Contract Between
Guttenberg B/E-Hudson
- and -
Guttenberg F/T AFT
* * *
07/01/2007 thru 06/30/2010

CategorySchool District
UnitAides, Clerical, Custodians, Teaching/Professional Staff

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July 1, 2007-June 30, 2010


    1 I Recognition and Definitions

    2 II Fair Practices

    3 III Administration of Contract

    3 IV Dues Deduction and Agency Shop Agreement

    4 V Negotiations Procedure

    5 VI Grievance Procedure

    8 VII Work Hours, Assignments, Workloads

    14 VIII Teacher Facilities and Supplies

    15 IX Salaries

    17 X Federation Rights and Privileges

    18 XI Personal Days

    18 XII Absences and Sick Leave

    21 XIII Leaves of Absence Without Pay

    23 XIV Sabbatical Leave

    24 XV Protection of Employees

    25 XVI Health Insurance

    27 XVII Positions

    27 XVIII Home Instruction

    28 XIX Master’s Degree – Tuition Reimbursement

28 XX Terminal Leave Pay

    30 XXI Employee Rights

    31 XXII Statutory Savings Clause

    31 XXIII Board’s Rights

    Appendix A Teachers Salary Guides

    Appendix B Longevity/Post Graduate Credits

    Appendix C Extra Curricular Positions and Salaries

    Appendix D Teacher Aides Guide and Longevity Schedule

    Signature Page



THIS AGREEMENT effective July 1, 2007, by and between the

Guttenberg Board of Education, hereinafter known as the Board, and the Guttenberg

Federation of Teachers, hereinafter known as the Federation, represents the complete

and final understanding on all bargainable issues which were or could have been the

subject of the negotiations between the parties.


WHEREAS, the Board and the Federation acknowledge as their

common goal to provide the finest educational opportunities for the children of the

Guttenberg school system, and

WHEREAS, the Board and the Federation have undertaken negotiations

in good faith for the purpose of agreeing on the terms and conditions of employment

and grievance procedure,

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements

hereinbelow set forth, the parties agree as follows:



(a) The Board recognizes the Federation as the sole and exclusive

bargaining agent for all full and part-time employees of the

Board in the bargaining unit. Part-time instructional employees shall be defined as
teachers working less than thirty-one (31) periods per school week. Part-time non-
instructional employees shall be defined as those working less than thirty (30) hours per work week.
          The bargaining unit shall consist of those employees of the Board

who are classroom teachers, special subject teachers, librarians, nurses, guidance

counselors, teacher aides, custodians and secretaries, and any other teacher who is

employed under a regular contract with the Board. Per diem substitute teachers are

excluded from the bargaining unit.
          The term “unit” shall mean all members of the bargaining unit.
          The term “employees” shall mean all members of the bargaining unit.
          Use of the masculine noun or pronoun or relative words shall be

deemed to include feminine forms.


          The Board agrees to continue its policy of not discriminating against

any employee on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, marital status,

domicile, membership or participation, or Federation with the legal activities of any

employee organization.
          The Federation agrees to continue to admit in accordance with its

constitution all members of the Unit and those eligible to be members of the Unit without

discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, or marital status,

domicile, and not to discriminate against and to represent equally and without favor or

prejudice all members of the Unit and those eligible to be members of the Unit without

regard to membership or participation in any employee organization.



          No employee shall engage in Federation activities during work time,

except that Federation officers shall be permitted to engage in mutually scheduled

negotiation sessions with the Board, or its designated representatives, if such are held on

school time, with no loss in regular pay.
          The Board and the bargaining agent shall make available upon written

request to each other any available public information, statistics, or records which are

relevant to negotiations.


          The Board agrees to continue its practice of deducting monthly

Federation membership dues from the pay of those employees who individually request,

in writing, that such deducting be made. The amounts to be deducted shall be certified to

the Board by the Federation and the aggregate deductions of all employees shall be

remitted to the Federation in accordance with current practice.
          The Board agrees to implement an agency shop in accordance with

Chapter 477 of the Laws of 1979, with a representation fee for non-members to the

maximum permitted by State law. In exchange for the implementation of said agency

shop, the Federation hereby agrees to hold the Board harmless against any and all

claims, suits, or other liability which may occur as a result of the implementation of this
agency provision.



          The Board and the Federation agree to enter into negotiations over a

successor Agreement in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Public

Employment Relations Commission. Each party shall be free to propose and negotiate

with regards to all appropriate subjects which it desires to place before the other for

consideration. Any Agreement so negotiated shall incorporate all rights and obligations

assumed by each party, and reflect the complete and final understanding on all

bargainable issues which were, or could have been, brought to the bargaining table. Such

Agreement shall apply to all members of the negotiating unit and the employer, shall be

reduced to writing, and after ratification by the Federation and the Employer, shall be

signed by all parties.
          Neither party in any negotiations shall have control over the selection

of the negotiation representatives of the other. The parties mutually agree that their

representatives shall be clothed with all necessary power and authority to make

proposals, consider proposals, and make counter-proposals in the course of negotiations,

consistent with their status as representatives of their principals, and subject to

ratification by the principals.
          During its term, this Agreement shall not be modified in whole or in

part by the parties, except by mutual agreement to re-open for negotiations and by a

written amendment duly executed by both parties.



              Any difference or dispute between the Board and the Unit relating to
the terms of this Agreement, its interpretation or application or enforcement, or

administrative decisions or Board policies affecting terms and conditions of employment

existing as of September 1, 1986, shall be subject to the following procedures which shall

be resorted to as the sole means of obtaining adjustment of disputes which shall

hereinafter be referred to as a “grievance.”

