Contract Between
Glassboro B/E-Gloucester
- and -
Glassboro Prin/Supv Assn
* * *
07/01/2004 thru 06/30/2007

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JULY 1, 2004
JUNE 30, 2007


I Recognition 1

II Procedures for Meetings 1

III Management Rights Clause 1

IV Work Continuity Clause 1

V Conduct of Association Business 2

VI Grievance Procedure 2

VII Vacation 3

VIII Sick Leave and Absence 4

IX Health Benefits 7

X Attendance at Conventions and Meetings 7

XI Severance Pay for Administrators 8

XII Reimbursement for Professional Courses 8

XIII Work Year 9

XIV Holidays 10

XV Evaluation of Personnel 10

XVI Salaries 11

XVII Travel Allowance 12

XVIII Separability 12

XIX Fully Bargained Clause 13

XX Duration of Agreement 13

Signature Page 14
                  Salary Schedule 15


Pursuant to Chapter 303, Public Laws of 1968 and Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, the Board of Education of the Glassboro Public Schools, Glassboro New Jersey recognizes the Glassboro Principals and Supervisors Association, hereafter known as “GPSA” as the representative of all personnel designated by the Board of Education as principals, assistant principals, and supervisors, excluding confidential supervisors, for the purpose of collective negotiations concerning the terms and conditions of employment.


A. The respective parties shall submit to each other, at least three (3) school days prior to the meeting, an agenda for the meeting. The negotiator of the respective teams shall determine the agenda and shall establish mutually acceptable meeting dates.
    B. It is further agreed by the respective parties, during the period of negotiations that the only publicity accorded the negotiations by the parties will consist of a joint press release, or in the event the parties are unable to agree upon wording, a joint press release stating that, “no progress has been made”.

    C. The result of negotiations shall be a written and signed Agreement between GPSA and the Glassboro Board of Education.


      All of the powers, rights, prerogatives, duties, responsibilities and authority the Board had prior to the signing of this Agreement are retained by the Board, except those contained expressly in this Agreement and only to the extent that they are specifically modified by this Agreement, and are not contrary to public policy, nor any law of the State of New Jersey or of the United States.


      A. During the period of this Agreement, GPSA and its members and members of the bargaining unit represented by GPSA shall not have the right to engage in any slow down, work stoppage, strike, or other similar type of concerted action activities.
        B. GPSA agrees that if any type of concerted action activity occurs as noted above, GPSA will immediately take all necessary steps to terminate such activities and will condemn such activities.
        ARTICLE V


        No administrator or GPSA representative is permitted to conduct GPSA business during his/her respective working hours without approval of the Superintendent of Schools Any such action will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Education.
        ARTICLE VI


        A. A grievance is a claim by an individual administrator or by GPSA that there has been a violation of the interpretation or application of the Agreement or administrative decisions, or Board of Education policies, related to and under the terms of this Agreement.
          B. No grievance shall be considered under the terms of this agreement unless it is presented to the Superintendent within twenty-eight (28) calendar days of the time when the administrator first had knowledge of such grievance.

          C. The purpose of this procedure is to secure, at the lowest level, equitable solutions to the problems, which may arise under the provisions of this Agreement.

          1. An individual administrator and/or GPSA representative shall first discuss the alleged grievance with the Superintendent.
            2. If a satisfactory solution has not been reached within seven (7) calendar days from the date the grievance is discussed with the Superintendent, the grievance shall be reduced to writing in triplicate on forms provided by the Board and shall specify the Articles(s) and section(s) of the Agreement claimed to have been violated. The forms shall show the date of the discussion with the Superintendent and the date of filing of the form, and shall be signed by the administrator and/or GPSA representative. If such written formal grievance is not filed within ten (10) calendar days after the initial discussions in Step 1, the grievance shall be considered to be waived.

