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01/01/2004 thru 12/31/2006

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JANUARY 1, 2004 through DECEMBER 31, 2006


This Agreement entered into this 26th day of May 2004, by and between the BOROUGH OF FRANKLIN, in the County of Sussex, New Jersey, a municipal corporation of the State of New Jersey, hereinafter referred to as the “Borough”, and the OFFICE PERSONNEL OF THE BOROUGH OF FRANKLIN, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”, represents the complete and final understanding on all the bargainable issues between the Borough and the Association.


The Borough hereby recognizes the Association as the sole and exclusive negotiation unit for the non-managerial office personnel of the Borough, as listed below. This Agreement shall govern all minimum wages and working conditions for the non-managerial office personnel of the Borough.

The Association shall additionally include full-time office personnel of the Borough employed during the term of this Agreement or any successor agreements, upon their employment


Barbara Glesias January 1, 1980
Terry L. Beshada June 5, 2000
Claudia Bickhardt February 28, 2000
Denice Murray September 16, 2002
Ann Peters April 21, 2003


A. The normal work week shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday. The normal work day shall consist of seven (7) hours as scheduled by the work rules of the employer.

B. The employer shall compensate each employee for overtime worked, in cash or compensatory time off, at the rate of straight time for hours worked up to forty (40) hours per week, and at time and one half for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week. at the employee’s option, in accordance with applicable law, providing such overtime shall have been with the approval or authority or at the direction of the immediate supervisor of the employee, or the designee(s) of the Mayor and Council. No prior approval shall be necessary for compensatory time or regularly scheduled or special meetings of the Council or Boards, and tax/water/sewer collection periods, to which a staff member is assigned.
    1. Authorized overtime (outside the 8 am to 4 pm workday) may be performed outside the municipal building, only if prior authorization is obtained from the individual approving such overtime.

    2. Upon receipt of notification from the employee of the employee's election to be paid overtime compensation in cash, the mayor and council will provide for the payment of such over-time compensation no later than ninety (90) days from the date of receipt of such notice, or the close of the following fiscal quarter, which-ever shall occur later.


A. Service Credit for Sick Leave. Sick leave may be utilized by employees when they are unable to perform their work by reason of personal illness, accident, or exposure to contagious disease. Sick leave may also be utilized for a reasonable period because of sickness in the employee's immediate family as defined below:

B. Amount of Sick Leave.
      1. The minimum sick leave with pay shall accrue to any, full time employee on the basis of ten (10) days per year with a limited right to accumulation of the leave of one hundred seventy five (175) days. Employees shall be allowed to utilize their accumulated sick leave upon retirement in either of two options:
        OPTION 1: Employees shall use their accumulated sick leave towards early, retirement.
        OPTION 2: Employees shall buy back their accumulated sick leave at $50 per day, with a maximum buy back not to exceed $4,375.
      2. Any amount of sick leave allowance not used in any calendar year shall accumulate to the employee's credit from year to year to be used if and when needed for such purpose, as stated above,

C. Reporting of Absence on Sick Leave.
      1. If an employee is absent for reasons that entitle him/her to sick leave, the Borough Clerk/Administrator shall be notified prior to the employee's starting time, except in emergencies such as accidents, serious illness of employee or immediate family members.
      2. Failure to so notify the Borough Clerk/Administrator may be cause for denial of the use of sick leave for that absence and constitute cause for disciplinary action.

D. Verification of Sick Leave. The Borough may require proof of illness of an employee on sick leave whenever such requirement appears reasonable. Abuse of sick leave shall be cause for disciplinary action.

E. Bereavement Leave.
1. In the case of death of a near relative, time off up to a maximum of four (4) consecutive calendar days will be granted without loss of basic straight time wages. In any event, the day following burial shall be the final day of such leave. Near relatives consist of husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, or any other relative residing in the home of the employee.
    2. In the event of the death of a grandparent. grandchild. brother-in-law, sister--in-law, son-in-law, or daughter-in-law, a maximum of one (1) day to attend the funeral services shall be granted without loss of basic straight-time wages.

    F. Personal Days. Each employee shall be entitled to three (3) personal days to be used at any time during the working year.

    G. Schooling. The Borough will reimburse 32 cents per mile for attendance at schooling and/or seminars’, providing the course receives prior approval of the Mayor and Council.


    A. The following fourteen (14) days shall be holidays upon which the public offices of the employer shall he closed and on which the employees shall not be required to work.
        New Year's Day Veteran's Day
        Lincoln's Birthday Thanksgiving Day
        Washington's Birthday Day After Thanksgiving
        Good Friday Independence Day
        Memorial Day Christmas Day
        Labor Day, Martin Luther King's Day
        Columbus Day Presidential Election Day,

    B. In addition, the employee shall be entitled to one floating holiday.

    C. In addition, employees shall work a half day on Christmas Eve day, provided that December 24 falls on a Monday through Thursday.

    D. In the event all other departments of the Borough agree to give up a holiday, the Association will give up Presidential Election Day.


    A. Vacations for full-time employees shall be based upon the following schedule:
        1 through 5 years 10 days
        6 through 15 years 15 days
        16 through 20 years 20 days
        21 years and over 25 days

    B. All vacation days must be taken during the calendar year in which they are earned, except when special permission is granted by the Mayor and Council.