As used in this paragraph the term Unit shall include:
              An individual employee who is a member of the unit, or
              A group of employees who are members of the Unit having

the same grievance, or
              The Guttenberg Education Federation.
              An employee and an Federation representative (if the

employee so desires) shall first discuss the problem with the Principal/Superintendent of

Schools. If the employee does not wish to be represented by the Federation he may be

accompanied by another representative of his own choice. If the matter is not

satisfactorily adjusted within two school days, the employee shall submit a written

grievance within ten school days thereafter to the Principal/Superintendent of Schools.
              The Principal/Superintendent of Schools may request a meeting

with the employee and representative prior to making his decision, but, in any event,

must render his decision in writing with copies to the employee and the Federation

within ten school days of the submission of the grievance to him.
              If the employee is dissatisfied with said decision or if no

decision is rendered with said time limit, the employee and the Federation may construe

the failure of the Principal/Superintendent of Schools to act as a denial of the grievance.

The employee may, within ten school days, appeal in writing to the Board of Education,

provided, that the grievance involves a violation of the specific and express terms of this

agreement only. No other grievances shall be permitted to proceed beyond step 2. The

Board shall consider the grievance at its next regular meeting unless said regular meeting

occurs within five school days of the receipt of such appeal in which event, it shall

consider the grievance at the following regular meeting of the Board. It shall render a

decision in writing to the employee and the Federation within five days of such

consideration. In the event the Board fails to render a decision within the five day limit

prescribed herein, the employee and the Federation may construe the failure of the Board to act as a denial of the grievance.
              In the event a dispute or difference in (a) above shall not have

been settled and is not precluded under the procedures in (b) above, the Federation may

appeal the matter to arbitration by making a written application to the Public

Employment Relations Commission (PERC) within ten school days of the Board’s

decision requesting that an arbitrator be appointed to hear and determine the grievance.

The parties may agree upon any other arbitrator. The arbitrator so appointed shall have
full power to hear and determine the grievance and his decision shall be final and binding

upon the parties.
              It is agreed that the arbitrator may not change, modify, alter,

suggest, add to, or subtract from the provisions of this agreement. No dispute arising out

of any questions pertaining to the renewal of this Agreement shall be subject to the

arbitration provisions of this agreement.
              The arbitrator shall have the power to make appropriate

compensatory awards.
              No provisions of this contract which are stated as a matter of

policy shall be subject to arbitration.
              The arbitrator is bound by applicable law and regulation
              Any grievance, as defined in (a) above, not presented for

disposition through the grievance procedures described under (b) above within fifteen

(15) school days of the occurrence of the condition giving rise thereto, shall thereafter be

considered acceptance by the employee of the decision rendered and such decision shall

thereafter be binding upon the employee and the Federation. The time limits specified at

any step may be extended in any particular instance by written agreement between the

Board and the Federation.

(2) Hearings held under the procedure shall be conducted at a time

and place which will afford a fair and reasonable opportunity for all persons, including
witnesses, entitled to be present to attend. When such hearings are during school hours all

employees who are required to be present at the hearings shall be excused with pay for

that purpose.
              (3) The Federation shall have the right to initiate a grievance or

appeal from the disposition of a grievance of an employee at any step of this procedure.
              (4) If a grievance arises or is processed during summer recess,

“school days” as used in this contract shall be defined as work days (Monday through

Friday, minus legal holidays).


Teachers shall be in the school building at 8:30 a.m. and in their room

no later than 8:31 a.m., with students arriving at 8:36 a.m., unless assigned line duty.

Teachers are permitted to leave the building at 3:15 p.m. Teachers shall have a daily

duty-free lunch period of at least 45 minutes duration. On Fridays, or on days preceding

holidays or vacations, the teacher’s day shall end at the close of the pupils’ day unless

teachers are required to stay to meet with and receive parents.
              Four teachers shall be assigned line duty and shall be in the

school building by 8:20 a.m. This duty shall be assigned on a rotating basis shared by all

the teachers in the district. Teachers shall have input into the creation of the rotation

              Teacher Aides shall be in the building by 8:20 a.m. and

permitted to leave at 3:15 p.m. Teacher Aides shall have a one-hour duty-free lunch.

Teacher Aides may be assigned to morning line duty or door duty by the building


(b) There shall be one Parent-Teacher Conference Day scheduled

between 1:15 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. If a teacher has no conference scheduled after 3:15 p.m.,

that teacher may leave.

(c) There shall be one Parent-Teacher Night from 6:00

p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There shall be a one-session day on Parent-Teacher Night.
          (d) In September of each school year, there shall be a one hour “Meet the

Teacher Night” which shall not run later than 8:30 p.m. The Friday of the week of “Meet the Teacher Night” shall be a 1:00 p.m. dismissal for teachers, and a 1:10 p.m. dismissal for teacher aides.
          Whenever a representative of the Federation or any teacher is

scheduled by the parties to participate in negotiations, grievance proceedings,

conferences, or meetings, during working hours, he shall suffer no loss of pay for such

          The Board will attempt to continue to move toward attainment of an

ultimate goal of allocating twenty five (25) pupils per class.
          All teachers shall be guaranteed preparation time of no less than 210

minutes per week. There shall be no more than two preparation periods or no more than

eighty-four (84) minutes of preparation time per day.

(h) (1) Effective 2002-03, the school year for teachers and aides

shall be 183 days. One day shall be an orientation day. Two (2) days shall be in-service

workshop days. The content of the in-service workshops will be developed by the

district’s local “Professional Development Committee” as established by the Department

of Education, NJAC 6:11-13. The attendance at each of the workshop days shall provide
for five (5) continuing education hours and shall count towards satisfying the teacher’s

obligation under NJAC 6:11-13. Time spent as a member of the committee working on

the workshop shall count toward that individual’s obligation, provided said time is

consistent and meets the requirements of NJAC 6:11-13 and deemed acceptable by the

Department of Education. Aides in-service workshop attendance shall be at the

discretion of the administration.
              Each teacher shall monitor one (1) after school or evening

student event per school year without additional compensation. Teachers will be given

the opportunity to elect said assignment on a seniority basis from a list provided by the

          (i) There shall be up to sixteen (16) Monday meetings/in-services per

year. Meetings shall run from 3:10 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Federation and the

Superintendent shall agree to the content/format of five (5) of these meetings.