            3. If a grievant is not satisfied with the disposition of his/her written grievance in Step 2, or if no decision has been rendered within seven (7) calendar days after presentation of the written grievance, he/she may refer to the Board or its designated committee. The Board, or its designated
                    committee, may at its discretion, formally with the grievant, review the grievance. The Board shall render its decision within thirty-one (31) calendar days from the submission of the grievance to the Board.

            4. If the grievant does not appeal the Board decision to the Office of the Commissioner of Education within thirty-one (31) calendar days, of the Board’s review decision, the grievance shall be considered to be waived.

            5. An administrator and/or GPSA representative during the course of the processing of a grievance shall continue to follow administrative directives.

            6. The filing or pendency of any grievance shall not interrupt the work or operation of the school district in any way. Any member of this bargaining unit utilizing this grievance procedure maintains any and all rights to any other type of litigation regarding the matter that is the subject of the grievance.
            ARTICLE VII


            A. Only personnel appointed to a twelve (12) month contractual position shall be entitled to a vacation allowance. Personnel appointed to a twelve (12) month position shall be entitled to twenty (20) working days vacation. With approval of the Superintendent, each twelve month Administrator will be permitted to receive 100% of per diem rate for up to a maximum of five unused vacation days. Request should be made in writing to the Superintendent by May 30 of the carry-over year.
              B. Personnel appointed to a ten and one-half (10 ) month contractual position (September 1 to June 30, plus two weeks at Supervisor’s discretion from July 1 to August 30) shall not be entitled to a vacation allowance.

              C. Personnel covered by this Agreement must report for work on all other days scheduled as working days by the Board of Education. Specific days to be taken as vacation days for employees covered by this Agreement must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools for his/her approval. Vacations may only be taken and scheduled between the last day of school in June and prior to the first day of school in September. Exceptions to the period for vacations, stated above, may be made upon approval of the Superintendent.

              D. It shall be the responsibility of the administrative staff to develop plans for the staffing of schools and offices during July and August and any such plans must have the approval of the Superintendent of Schools.

              E. Administrators will be able to carry over a maximum of ten (10) vacations days. This applies only to administrators appointed to a twelve (12) month contractual position.

              ARTICLE VIII


              A. Sick Leave

              1. Absence for personal illness or personal injury allowed up to eleven (11) days for ten and one-half month administrators and twelve (12) days for twelve-month administrators without pay deduction. Medical verification may be required.
                2. If less than the allotted sick leave is used during a school year, the balance of unused time shall be cumulative without limit.

                3. Should all accumulated sick leave of an administrator be used in any one year, upon presentation of a medical certificate requesting further sick leave, additional sick leave may be recommended by the Superintendent of Schools and may be granted by the Glassboro Board of Education.

                B. Other Absence

                1. Family Illness
                      In case of critical illness in family requiring a member’s presence, absence
                      allowed without deduction. This is to be emergency only and not
                      extended to personal care of members of the administrator’s family. The
                      period is to be from one (1) to five (5) days at the discretion of the
                      Superintendent of Schools.

                2. Personal Leave
                a. Administrators under contract shall be allowed personal leave without pay deduction for a maximum of three (3) days during each school year for twelve (12) month administrators and two (2) days during each school year for ten and one-half (10-) month administrators. Administrators shall not be required to cite a reason when requesting personal leave. In addition, for
                            10-1/2 month administrators, an “emergency” personal day shall be available for personal emergencies upon notification to the Superintendent. Written explanation of the emergent nature of the absence shall be provided to the Superintendent upon the administrator’s return. Subsequent approval shall be obtained from the Superintendent of his/her designee, which authorization
                            shall be based upon a reasonable explanation of the emergency. The “emergency” personal day shall be used only for unanticipated events and shall not carry over as a sick or personal day.
                b. Application for personal leave shall be made to the administrator’s immediate supervisor five (5) days before such leave will be approved by the Superintendent. In serious emergencies, requests may be immediately granted by the administrator’s immediate supervisor. The decision of the Superintendent in these matters shall be final and binding, and not subject to the grievance procedure of the agreement.
                  c. Personal leave days shall be accumulated as stipulated in paragraph “G” of Article VIII.

                  d. For the protection of the employee, and for proper payroll accounting and audit, personal leave days must be accounted for and reported to the Superintendent.

