Contract Between
Upper Freehold Reg B/E-Monmouth
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Upper Freehold Reg Admin Assn
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07/01/2006 thru 06/30/2009

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2006 - 2009



      1.1 In accordance with Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974,

      the Board of Education recognizes the Upper Freehold

      Regional Administrators Association as the exclusive

      representative for collective negotiations concerning

      terms and conditions of employment for the following

      administrative personnel, employed by the Board of


      Principals, Vice Principals, and Directors

      1.2 All other individuals employed by the Board of

      Education not specifically enumerated above are

      excluded from the negotiations unit.

      1.3 Unless otherwise indicated, the term Administrator,

      when used hereinafter in this agreement shall refer to

      all professional employees represented by the

      Association in the negotiating unit as above defined.

      1.4 The term "Association" as referred to hereafter in this

      agreement shall refer to the Upper Freehold Regional

      Administrators Association.

      ARTICLE 2


      2.1 The parties agree to enter into collective negotiations with binding arbitration over a successor agreement in accordance with Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, in a good faith effort to reach agreement on all matters concerning the terms and conditions of employment of administrative personnel. Such negotiations shall

      begin no later than October 1 of the calendar year

      preceding the calendar year in which this Agreement

      expires. Any agreement so negotiated shall apply to

      all members, be reduced to writing, be signed by the

      Board and the Association.

      2.2 This Agreement shall not be modified in whole or in

      part by the parties except by an instrument in writing

      duly executed by both parties.

      2.3 The parties mutually pledge that their representatives

      shall be clothed with all necessary power and

      authority to make proposals, consider proposals and

      make counter proposals in the course of negotiations.

      2.4 Except as this Agreement shall hereinafter otherwise

      provide, all terms and conditions of employment are

      applicable during the term of this Agreement. Unless

      otherwise provided in this Agreement, nothing

      contained herein shall be interpreted and/or applied

      so as to eliminate, reduce or otherwise detract from

      any employee's benefits existing prior to its effective


      ARTICLE 3


      3.1 Definition
          A grievance is to be defined as a complaint or claim
          that there has been an improper application,
          interpretation or violation of any term or provision of
          this contract or any questions relating to terms and
          conditions of employment.
      3.2 Purpose
          The purpose of this procedure is to secure, at the
          lowest possible level, equitable solutions to the
          problems, which may from time to time arise, affecting
          employees. Both parties agree that these
          proceedings will be kept as informal and confidential
          as may be appropriate at any level of the procedure.

      3.3 Procedure
          3.31 A grievance may be filed by an individual member, a group of members, or by the association

          3.32 A grievance will be considered initiated when a

          grievant discusses the grievance with his/her

          immediate supervisor, except In the case where

          the association is the grievant, then it shall be

          initiated at the next step. If the grievance is not

          resolved within seven (7) working days after the

          discussion, the grievance shall be submitted in

          writing to the Superintendent of Schools. The

          Superintendent shall schedule a hearing with

          the grievant within seven (7) working days after

          receipt of the written grievance. If the

          grievance is not resolved within fourteen (14)

          calendar days, in writing, the Superintendent shall

          schedule a hearing with the board of education

          within thirty (30) calendar days. The board

          shall render a decision in writing within ten (10)

          working days.

      3.4 If the decision of the Board does not resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of the grievant, notice of intention to proceed to arbitration shall be given to the Board through the Superintendent within fourteen (14) calendar days after the receipt of the decision which is being appealed and the grievance must be filed with the N. J. Public Employment Relations Commission within that same time period. The arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the rules of the N.J. Public Employment Relations Commission. The arbitrator shall limit himself to the issues submitted to him. He can add nothing to, nor subtract anything from, the Agreement between the parties or any policy of the Board of Education. The opinion and award shall be final and binding. Only the Board, the aggrieved and appropriate officials of the Association shall be given copies of the arbitrator’s opinion and award. This shall be given within thirty (30) calendar days of the completion of the arbitrator’s hearings, or closing of the record.

      ARTICLE 4


      4.1 The Board and the Association recognize the right of Administrators to join or to refrain from joining this

      employee organization.

4.2 The Board and Association agree that there shall be
      no reprisal of any kind taken against any

      administrator by the reason of his/her membership in

      or refusal to join the Association.

4.3 When the Board of Education requires an
      Administrator to appear before such body for a

      disciplinary hearing, said Administrator shall be

      advised of reasons, in writing, at least five (5) working

      days prior to such meeting, and shall be entitled to

      have a person of his/her own choosing present to

      advise and represent him/her. This procedure is not

      meant to restrict, limit, or bypass the provisions of

      New Jersey Statutes Title 18A:25-7.

4.4 No employee shall be disciplined, reduced in rank or
      compensation or deprived of any professional

      advantage without just cause, as defined in the statutes.