No meetings shall be scheduled before a holiday or on a Friday.
          Teachers shall not refuse to provide extra help for students, when

appropriate, and shall provide same either before school begins or after school, as

required or requested. Tutorial time shall be thirty (30) minutes one day per week either

8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. or 3:10 p.m. - 3:40 p.m. Tutorial day and time shall be at the option of the teacher.
          There shall be a one session before major holidays (Thanksgiving,

Holiday Recess, and Spring Recess). The dismissal time for one-session days shall

remain at the discretion of the Superintendent provided it does not extend beyond 1:00

p.m. On these days only, the duty-free lunch period shall be reduced to thirty (30)

minutes. The Superintendent, in consultation with the GEA, may move these one-session

days to alternate days.
          Secretaries shall work five (5) days per week, Monday to Friday,

seven (7) consecutive hours per day, exclusive of a one (1) hour lunch. Starting times

may be staggered between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
          Secretaries shall work twelve (12) months and shall work the same

calendar as the teachers while school is in session.
          Secretaries shall be entitled to all paid holidays as listed below in

Section (s) and to a paid vacation according to the schedule in Section (r) below.
          Custodians shall work five (5) days per week, Monday to Friday,

eight (8) consecutive hours per day, which shall include a one hour lunch.

Custodians hired after September 1, 1998, may be placed on a

Sunday-to-Thursday or Saturday-to-Wednesday shift at the discretion of the Board.

The custodians shall rotate every month to remove the garbage from

the school building on Sundays and place same on the curb.

On days of Board meetings during the summer, the custodians shall

rotate and work from 6:00 p.m. to the conclusion of the Board of Education meeting. This

shall be in lieu of the regular work day.

Saturday overtime shall be assigned on a rotating basis. It shall be

offered to employees with a black seal license first.
          Custodians shall work twelve (12) months and shall be entitled to all

paid holidays including, but not limited to, those listed in Section (s) and to a paid

vacation according to the schedule in Section (r) below.
          Overtime shall be paid to custodians and secretaries for:
              Hours worked over forty (40) in any work week at a rate of 1-

1/2 times the regular hourly wage.
              Hours worked not contiguous with the regular work day, or on

Holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays at a rate of two (2) times the regular hourly wage.
              Hours worked outside the regular work day, for the purpose of

snow removal, at a rate of two (2) times the regular hourly wage.
              Custodians shall take any compensatory days earned in lieu of

overtime only when students are not in session.
          Each twelve (12) month employee shall be entitled to a paid vacation

according to the following schedule.

Years of Service Vacation Days

0-4 Years 10 Days
5-14 Years 15 Days
over 14 Years 20 Days
              If a holiday falls during the vacation period, an employee so

affected shall receive an additional vacation day for each holiday.
              All employees shall receive their vacation pay check, if

possible, prior to their vacation.
              Vacation days for part-time employees who do not work a full

work week shall be prorated.
              Vacation days for new hirees shall be prorated during the first
year of employment and accumulated monthly.
          Each twelve month employee shall be entitled to paid holidays which

shall include but not be limited to the following:

Independence Day Christmas Day
Labor Day New Year’s Eve
Columbus Day New Year’s Day
Veteran’s Day Martin Luther King Day
Election Day Lincoln’s Birthday
Thanksgiving Day Washington’s Birthday
Friday after Thanksgiving Good Friday
Christmas Eve Memorial Day

If a holiday not provided for in the school calendar falls on a Saturday

or Sunday, each employee shall be granted an alternate day off on a day when school is

not in session. This shall be arranged by the Federation with the permission of the Board

secretary. If a holiday listed above occurs on a teacher work day, an alternate workday

day shall be substituted as a paid holiday for twelve-month employees.
          In the event of lay-offs of twelve (12) month employees, said

employees shall be laid off in reverse order of seniority within their work category and

shall retain call back rights for thirteen consecutive calendar months from the date of lay

          Custodians, when first hired, shall serve a 180 day probationary

period. If, at the conclusion of said 180 day period the employee is to be retained, then

the employee shall be offered a one (1) year contract. If, at the conclusion of the year

they are to be retained, then they shall be offered a second one (1) year contract. If, at the

conclusion of the second one (1) year contract they are to be retained, then they shall be

offered a 185 day contract. If, at the conclusion of the 185 days they are to be retained,

then the employee shall be granted tenure with all rights, benefits and emoluments of

other tenured employees.

Seniority for custodians shall be counted from the date of initial hire,

that is at the beginning of the probationary period.

All custodians on probation and during subsequent contracts shall be

placed on the proper step of the salary guide and will be entitled to all contractual



          The Board agrees to provide each teacher with space within his

instructional area in which the teacher may store his instructional material and supplies.

(b) The Board shall provide faculty members with a faculty lounge.

Teachers shall be expected to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the appearance and

cleanliness of said lounge. The lounge shall be regularly maintained by the school’s

custodial staff.
          (c) The Board shall make every effort to provide free and adequate off-

street paved parking for teaching staff members. The Board will not be responsible,

however, for vandalism, damage caused by other vehicles, damage caused by occupants

of the school yard, damages caused by broken glass or other debris, or the acts of third

parties. The custodial staff will to the best of their ability keep the areas so designated as

parking areas clean of all broken glass, debris, and ice and snow.
          The Board shall provide suitable closet space for each teacher for the

storage of coats, boots, and other personal article.



(a) Each employee employed on a ten month basis shall be paid in twenty

(20) equal semi-monthly installments on or before the 15th and 30th day of the month,

prior to lunch hour.

          When a pay day falls on or during a school holiday, vacation, or
weekend, employees shall receive their paycheck on the last previous working day

whenever possible, unless notified otherwise.

(c) Each teacher shall receive his final pay on the last working day in June.