                  3. QUARTINE
                          Absences due to quarantine not involving personal illness allowed without deduction upon filing of certificate of quarantining officer.
                  4. Other Leaves of absence with pay may be granted by the Board of Education upon the Superintendent’s recommendation.

                  C. Maternity Leave

                  1. An administrator requesting a leave of absence for disability for maternity reasons shall request such leave in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the date for the commencement of the leave. The request shall state the date for the commencement of the leave, and the date of return. Administrators returning from maternity leave may return on a date collaboratively agreed upon by the Superintendent and administrator.
                    2. Disability for maternity reasons for which sick days are used will commence on the date requested by the administrator, provided that a physician’s certification of disability is submitted before commencement of the leave.
                    3. Disability for maternity reasons for which sick dates are used will terminate on the date requested by the administrator, provided that physician’s certification is submitted stating that the employee is physically able to work, prior to the date of termination of such leave.

                    4. An extended leave of absence under this Article may be granted for the remainder of a contract year and for one additional school year.

                    5. In the event that sick days are not available to an administrator, the administrator may request a leave of absence without pay for disability for maternity reasons, provided that a physician’s certification is submitted verifying the disability.

                    6. Existing State and Federal statues shall supersede policies for maternity leave.

                    D. Days for Funeral
                        Absence due to death in the immediate family is allowed without deduction up to five (5) days. Immediate family is defined to man husband, wife, father, mother, child, sibling grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, stepsibling or members of the household. Employees may, on a case-by-case basis submit requests for funeral leave for a former member of an employee’s household who is not included in this list.
                    E. Court Order
                        Absence due to required appearance in a court of law involving no moral turpitude on the part of the administrator, and not involving an administrator’s suit against the Board, no deduction will be made for a period not to exceed five (5) days, provided proof of such appearance is filed with the Board of Education.
                    F. Jury Duty

                    1. In the event that an administrator is required to serve as a juror, he/she shall be paid his/her salary in full for that period of time in which he/she serves.
                      2. The amount of money received by the administrator for his/her jury service shall be submitted as a reimbursement to the Board of Education for the salary received.

                      G. Personal Days Converted to Unused Sick Lave
                          Three days of unused personal leave for twelve (12) month administrators and two days of unused personal leave for ten and one-half (10-) month administrators may be permitted to accumulate into sick leave each year. All persons covered by this Agreement, if they have any unused personal leave at the end of the school year, may transfer that personal leave into their sick leave. A record of such transfer shall be maintained in conformance with the district sick leave allowance records.

                      ARTICLE IX

                      HEALTH BENEFITS

                      A. The Board shall pay the full cost of medical and prescription benefits coverage for all administrators, their spouses and dependent children.
                        B. Health care coverage shall consist of a commercial Quality Point of Service plan from a major healthcare provider with a $5 co-pay for in-network primary care and a $5 co-pay for in-network specialist care.

                        C. Prescription Drug coverage will be provided utilizing a two-tier (generic/brand) structure with a co-pay structure of $5 for covered generic drugs and $15 for covered brand name drugs. There shall be no reimbursement by the district for costs of co-pay or costs in excess of co-pays.

                        D. The Board shall pay 100% per annum per administrator for administrator only dental plan. Said amount may also be utilized as credit toward cost of family coverage.

                        E. The Board shall determine the carrier for all insurance benefits provided that the benefits are equal to or greater than the plan for the 2004-2005 school year.

                        F. Disability Insurance – The Board shall contribute up to $50.00 per month per administrator toward the premium for disability insurance provided by Washington National Insurance and/or Franklin Insurance for the duration of this agreement.