      Any such action asserted by the Board, or any agent

      or representative thereof, shall be subject to the

      grievance procedure and limitations as set forth In

      Article III.



      5.1 The Board of Education shall provide medical, dental

      and prescription coverage for both employee and

      dependents where applicable, in accordance with the

      Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ Medical and

      Prescription Plans and the Delta Dental plan.

          Those staff members who work 20 or more hours per

          weak will continue to be eligible for and entitled to

          insurance coverage.

          Any employee who elects to waive medical benefits

          will receive, in lieu thereof, the following cash


          Single Coverage $1250

          Parent/Child $1500

          Husband/Wife $2000

          Family $2250

          Any employee who elects to waive dental or

          prescription benefits will receive, in lieu thereof, the

          following cash payments:

          Dental $150

          Prescription $250

      5.2 Family coverage In the Employee Assistance

      Program shall be provided at no cost to the


5.3 Paid disability insurance shall be provided in the
      amount of 75% of the basic monthly earnings, with a

      60-calendar day elimination period.

5.4 Each administrator hired prior to July 1, 2006 shall receive a Supplemental Health Benefit providing reimbursement of up to $900 to cover those medical, dental and vision, expenses
      not covered by the Upper Freehold Regional District's

      Health Benefit or Workers Compensation plans.



6.1 A maximum of twenty-two (22) earned vacations days
      per annum shall be provided to administrators,

      accruing at the rate of two (2) vacation days for each

      month of employment.

      6.2 Vacation days may be taken during the time school is

      in session with prior approval of the Superintendent

      or his/her designee.

      6.3 A schedule of requested vacation days that will be

      taken over the summer will be submitted to the

      Superintendent for approval.

6.4 Administrators shall not be required to work on any school holidays.



7.1 Requirements and Procedures: In order to be eligible,

a member must:

          7.11 Possess a NJ Supervisor, Principal or School

          Administrator certificate.

7.12 Possess a BA or BS degree
          7.13 Present evidence in the form of an official college transcript or in-service "Professional

          Improvement Course Certificate" from the

          college, which gives evidence of successful

          completion of the course(s).

          7.14 The course must be pre-approved by the

          superintendent and be completed between

          July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2009.

7.15 Be employed by the Board of Education at the time that reimbursement is to be made.

      7.2 Schedule of Limits:

7.21 Reimbursement will be the cost of tuition and
          fees up to the maximum of $5,500 a year from 2006- 2009.

          7.22 Requests for reimbursement should be submitted to the Superintendent. Effective for all administrators hired after June 30, 2006, a return of service obligation shall apply to administrators receiving tuition reimbursement. Following the receipt of each tuition reimbursement payment, the administrator shall be required to remain employed in the district for a period equal to two contract years. In the event the administrator fails to remain employed in the district for the required period of service, repayment shall be made to the Board of Education at the following rates:

(a) Less than 1 year of employment after reimbursement- 100% repayment;

(b) More than 1 year, but less than 2 years of employment after reimbursement- 50% repayment.

(c) Upon 2 years of employment after reimbursement- No repayment.

      The return of service obligation shall not apply in cases of retirement in accordance with TPAF regulations, non-renewal or death.
7.22 Payment will be made to the member within
          thirty (30) days of submission of evidence of

          satisfactory completion of a course to the


      ARTICLE 8


8.1 Administrators shall be reimbursed at the IRS rate per mile when that milease is as a result of the performance of their
      administrative duties.

      8.2 Administrators shall be reimbursed for meals up to a

      maximum of $50 per day when they are away from the district in the performance of their administrative duties. The reimbursement for meetings held within the district after 6:00pm shall be reimbursed at $ 25.00 for a single occurance.

      ARTICLE 9


      9.1 Personal Days - Up to three (3) days of absence for

      personal, legal, business, household or family

      matters, including illness in the family, which require

      absence during school hours may be provided per

      annum to administrators at the discretion of the

      Superintendent. Unused personal days will be converted to unused accumulated sick days.

9.2 Bereavement Days - Up to five (5) days will be
      allowed without loss of pay in the event of a death in

      the immediate family or relative residing in the household, i.e. Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Father-in Law, Mother, mother-in-law, Husband, Wife, Significant Other, Child, Brother, Sister, or other relative residing in the administrator’s household. An allowance of one (1) day per year in case of the death of a relative not heretofore mentioned living outside of household.

      9.3 Legal Leave Days -Time necessary for appearances

      In any legal proceeding connected with the member's

      employment or with the school system shall be


9.4 Military Leave - Up to two (2) weeks shall be allowed
      for persons called into temporary active duty of any

      unit of the U.S. reserves or the State National Guard.

      An administrator shall be paid the regular pay in

      addition to any pay which he or she receives from the

      State or Federal Government

9.5 In Addition to Sick Leave - Leaves taken pursuant to
      Article 9 shall be in addition to any sick leave to which the administrator is entitled by law.
9.6 When the superintendent asks an administrator to work on a non-work day due to unusual circumstances, compensatory time will be provided.