(d) A voluntary program of tax-sheltered annuities shall be adopted by the


          Employees may individually elect to have disability insurance
premiums, U.S. Saving Bonds, or Hudson County School Employees Federal Credit

Union contributions deducted from their salaries.

          Notwithstanding the provisions of (a) above, a teacher shall have the
option of participating in the following payment schedule:

Payment on a twelve month basis in twenty-four (24) equal semi-

monthly installments pursuant to (a) above and (b) above with regard to date and time of

payment for the period September June; during the months of July and August the

installments shall be paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. Teachers shall have the

option of receiving payment at the Board Office or via mail. The teacher shall, prior to

the end of the school year, notify the Secretary of his election and shall provide the Board

with four (4) self-addressed stamped envelopes to be used for the purpose of mailing

the payments.

          All twelve month employees shall be paid in twenty-four equal
installments on or before the 15th and 30th day of the month, prior to lunch hour.
          For teacher longevity, see Appendix B.
              For support staff longevity, see Appendix D.
(i) (1) For any extra-curricular activities, except as listed in Appendix

C of this contract, the hourly rate of compensation for teachers shall be $25.00.

(2) The hourly rate of compensation for aides working beyond

required hours shall be $10.00, with certified aides receiving $13.00 (effective 2003-


(j) Teachers acting as mentors shall receive annual stipends of $550 per

standard provisional teacher, and $1,000 per alternate route trainee, or whatever amount

is provided to the Board per apprentice teacher by the State of New Jersey. Absent state

funding, provisional teachers shall pay the above stipends (or the difference between the

above stipends and state funding) directly to their mentors.



          The Board agrees to furnish to the Federation upon written request
all available information concerning the financial resources of the district which are

public records, including:

Annual financial reports and audits, register of certified personnel,

agendas, and minutes of all board meetings, census data, names and addresses of all

teachers and such other information that shall enable the Federation to develop programs

on behalf of teachers. With regard to information required to process a grievance, the

Federation shall present a written request setting forth the precise information so

required. The Board shall make every reasonable effort to comply with said request,

subject to a written waiver provided by the bargaining unit member for access to his/her

personnel record.

              The Federation and its representatives shall be permitted to use

school buildings at reasonable hours provided that adequate advanced notice is given to

the Principal/Superintendent of Schools and further provided that the facilities are

available for use at the times so requested.
              The Federation shall have the right to use the Bulletin Board in the

teachers’ room for any and all materials pertinent to Federation matters.



          All unit members shall be allowed two absences per year for personal

reasons. Three days prior written notice of absence for personal reasons shall be required

in all cases except in emergency situations in which case the Principal/Superintendent of

Schools shall grant or deny said request at his discretion. Personal day usage immediately

before or after a school holiday shall require the Superintendent’s prior approval.
          No deduction of salary will be made for the personal day absence

mentioned herein.
          Unused personal days shall be accumulative as sick days.
          Part-time employees shall not be eligible for personal days.



          All unit members shall be entitled to ten sick days during each school

year. All twelve-month employees shall be entitled to 12 sick days per year. Unit

members shall be given a written statement of accumulated sick leave days at any time

during the month of September upon request to the Principal/Superintendent of Schools.

All unused sick days shall be accumulated from year to year with no maximum limit. For

twelve-month employees, sick leave shall accrue from July 1st, and it shall be prorated

during the first year of employment. Sick days for part-time employees who work less

than a full five-day work week shall be prorated accordingly.

Any secretary or custodian absent for ten consecutive work days shall

be required, at the Board’s discretion, to submit to an independent medical exam

scheduled by the Board substantiating their illness and the prognosis for recovery before

salary shall be forthcoming. All costs for this independent medical exam shall be borne

by the Board.

If the absence of a tenured unit member due to personal illness

exceeds his accumulated sick leave, the Board may, at its discretion, agree to provide the

unite member with more personal illness days and/or his full salary less the full amount

of a substitute’s pay in accordance with State law. Any further payment of salary shall be

at the discretion of the Board. The daily rate of substitute pay to be deducted from the

salary of unit members who are not classroom teachers shall be determined by the Board

in each individual case.
          No deduction shall be made in a unit member’s salary for the
following absences:
              Death in the immediate family. Up to five (5) consecutive

calendar days, commencing with the day following the day of bereavement, shall be

granted for a death in the immediate family. Additional days may be granted if necessary.

Immediate family is defined as parent, spouse, brother, sister, child, mother-in-law,

father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandparent,

grandchild, or any relative who makes his home with the unit member. In case of death of

a relative other than those defined above, an absence of two days will be allowed without

loss of salary.
              Unit members who are absent due to illness from contagious

disease (such as measles, mumps, chicken pox) contracted while serving in the school

shall suffer, upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate, no loss of pay or sick days.
              Two sick leave days shall be granted to a unit member for

taking care of a member of his immediate family which shall include spouse, unmarried

child or parent, if no one else in their residence is capable for this purpose. Family illness

days shall not be accumulative.

(4) Each teacher shall be entitled to, and the Board shall fund, one

day per school year for the purpose of visiting other schools and attending

meetings or conferences of an educational nature, provided the leave is approved by the

Principal/Superintendent of Schools. The time period may be extended upon approval of

the Board.
          The Board agrees to continue its existing policy of compensating unit
members who serve as substitutes during preparation periods:
7 preparation periods = one sick day

In the event no substitute is assigned, teachers who serve as

substitutes shall serve on an equitable rotating basis.
          A staff member will have the option of collecting the substitute’s pay

or a sick day, when the staff member accumulates 7 substitute periods. All staff members

shall, prior to the end of the school year, notify the office of his selection of method of

There will be no compensation for missed preparation periods on

Field Trip days, during pre and post evaluation conferences or on professional workshop

days. If any other meeting is for fifteen minutes or less, there shall be no compensation,

and both administrator(s) and staff member(s) will sign-off at the conclusion of said

meeting. There will be no other meetings scheduled during the day for which an

individual will miss preparation time or he/she shall be compensated unless the meeting

is initiated by that individual.