                        G. Insurance buy out will be capped at $2,100.00 for family coverage and proportionally set for two-party and single coverage.

                        ARTICLE X


                        A. Administrators shall be permitted to attend national or PSA conventions, maximum two (2) attending per year. Expenses for conventions shall be paid by the Board of Education on the following basis:
                          1. When the Board of Education requests that someone attend a meeting or convention, expenses will be paid and no deduction in salary made.
                            2. When an administrator requests, and the request is granted to attend a convention, the Board of Education will pay transportation, lodging and

                                    registration at the convention rate. The Board of Education will pay for other materials and food not covered in the package as follows:

                                    SY2004-05 up to $55.00 per day
                                    SY2005-06 up to $60.00 per day
                                    SY 2006-07 up to $65.00 per day

                                    Receipts must be provided. No deduction in salary will be made.

                            3. Mileage reimbursement shall be paid at current State of New Jersey rate (sliding scale).
                              4. When an organization to which an administrator belongs, requests that the member attend a meeting or convention, no deduction will be made in salary.

                              5. When an administrator is requested by the Board of Education to sponsor a group of pupils on a trip or to a meeting, expenses will be paid and no deduction in salary made. Receipts must be provided.

                              6. When an administrator presents a workshop approved by the Superintendent, during a time that is beyond the administrator’s regular work day, the administrator shall be allowed compensation time, which may be used at the discretion of the Superintendent.
                              ARTICLE XI

                              SEVERANCE PAY FOR ADMINISTRATORS

                              A. Administrators who complete 15 years in Glassboro School District will be eligible for severance pay upon retirement from the school district. This severance pay will be calculated as follows.
                                  SY 2004-05 to 2006-07 - $85 per day up to a maximum of 150 days.
                              ARTICLE XII


                              A. Graduate Courses
                                Cost of graduate credits at Rowan University (not to exceed budgeted amount)
                                  will be reimbursed provided the administrator earns a grade or B or higher.


                                  Undergraduate Courses
                                    Cost of undergraduate credits at Rowan University (not to exceed budgeted amount) will be reimbursed provided the administrator earns a grade or B or higher.

                                C. The Superintendent will approve all courses and programs prior to enrollment. Applications will be made in writing. Administrators will be expected to pursue course work in their fields or closely related fields.
                                  D. Application for Reimbursement
                                      The tuition reimbursement period shall cover September 1 through August 31 of each school year. Application for reimbursement for professional courses will be submitted to the Superintendent’s office by October 1 of each school year.

                                      Payment will be made in October of the school year following the year in which the courses were taken, contingent upon the receipt of official transcripts showing grades of B or higher and upon presentation of proper receipts for tuition and the administrator’s return to the Glassboro school system.
                                  E. The Board shall pay for memberships in a professional organization related to the administrator’s employment.
                                    F. Professional development funds not to exceed $500.00 per year shall be awarded to each administrator for the purpose of professional development activities paid via voucher or reimbursement with appropriate documents/receipts.

                                    ARTICLE XIII

                                    WORK YEAR

                                    A. The Board of Education retains the right to determine the actual work year of each administrator. All administrators will be present for duty on every work day designated by the Board of Education, except on those days where the administrator had received approval for vacation leave as enumerated in Article VII, Vacation, of this Agreement.
                                      B. The Board of Education reserves the right, upon written notice to the administrator affected, to reduce the actual work year of the administrator to ten and one-half months.