    C. An employee who has sufficient vacation time may be allowed to take no more that a total of ten (10) vacation days on a flexible, day by day schedule, provided that prior authorization is received from their departmental supervisor and the borough administrator.

    D. Vacation/s to be taken between the period of June 1st and September 30th of the calendar year shall be posted to the borough administrator’s office no later than May 15th of said calendar year.


    A. The Borough shall provide for each full time employee and his/her dependents the following health insurance.

    1. State Health Benefits – Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield program – medical insurance.
    2. Dental Insurance - State Health Horizon Dental
    3. Group Life Insurance.
    4. Salary continuation insurance (temporary disability)
    5. Prescription Plan - $5.00 CoPay, providing all other bargaining units agree to same.

    B. The Borough reserves the right to change insurance carriers, so long as substantially similar benefits are provided.

    C. The Borough agrees to reimburse the employee $200 once every twelve (12) months, toward out of pocket expense for eye care, upon proof of payment from employee.


    A. No permanent employee shall be discharged or suspended or otherwise disciplined without just cause. Employment of any individual employee in his/her position for a period of three (3) consecutive years shall thereafter entitle the employee to renewed employment during good behavior and efficiency.

    B. Employees shall have the right to claim that suspension or discharge was unjustly imposed, by submitting such claim to the Mayor and Council in writing within three (3) working days after the disciplinary action. This shall be the sole method of appeal of disciplinary action. Failure to so appeal shall be admission as to the propriety of the action taken.


    NAME 2004 2005 2006

    Barbara Glesias
    Police Secretary/Matron $39,238.80 $40,415.96 $ 41,628.44
    (No further Longevity as of 2004)

    Terry L. Beshada
    Tax Collector/Tax Search Officer $45,789.00 $47,162.67 $48,588.00
    Interlocal Tax Collector $5,723.00 $5,895.00 $6,072.00
      In the event the interlocal tax collection agreement is terminated for any reason, Ms. Beshada’s or her successor’s salary shall not include the portion of the salary labeled as interlocal tax collector.

    Claudia Bickhardt
    Water/Sewer Collector $32,053.00 $33,014.59 $34,005.03
    Interlocal finance department
    Payroll Support $1,102.00 $1,135.06 $1,169.11
      In the event the interlocal finance department agreement is terminated for any reason, Ms. Bickhardt’s or her successor’s salary shall not include the portion of the salary labeled as interlocal financial department payroll support

    Ann Peters
    Interlocal Deputy Tax Collector $24,720.00 $25,461.60 $26,225.45
    and Interlocal Deputy Treasurer

    Since Ms. Peter’s position was created specifically as the result of the Interlocal Tax Collection and Interlocal Finance Department Agreements, in the event either or both of these Agreements are terminated for any reason, either of Ms. Peters’ or her successor’s positions shall be eliminated without any corresponding responsibility for continued employment by the Borough. In the event one position is eliminated but not the other, Ms. Peters, or her successor, may continue in the remaining position, subject to a salary reduction reflecting the portion of the salary attributable to the position eliminated.

    Denice Murray
    Technical Assistant $28,119.00 $28,963.00 $29,831.89

    All salary increases are calculated on base salaries of employees as of December 31 of the calendar year prior to the effective date of this contract.


    A. Any employee hired after January 1, 1996, shall not be entitled to any longevity benefits.

    B. Longevity shall be paid to full time employees at the following percentages.

    1. January 1st, after fifth year of service:
    2.0% of base pay (including any merit increment).

    2. January 1st, after tenth year of service:
    3.5% of base pay (including any merit increment).

    3. January 1st, after fifteenth year of service:
    5.0% of base pay (including any merit increment).

    4. January 1st, after twentieth year of service:
    6.5% of base pay (including any merit increment).

    5. January 1st, after twenty-fifth year of service:
    8.0% of base pay (including any merit increment).

    C. Longevity shall be computed on base pay and shall date from the employee's original date of hire so that the anniversary date of the employee shall be operative in determining what, if any, longevity payment is to be made on the succeeding January 1st.

    D. Payment of longevity shall be made in two payments. First payroll of June and first payroll of December.

    The existing public employee's retirement plan provided by the statutes of the State of New Jersey will remain in effect. The existing life insurance benefits will be continued and reviewed by the Borough and the Association toward the end of providing increased benefits, if financially feasible, in the future.

    The terms of this agreement shall be for the period commencing January 1, 2004, and ending December 31, 2006. However, they shall remain in full effect until a new agreement is reached, upon expiration of this agreement. This contract shall be retroactive to January 1, 2004, and any and all benefits shall be reimbursed no later than twenty (20) days following the signing of said contract unless otherwise agreed.


    _______________________________ By:_____________________________
    Rachel Heath, Clerk/Administrator Douglas Kistle, Mayor

    ________________________________ ________________________________
    Barbara Glesias Terry L. Beshada

    ________________________________ ________________________________
    Claudia Bickhardt Denice Murray

    Ann Peters

    2004 Personnel Office Personnel Contract

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