In the event an individual has less than six (6) accumulated substitute

periods at the end of the school year, then he/she shall receive pro-rated payments based

upon the number of periods accumulated.


          Maternity/Child – Adopting Leave
              A tenured unit member may apply to the Board for a leave at

any time prior to the expected date or adoption of a child. Tenured unit members

adopting a child or children shall be eligible for leave. The unit member shall give

reasonable written notice to the Board and shall provide the dates upon which leave is to

commence and terminate. The requested leave may be granted except that the Board

reserves the right to modify the requested dates upon a determination that a grant of leave

for said date(s) would substantially interfere with the administration of the school

provided that any such modification is not medically contradicted.

(2) Maternity Leave – A unit member may return from said leave

on the first day of any month following the leave. The Superintendent shall have the

discretion to determine if returning during a particular month may cause disruption to the

education process and, if so, may deny the request.

(3) Following the grant of the initial leave of absence, the approved

commencement or termination dates may be further extended or reduced upon

application to the Board in accordance with the procedures contained in (1) above.
              (4) A unit member returning from leave shall be entitled to all

benefits to which unit members returning from other types of sick or disability leave

would be entitled.
          Armed Forces Leave
              Any unit member under tenure who may enlist or be conscripted into

the Armed Forces of the United States for service or training, shall make application for

military leave. He shall be reinstated to this position in the system with full credit

including annual increment under the salary schedule, upon written request supported by

competent proof that said applicant is fully qualified to perform the duties of said

position. The application for reinstatement shall be made within a reasonable time after
discharge or release from military service and no later than ninety (90) days after release
or discharge.
          All unit members returning from leaves of absence without pay with

the exception of those entering the Armed Forces will return to the system on the next

step of the appropriate salary guide above the one on which he was granted his leave with

no loss of seniority.


A leave of absence for the purpose of study may be granted by the Board in

its discretion to any member of the teaching staff who has performed continuous and

satisfactory service in the public school of Guttenberg for a period of nine (9) years, the

nature and scope of the study must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools and the

Board of Education.

A teacher to whom this leave of absence is granted shall be eligible for full

salary guide credit as if on active duty.

A leave of absence for study granted under this rule shall be for a period of

one (1) year, and the teacher shall receive as compensation one half (1/2) of his or her

monthly salary during the continuance of such leave.

Application for leave of absence for study shall be presented to the

Superintendent of Schools at least four (4) months before the beginning of the desired

leave. The applicant shall sign a contract to serve in the public school of Guttenberg for

at least three (3) years after expiration of the leave. The Superintendent shall report these

applications, with recommendations, to the Board at its next meeting.
The Board of Education shall require all teachers to whom leave of absences
are granted for study under these rules to carry out fully all the details of the program of

study presented in the application for leave, and refrain from engaging in any

remunerative occupation during the continuance of the leave of absence. Tuition grants,

scholarship, grants in-aid, federal grants or stipends, etc. shall not be considered as

remuneration. Teachers on leave for study shall present to the Superintendent of Schools

at such time as he may require certificates signed by proper authorities, of the beginning,

continuance and completion of the course of study chosen.

For its own protection and the protection of the school system, the Board

will, in any case of violation, terminate the leave of absence and will regard such

violation as evidence of conduct unbecoming a teacher, within the purview of the Tenure

of Office Act.

In addition to the above procedures, unit members found in violation of this

agree to reimburse the Board for all salary paid during the sabbatical.



          Employees shall report immediately cases of assault suffered by them

in connection with their employment to their Principal/Superintendent of Schools or other

immediate superior.

(b) The Board shall give full support including legal and other assistance

for any assault upon the employee while acting in the discharge of his duties and will

assist in every way possible to help the employee obtain reimbursement for the
reasonable costs of any clothing or any other personal property damaged or destroyed as
a result of said assault, providing it is determined by the arbitrator and/or a court of

competent jurisdiction, as applicable, that such injury or legal proceeding was not the

fault of the employee.
          (c) When an absence arises out of said assault or injury, the employee

shall be entitled to full salary and other benefits for a period of up to one calendar year as

per N.J.S.A. 18A.


(a) The Board shall make available to unit members coverage under the

New Jersey State Health Benefits Plan or its equivalent, including Rider J, Major

Medical, Prescription Plan, Dental Plan and Optical Plan. All employees receiving coverage through a traditional plan as of June 1, 2006, may continue to receive coverage under said plan until such time as they elect coverage through the PPO Plan or separate coverage, waive their coverage and secure coverage from their spouse.
(b) The Board shall pay the premium for each unit member and in

appropriate cases shall pay for family plan coverage.

(c) The prescription plan shall provide for a $10 generic/$15 brand drug

co-pay, with a ninety-day mail order supply option.

(d) The Board shall provide a total of $200 in a two (2) year period, per

employee and each eligible family member (as defined in the State Health Benefit Plan),

towards the cost of an eye exam and/or glasses and/or contact lenses. Employees shall be

reimbursed for these costs within 30 days of submission of the bills.
          Part-time employees shall not be eligible for Board-paid health


(f) New employees beginning their employment in the school district after June 30, 2006, shall be afforded single coverage health insurance through a PPO Plan. Each employee shall be responsible for fifty (50%) percent of the coverage cost for the 2006-07 school year only. Thereafter, those employees must contribute ten (10%) percent towards dependent coverage which shall be secured through payroll deductions.
(g) For unit members who begin employment after June 30, 2007, the Board shall pay the full premium for single coverage. Those unit members shall have the option to extend coverage for their dependents; however, they must contribute ten percent (10%) towards the cost of said coverage, which shall be secured through payroll deductions.
(h) Each employee who has health benefits coverage through their spouse may waive their health benefits coverage through the district and shall, in return, receive the sum of $5,000.00 payable in two installments on December 1st and May 1st of the year in which the employee has opted out, subject to all appropriate deductions. This payment is not to be considered a salary payment and as such, is not pensionable.
An employee who chooses to waive his/her health benefit coverage shall request such, in writing, no later than May 1 of the year preceding the upcoming fiscal year in which the waiver shall begin and must provide proof of other health insurance coverage through their spouse before they can opt out. The waiver must remain in effect for the entire fiscal year that the employee has opted out.
However, an employee who has waived his/her medical benefit coverage will be allowed to restore such coverage on an immediate basis, if the employee submits proof of a life status change (e.g., unemployment or death of spouse, divorce, or legal separation). Other than life status changes, an employee who has waived coverage will not be permitted to re-enroll in the plan until the open enrollment period.
If, as a result of a life status change, an employee revokes the waiver prior to the end of the year in which he/she opted out, the employee’s reimbursement shall be pro-rated based upon the period of time not covered by the district’s benefit plan.