                                      C. The Board of Education reserves the right to establish the work year of any administrative employee.

                                      D. When an administrator’s work year is reduced from one year (A) to the next year (B), the administrator’s salary in Year B will remain at least the same as the salary stipulated for Year A. In the following years covered by this contract, the administrator will receive at least the amount stipulated under Section B of this contract.
                                      ARTICLE XIV


                                      A. Administrators covered by this Agreement will be available for meetings, assignments and any other work at the discretion of the Superintendent on all days except employee vacation days and the legal holidays as designated by the State of New Jersey.
                                        B. In case of an emergency, the Superintendent may contact an administrator for work on New Jersey State legal holidays or during vacation periods. Upon receiving contact from the Superintendent, the administrator will report to work at the location designated by the Superintendent to assist the Superintendent in the handling of the emergency situation. Per diem compensation or compensatory time shall be granted as agreed upon between the administrator and the Superintendent.

                                        C. In the event that schools are closed because of snow or ice, all members of the bargaining unit will report to work unless they are specifically excused by the Superintendent of Schools.
                                        ARTICLE XV

                                        EVALUATION OF PERSONNEL

                                        A. Evaluation of GPSA members for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Education in such areas as retention, dismissal, promotion and granting tenure shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools.
                                          B. Each administrator will list major administrative objectives for school year. These administrative objectives shall be related to major responsibilities of the administrator’s position description and any major responsibilities assigned to the administrator by the Superintendent that are related to the position description of the administrator.

                                          C. During a meeting, prior to September 1 of each school year, the Superintendent of Schools and the individual GPSA member will state performance objectives relating to major supervisory and administrative duties. Following the conference the Superintendent shall prepare a written evaluation of the performance of each administrator in accordance with existing laws. A copy of the signed form will be given to the GPSA member.

                                          D. Unit members shall have the right to discuss all evaluations and append their comments before said evaluations are placed in the members’ personnel files.

                                          E. The member shall have the right to review material within his/her personnel file upon request to the Superintendent of Schools.
                                          ARTICLE XVI


                                          A. For the length of the contract, each administrator will receive a raise as indicated: SY2004-05 5% SY2005-06 5% SY2006-07 5%
                                            B. Advancement

                                              Advancement from “Masters” to “Masters +45” shall result in an increment of
                                              $700. Advancement from “Masters+45” to “Masters+80+ or “Doctorate” shall
                                              result in an increment of $925.
                                                Any administrator planning to advance as above shall inform the Superintendent, in writing, as soon as the requirements for advancement have been met. Advancement will be made within thirty (30) days after the receipt of the official confirmation of advancement by the Superintendent’s office.
                                            C. Merit Compensation

                                                The Board of Education reserves the right to make individual compensation awards that shall be considered merit increase, and the right to make any salary adjustment relevant to merit increase.

                                            D. Incremental Withholding
                                                The Board of Education reserves the right to withhold any part of an administrative salary increase, salary adjustment, or salary increment of any person covered by this Agreement, in accordance with Title 18A. Persons who suffer such a withholding of a salary adjustment payment or increment shall be subject to the provisions of Title 18A, for the appeal of such actions to the Board of Education.
                                            E. Supplemental Contracts
                                                Any administrator may be awarded a supplemental contract in addition to salary stipulated under Article XVI, Section A of this agreement.

                                            F. Coaching/Co-Curricular
                                                Any administrator appointed to a coaching or co-curricular position shall receive the same amout of compensation as designated for that position in the contract between the Board and the Glassboro Education Association. Such compensation shall be in addition to the salary stipulated under Article XVI, Section A of this Agreement.
                                            G. Notification
                                                Written notification of all salaries and supplemental contracts for each contract year, under this Agreement, will be sent by the Superintendent of Schools to the President of GPSA by April 1.
                                            H. Effective Date
                                                This agreement shall be effective July 1, 2004, and shall continue in full force and effect until June 30, 2007.
                                            ARTICLE XVII

                                            Travel Allowance

                                            A. A travel allowance of $350 per year for in-county travel shall be granted to district-wide administrators, to include Supervisor of Special Services, Supervisor of Transportation, and Athletic Director. Out-of-county travel will be reimbursed at the current State of New Jersey rate.
                                              B. School building administrators shall submit vouchers for all travel expenses.

