as approved by the Superintendent.

Length of the Work Year and Vacation Time

  1. Administrators will work a twelve-month work year with 20 vacation days per year to be taken as appropriate. As twelve-month employees, they are granted 12 sick days per year. As is past practice, Administrators are not required to report for work when school is closed during holidays except when requested for specific purposes by the Superintendent and/or to insure the proper functioning of their responsibilities. Administrators may not accumulate more than a total of forty (40) vacation days at the end of any year of service when they leave the district. Any days over forty accumulated will be lost unless the Board of Education specifically intervenes in the matter. Vacation time may be taken at any time of the school year with the approval of the Superintendent. Upon leaving the district, the Board will pay all accumulated vacation days up to 40 at a per diem rate of the Administrator’s final annual salary.

Working Hours

  1. Administrators are expected to attend after school and evening functions which are related to their areas of responsibility as part of their normal job requirements. Attendance shall be based upon the good of the district as determined by themselves and/or the Superintendent.

Unused Retirement Sick Day Benefit
  1. Administrators who retire after a minimum of ten (10) years in the district, or leave the district after a minimum of ten (10) years of service, will be awarded $90.00 per day for each unused sick day that they have accumulated up to a maximum of 155 days. Payout of this money may be in a lump sum or spread over one to three years at the discretion of the employee.

Per Diem Pay

For purposes of docking the salary of a twelve-month employee and for additional salary compensation, the per diem rate that will be used will be the number of employment days (currently 240).

Administrators will be encouraged by the Board to attend appropriate conferences and workshops related to their areas of responsibility as approved by the Board. In addition, Administrators will be reimbursed for tuition, lodging and traveling expenses to attend a minimum of one regional or major conference per year applicable to his/her job responsibilities with the approval of the Superintendent.

Benefits and Conditions of Employment

Except for the changes otherwise stated in this contract, all benefits and conditions of employment will remain the same as in the 2004-2007 Administrators’ Contract.

Administrative Salary Guide 2007-2008

Name 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010

Michael Gorombey $96,000.00 $99,840.00 $103,833.60

Michael Rubright $110,691.50 $115,119.16 $119,723.93

Marjorie Meyer $119,136.68 $123,902.14 $128,858.23

Additional merit increases, beyond the amount stated above, may be granted at the discretion of the board. These performance based salary increases shall become part of the base salary for the following school year.

Duration of Agreement

  1. This Agreement shall be in effect from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2010.
  2. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be signed on the day and year written below:

Lebanon Township School District Administrators

Michael Gorombey ______________________________ ___________
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Michael Rubright ______________________________ ___________
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Marjorie Meyer ______________________________ ___________
Signature Date

Lebanon Township Board of Education

Georgette Szymczak, President ______________________________ ___________
Signature Date

Judith H. Burd, Witness ______________________________ ___________
Signature Date

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