Posting for any promotional position shall be made at least ten days prior to

the appointment. Any employee applying for the promotional position shall be

interviewed by the Board or its designee prior to the appointment.


(a) Effective 2007-2008, teachers who are assigned to home tutoring shall

be paid at the rate of thirty-seven ($37.00) per hour and shall receive payment for

services rendered in a separate payroll check. Effective 2008-2009, the rate shall be

thirty-nine ($39.00) per hour. Efffective 2009-2010, the rate shall be forty-one ($41.00)

per hour.
              Assignments are to be made on a rotating basis if there are no


Assignments are to be made by the Chief School Administrator.
          The school nurse shall be reimbursed at the rate of twenty dollars

($20.00) per hour for time spent in court, relating to school business, before or after

school hours.


(a) The Board agrees to reimburse teachers Fifty Percent (50%) of the teacher’s cost for a pre-approved graduate level course leading to a Master’s Degree directly related to their current position in the Guttenberg School District. In no event shall the Board expend more than $8,000.00 in any school year towards tuition reimbursement for the entire staff.
          (b) Any custodian or secretary who takes a class, workshop or any other

program which serves to improve his/her skills within their job description shall be

reimbursed by the Board for all tuition costs. Said class or workshop shall be subject to

Board approval.


(a) (1) Upon death or retirement from the Guttenberg school system,

any unit member, excluding teachers’ aides, who is vested in the New Jersey Teachers’

Pension and Annuity Fund shall receive one-half (1/2) day’s pay of the minimum

teacher’s salary up to two hundred (200) accumulated sick days. A day’s pay is equal to

one-two hundredth (1/200) of the minimum teacher’s salary.

Teachers hired as of September 1993 and thereafter shall receive up to

seventy-five (75) accumulated sick days.

(2) Upon death or retirement from the Guttenberg school system,

teacher aides who are vested in the New Jersey TPAF Fund shall receive one-half (1/2)

day’s pay for each unused accumulated sick day up to a maximum of seventy-five (75)

accumulated days. A day’s pay is equal to one-two hundredth (1/200) of the minimum

aides’ salary.

The method of payment of terminal leave shall be submitted in

writing, and shall be at the discretion of the leaving staff member.

(b) All teachers beginning their employment in the school district subsequent to June 30, 2006, shall receive $35.00 for each unused sick day up to a maximum of 75 days upon their retirement from the school district.
(c) Upon retirement, death or separation from the Guttenberg School
System, any secretarial staff member or custodian shall receive one-half (1/2) of a day’s

pay of the minimum secretarial salary or custodial salary for each sick day accumulated

up to July 1, 1991. There will be no compensation for any sick leave accumulated after

July 1, 1991. A written statement of accumulated sick leave as of July 1, 1991 shall be

provided to each secretary and custodian within sixty (60) days of the execution of this

contract. The method of payment shall be submitted in writing and shall be at the

discretion of the leaving staff member.



(a) No employee shall be disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or

compensation, or deprived of any professional advantage without just cause except as

otherwise provided by statute. Any such action asserted by the Board, its agent or

representative, shall be subject to the grievance procedure herein set forth unless

jurisdiction is preempted by statute.
          (b) Whenever any employee is required to appear before the

Principal/Superintendent of Schools, Board, or any committee or member thereof,

concerning any matter which would adversely affect the continuation of that employee’s

office, position, or employment or the salary or any increments pertaining thereto, then

said employee shall be given three (3) school days prior written notice of the reasons for

such meeting(s) or interview(s). The employee shall be entitled to have a representative

of his own choosing present to advise him at all such meetings and/or interviews.
          (c) Any criticism or questioning by a supervisor, administrator, or Board

member as to an employee’s performance and/or a teacher’s instructional methodology
shall be made in confidence and not in the presence of students, parents, peers, or other

public gatherings.

(d) Any complaint regarding an employee made to any member of the

Administration by any parent, student, or other person, which does or may influence the

evaluation of the employee shall be processed in the following manner:
              The Principal/Superintendent of Schools shall meet with the

employee to apprise the employee of the full nature of the complaint and shall attempt to

resolve the matter informally.
              The employee shall have the right to be represented at any and

all such meetings or conferences involving the complaint.



Nothing contained herein shall be construed to deny or restrict to either party

to this agreement such rights as it may have under the laws of the State of New Jersey or

other applicable laws or regulations.



(a) The Board, on its behalf, hereby retains and reserves unto itself all

powers, rights, authorities, duties and responsibilities conferred upon and vested in it by

the Laws of the Constitution of the State of New Jersey and the United States, including

all Laws, Rules and Regulations of the State Department of Education and the

Commissioner of Education of the State of New Jersey, and the provisions of this

agreement shall be construed in the light of the management prerogatives vested in the

Board by the foregoing legal authorities.
          If in the opinion of the Superintendent, a custodian or secretary arrives

to work unsuitably dressed, the Superintendent may request a meeting with said

employee to discuss his/her attire.

Any decision of the Superintendent may be appealed to the Board of Education.

Any disciplinary action shall be subject to the grievance procedure.