                                              C. Mileage reimbursement shall be paid at the current State of New Jersey rate.
                                              ARTICLE XVIII


                                              If any part, clause, portion or Article of this Agreement is subsequently deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, such clause, portion or Article may be deleted and the remainder of the Agreement not so affected shall continue in full force and effect, absent the affected clause.
                                              ARTICLE XIX

                                              FULLY BARGAINED CLAUSE

                                              This written Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the respective parties concerning the terms and conditions of employment which were the subject of collective negotiations.
                                              ARTICLE XX

                                              DURATION OF AGREEMENT

                                              This Agreement shall be effective as of July 1, 2004 and shall continue in full force and effect until June 30, 2007.

                                              Collective negotiations concerning a successor Agreement shall commence no later than September 15, 2006.

                                              This agreement may be extended only upon the mutual written agreement of the respective parties and this Agreement shall terminate unless otherwise provided for in writing as of June 30, 2007.

                                              In witness whereof the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be signed by their respective presidents, and attested by their respective secretaries, all on the day and year below written.

                                              Signed this_____________________________day of October, 2004

                                              _______________________________ _______________________________
                                              Peter J. Calvo, President Marianne Carver, President
                                              Board of Education Glassboro Principals and Supervisors

                                              _______________________________ _______________________________
                                              George A. Leone, Secretary Cynthia Kates, Secretary
                                              Board of Education Glassboro Principals and Supervisors

                                                Salary Schedule
                                                PositionSalary 03-04AdjustmentSalary 04-05AdjustmentSalary 05-06AdjustmentSalary 06-07
                                                Principal H.S. $106,625.20 $5,331.26 $111,956.46 $5,597.82 $117,554.28 $5,877.71 $123,431.99
                                                Principal I.S. $ 91,029.89 $4,551.49 $ 95,581.38 $4,779.07 $100,360.44 $5,018.22 $105,378.46
                                                Principal Bowe $ 99,339.76 $4,966.99 $104,306.74 $5,215.34 $109,522.07 $5,476.10 $114,998.17
                                                Principal Bullock $102,968.85 $5,148.44 $108,117.29 $5,405.86 $113,523.15 $5,676.16 $119,199.30
                                                Principal Rodgers $ 98,005.25 $4,900.26 $102,905.51 $5,145.28 $108,050.78 $5,402.54 $113,453.31
                                                AD/Assistant Principal H.S. $ 78,750.00 $3,937.50 $ 82,687.50 $4,134.38 $86,821.88 $4,341.09 $ 91,162.97
                                                Assistant Principal H.S. $ 75,000.00 $3,750.00 $ 78,750.00 $3,937.50 $82,687.50 $4,134.38 $ 86,821.88
                                                Assistant Principal I.S. $ 60,000.00 $3,000.00 $ 63,000.00 $3,150.00 $66,150.00 $3,307.50 $ 69,457.50
                                                Assistant Principal Bowe $ 58,000.00 $2,900.00 $ 60,900.00 $3,045.00 $63,945.00 $3,197.25 $ 67,142.25
                                                Supervisor Special
                                                $ 90,294.75 $4,514.74 $ 94,809.49 $4,740.47 $99,549.96 $4,977.50 $104,527.45
                                                Supervisor of Guidance $ 90,760.00 $4,538.00 $ 95,298.00 $4,764.90 $100,062.90 $5,003.15 $105,066.04
                                                Supervisor of Maintenance $ 69,457.50 $3,472.88 $ 72,930.38 $3,646.52 $76,576.90 $3,828.84 $ 80,405.74
                                                Supervisor of
                                                $ 42,489.13 $3,186.68
                                                $ 45,675.81 $2,283.79
                                                $47,959.60 $2,397.98
                                                $ 50,357.58

                                                *Adjustment equals 7.5% for SY 2004-05; 5% for SY 2005-06 and 2006-07

                                                Glassboro BE and Glassboro Prin Supv Assn 2004.pdf