      10.1 Administrators are entitled to fifteen (15) sick days

      per school year. Unused days will accumulate

      without limit.

      10.2 Extended Sick Leave - When absence, under the

      circumstances described in NJSA 18A:30-1,

      exceeds the annual accumulated sick leave, the

      Board, in its sole discretion, may grant additional

      sick days.

      10.3 Maternity Leave - The board shall grant leaves of

      absence for medical reasons associated with

      pregnancy and birth including false pregnancy and

      termination of pregnancy to pregnant members on the

      same terms and conditions governing leaves of

      absence for other illnesses or temporary disabilities

      as set forth in NJSA 18A:30-1, et. seq. and Title 9 of

      the Federal Education Act, Amendments of 1972 and the NJ/Federal Family Leave Act. Requests for maternity leave must be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the onset of the leave.

      10.4 A member returning from a leave of absence due to

      pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of

      pregnancy or birth shall be entitled to all benefits to

      which members returning from other types of sick or

      disability leave would be entitled. Nothing contained

      herein shall be construed to require the Board to

      grant tenure to any non-tenured member who would

      not otherwise have been granted tenure or to offer a

      new contract for a new school year to any non-

      tenured member who would not have been otherwise

      offered such a contract.

      10.5 Accumulated Sick Leave Retirement/Death Benefit

      Plan - Any administrator who retires/dies with at least

      ten (10) years of service with the Upper Freehold

      Regional School District will be compensated for accumulated sick leave at the rate of $75 per day.

          Written notice of intent to retire must be submitted to

          the Superintendent's Office ninety (90) days prior to

          the issuance of the accumulated sick leave




11.1 The Board will contribute toward the cost of administrators’ professional dues to join NJPSA and one (1) national professional association, such as ASCD, NAESP, NASSP, etc. up to the following maximum amounts per year:

2006-2007 $900
2006-2008 $950
2006-2009 $1,000

11.2 Each administrator will be allocated $2,000 per year to attend professional conferences for the purpose of professional growth. Attendance is subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

11.3 Under extraordinary circumstances where an administrator is

      asked to work beyond a reasonable work week,
compensation or comp time will be arranged through the




      12.1 An administrator shall have the right, upon request, to

      review the contents of his or her personnel file. All

      such actions must be performed in the presence of

      the Superintendent of Schools.

12.2 Where an administrator disagrees with statements
      placed in his/her personnel file, he/she had the right

      to indicate his/her disagreement in writing and have

      such included in his personnel folder.



      13.1 Children of Administrators not domiciled in the

      regional school district who are enrolled in the Upper

      Freehold Regional School District during the 1989 -

      1990 school year shall be permitted to continue on

      roll without payment of tuition. Beginning with the

      1990 - 1991 school year children not heretofore

      enrolled shall only be enrolled without payment of

      tuition upon the recommendation of the

      Superintendent after considering the impact on the

      school district in terms of class size, cost and staff

      workload. This restriction shall not apply to

      administrators employed and working prior to July 1,


      ARTICLE 14


      A. Administrative Salaries

      14.1 Each administrator shall receive a salary increase in accordance with Appendix A salary distribution guide:

Salary increases calculated upon the expiring

2005-2006 Base of $1,008,627shall be the following:

2006-2007 4.7% 2007-2008 4.8% 2008-2009 4.9%

    14.2 Longevity

    Unit members who have completed the listed number of years of service from the date of hire as an administrator shall receive the additional cumulative amounts per year added to base salary as listed below:

    3 years $500

        6 years $750

        14.3 Educational Training Recognition

            Unit members who have acquired the listed levels of advanced training shall receive the additional amounts per year added to base salary as listed below:
    Masters + 30 $500

    Doctorate $1000

        ARTICLE 15


        The Board of Education reserves to itself sole

        jurisdiction and authority over matters of policy and retains

        the right, subject only to the limitations imposed by the

        language of this agreement, in accordance with applicable

        laws and regulations to:

        15.1 Hire, promote, transfer, assign and retain employees

        in positions in the school district;

        15.2 Suspend, demote, discharge, or take other

        disciplinary action against employees for just cause

        and in a manner which will allow employees due


        15.3 Maintain the efficiency of the school district

        operations entrusted to it;

        15.4 Take whatever actions may be necessary to carry out

        the mission of the school district in situations of


        15.5 Relieve employees from duty because of a lack of

        needed professional services due to an enrollment

        decline or for other legitimate reasons.

    Term of Contract-Duration

    It is agreed that this contract shall be in effect from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2009.

      For the Upper Freehold Board of Education For the Upper Freehold Administrators Association

      Board President Date Association President Date

      Board Secretary Date Association Secretary Date


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