An Federation Representative shall be present at all meetings.

September 1, 2001

STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45
1 30,824 31,424 32,024 34,824 35,324 35,824 36,324
2 30,939 31,539 32,139 34,939 35,439 35,939 36,439
3 31,339 31,939 32,539 35,339 35,839 36,339 36,839
4 31,639 32,239 32,839 35,639 36,139 36,639 37,139
5 32,739 33,339 33,939 36,739 37,239 37,739 38,239
6 33,839 34,439 35,039 37,839 38,339 38,839 39,239
7 34,939 35,539 36,139 38,939 39,439 39,939 40,439
8 36,239 36,839 37,439 40,239 40,739 41,239 41,739
9 37,439 38,039 38,639 41,439 41,939 42,439 42,939
10 39,439 40,039 40,639 43,439 43,939 44,439 44,939
11 42,239 42,839 43,439 46,239 46,739 47,239 47,739
12 43,739 44,339 44,939 47,739 48,239 48,739 49,239
13 45,584 46,184 46,784 49,584 50,084 50,584 51,084
14 50,084 50,684 51,284 54,084 54,584 55,084 55,584
15 54,584 55,184 55,784 58,584 59,084 59,584 60,084
16 57,384 57,984 58,584 61,384 61,884 62,384 62,884
17 59,439 60,039 60,639 63,439 63,139 64,469 64,939
18 61,639 62,239 62,829 65,639 66,139 66,639 67,139
19 63,639 64,239 64,938 67,639 68,139 68,639 69,139
20 65,019 65,619 66,219 69,019 69,519 70,019 70,519
February 1, 2002
STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45
1 31,456 32,056 32,656 35,456 35,956 36,456 36,956
2 31,573 32,173 32,773 35,573 36,073 36,573 37,073
3 31,981 32,581 33,181 35,981 36,481 36,981 37,481
4 32,288 32,888 33,488 36,288 36,788 37,288 37,788
5 33,410 34,010 34,610 37,410 37,910 38,410 38,910
6 34,533 35,133 35,733 38,533 39,033 39,533 40,033
7 35,655 36,255 36,855 39,655 40,155 40,655 41,155
8 36,982 37,582 38,142 40,982 41,482 41,982 42,482
9 38,206 38,806 39,406 42,206 42,706 43,206 43,706
10 40,247 40,847 41,447 44,247 44,747 45,247 45,747
11 43,105 43,705 44,305 47,105 47,605 48,105 48,605
12 44,636 45,236 45,836 48,636 49,136 49,636 50,136
13 46,500 47,100 47,700 50,500 51,000 51,500 52,000
14 51,111 51,711 52,311 55,111 55,611 56,111 56,611
15 55,703 56,303 56,903 59,703 60,203 60,703 61,203
16 58,560 59,160 59,760 62,560 63,060 63,560 64,060
17 60,657 61,257 61,857 64,657 65,157 65,657 66,157
18 62,903 63,503 64,103 66,903 67,403 67,903 68,403
19 64,944 65,544 66,144 68,944 69,444 69,944 70,444
20 66,352 66,952 67,552 70,352 70,852 71,352 71,852

September 1, 2002

STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45
1 32,781 33,381 33,981 36,781 37,281 37,781 38,281
2 32,898 33,498 34,098 36,898 37,398 37,898 38,398
3 33,306 33,906 34,506 37,306 37,806 38,306 38,806
4 33,613 34,213 34,813 37,613 38,113 38,613 39,113
5 34,735 35,335 35,935 38,735 39,235 39,735 40,235
6 35,858 36,458 37,058 39,858 40,358 40,858 41,358
7 36,980 37,580 38,180 40,980 41,480 41,980 42,480
8 38,307 38,907 39,507 42,307 42,807 43,307 43,807
9 39,531 40,131 40,731 43,531 44,031 44,531 45,031
10 41,572 42,172 42,772 45,572 46,072 46,572 47,072
11 44,430 45,030 45,630 48,430 48,930 49,430 49,930
12 47,825 48,425 49,025 51,825 52,325 52,825 53,325
13 52,436 53,036 53,636 56,436 56,936 57,436 57,936
14 57,028 57,628 58,228 61,028 61,528 62,028 62,528
15 59,885 60,485 61,085 63,885 64,385 64,885 65,385
16 61,982 62,582 63,182 65,982 66,482 66,982 67,482
17 64,228 64,828 65,428 68,228 68,728 69,228 69,728
18 67,677 68,277 68,877 71,677 72,177 72,677 73,177
February 1, 2003

STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45
1 33,600 34,215 34,830 37,700 38,213 38,725 39,238
2 33,721 34,336 34,951 37,821 38,333 38,846 39,358
3 34,139 34,754 35,369 38,239 38,752 39,265 39,777
4 34,453 35,068 35,683 38,553 39,065 39,578 40,090
5 35,604 36,219 36,834 39,704 40,216 40,729 41,241
6 36,754 37,369 37,984 40,854 41,367 41,880 42,392
7 37,905 38,520 39,135 42,005 42,517 43,030 43,542
8 39,625 39,880 40,495 43,365 43,877 44,390 44,902
9 40,520 41,135 41,750 44,620 45,132 45,645 46,157
10 42,612 43,227 43,842 46,712 47,224 47,737 48,249
11 45,541 46,156 46,771 49,641 50,153 50,666 51,178
12 49,021 49,636 50,251 53,121 53,633 54,146 54,658
13 53,747 54,362 54,977 57,847 58,359 58,872 59,384
14 58,454 59,069 59,684 62,554 63,066 63,579 64,091
15 61,383 61,998 62,613 65,483 65,995 66,508 67,020
16 63,532 64,147 64,762 67,632 68,145 68,657 69,170
17 65,833 66,448 67,063 69,933 70,446 70,958 71,471
18 69,369 69,984 70,599 73,469 73,982 74,495 75,007

September 1, 2003

STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45
1 35,579 36,194 36,809 39,679 40,192 40,704 41,217
2 35,779 36,394 37,009 39,879 40,392 40,904 41,417
3 36,004 36,619 37,234 40,104 40,617 41,129 41,642
4 36,254 36,869 37,484 40,354 40,867 41,379 41,892
5 36,554 37,169 37,784 40,654 41,167 41,679 42,192
6 36,854 37,469 38,084 40,954 41,467 41,979 42,492
7 39,265 39,880 40,495 43,365 43,878 44,390 44,903
8 40,520 41,135 41,750 44,620 45,133 45,645 46,158
9 42,612 43,227 43,842 46,712 47,225 47,737 48,250
10 45,541 46,156 46,771 49,641 50,154 50,666 51,179
11 49,021 49,636 50,251 53,121 53,634 54,146 54,659
12 55,500 56,115 56,730 59,600 60,113 60,625 61,138
13 58,454 59,069 59,684 62,554 63,067 63,579 64,092
14 61,383 61,998 62,613 65,483 65,996 66,508 67,021
15 63,532 64,147 64,762 67,632 68,145 68,657 69,170
16 65,833 66,448 67,063 69,933 70,446 70,958 71,471
17 70,474 71,089 71,704 74,574 75,087 75,599 76,112
September 1, 2004

STEP BA BA+15 BA+30 MA MA+15 MA+30 MA+45

1 38,170 38,798 39,425 42,352 42,876 43,398 43,921
2 38,370 38,998 39,625 42,552 43,076 43,598 44,121
3 38,570 39,198 39,825 42,752 43,276 43,798 44,321
4 38,870 39,498 40,125 43,052 43,576 44,098 44,621
5 39,170 39,798 40,425 43,352 43,876 44,398 44,921
6 39,470 40,098 40,725 43,652 44,176 44,698 45,221
7 39,770 40,398 41,025 43,952 44,476 44,998 45,521
8 40,520 41,148 41,775 44,702 45,226 45,748 46,271
9 42,612 43,240 43,867 46,794 47,318 47,840 48,363
10 45,541 46,169 46,796 49,723 50,247 50,769 51,292
11 49,021 49,649 50,276 53,203 53,727 54,249 54,772
12 55,500 56,128 56,755 59,682 60,206 60,728 61,251
13 58,454 59,082 59,709 62,636 63,160 63,682 64,205
14 61,383 62,011 62,638 65,565 66,089 66,611 67,134
15 63,532 64,160 64,787 67,714 68,238 68,760 69,283
16 65,833 66,461 67,088 70,015 70,539 71,061 71,584
17 71,883 72,511 73,138 76,065 76,589 77,111 77,634


00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05

1 2
1 2 3
1 1 2 3
1 1 1 2 3
2 2 2 3 4
3 3 3 4 5
4 4 4 5 6
5 5 5 6 7
6 5 5 6 7
7 6 6 7 8
8 7 7 7 8
9 8 8 8 9
10 9 9 9 10
11 10 10 10 11
12 11 11 11 12
13 12 12 12 13
14 13 12 12 13
15 14 13 13 14
16 15 14 14 15
17 16 15 15 16
18 17 16 16 17
19 18 17 17 17
20 19 18 17 17
21 20 18 17 17
22 20 18 17 17



15-18 years $600

19-24 years $2750

25-29 years $3000

30-34 years $3400

35+ years $3900

(All amounts calculated above BA column)

9/02 2/03 9/03 9/04

BA+15 $ 600 $ 615 $ 615 $ 628

BA+30 1200 1230 1230 1255

MA 4000 4100 4100 4182

MA+15 4500 4613 4613 4706

MA+30 5000 5125 5125 5228

MA+45/ 5500 5638 5638 5751
2nd MA

A unit member who obtains Graduate Credits before September 1 of any

given year shall have his salary increased on September 1. In the event the credits or degree is

obtained after September 1 of any given year, the salary shall be increased on February 1 of the

following year if accompanied by a transcript or official document from a department head

indicating successful completion of courses.



    Boys Basketball (2) $ 1,100 each
    Track (1) 770
          Safety Patrol (1) 440

          Yearbook (2) 550 each

          Cheerleading (2) 1,100 each

          Girls Basketball (2) 1,100 each

          School Detention Program (1) 1,100

          Gifted and Talented Coordinator (1) 1,760

          Newspaper Advisor (2) 550 each

          C.S.T. Coordinator (1) 6,000

          Audio Visual (1) 715

          Student Council (1) 2,200

          Eighth Grade Class Advisor (1) 660

          All positions listed shall be posted ten (10) days prior to appointment.
          Assignments are to be made on a rotating basis if there are no volunteers.
          All payments for extra-curricular services shall be made in a separate check.
          In the event a co-advisor position is posted and cannot be filled, the advisor performing alone shall be paid fifty percent (50%) of the unfilled advisor’s stipend in addition to his regular stipend.



STEP 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05*

1 14,590 14,750 15,000 15,550

2 15,110 15,200 15,500 16,550

3 15,670 15,940 15,960 17,750

4 17,010 17,945 16,730 18,750

5 18,845 19,650

*No guide movement in 2004-05 (aides remain on the same step as in 2003-04)



                  10-11 Years of Service $200

                  12-13 Years of Service $400

                  14-15 Years of Service $600

                  Over 15 Years of Service $800



                  2009-2010 4.5%

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be

signed by its President and Secretary and the Board has caused this Agreement to be

signed by its President, attested by its Secretary, and its corporate seal to be placed

hereon this _______ day of ____________, 2007.


BY:____________________________ BY:__________________________
President President

BY:____________________________ BY:___________________________
Secretary Secretary


I declare to the best of my knowledge and belief that the attached document(s) are true electronic copies of the executed collective negotiations agreement(s).


Title Attorney for the Guttenberg Board of Education

Guttenburg BE and Guttenburg Fed of Teachers 2007.pdf