Contract Between
Monmouth Cty Sheriff's Office-Monmouth
- and -
FOP Lodge 30 (Superiors)
* * *
01/01/2006 thru 12/31/2009

UnitCorrection Superiors

Contract Text Below
Monmouth County Correction Institution
January 1 2006througb December 31 2009
00262988 DOC
Table of Contents
Preamble 1
Article 1
Recognition 2
Article 2
Urnon Security 3
Article 3
FOP Lodge Privileges and
Article 4
Management Rights 8
Article 5
Strikes and
1 0
Article 6
Grievance Procedure 11
Article 7
Salary 13
Article 8
Uniform Allowance 15
College Incentive
Article 10
Hours ofWork 17
Article 11
Overtime Call-ill and Court
Article 12
Insurance 20
Article 13
Vacations 22
Article 14
Agreement FOP Lodge 30 2006-2009 clean 00262988 00262988 DoCi
7F Article 15
Holidays 24
Article 16
Death in Family 25
Article 17
Weapons Qualification and Training 26
Article 18
Association Time 28
Article 19
Job Posting 29
Article 20
Personnel Files 30
Article 21
Staffing 31
Article 22
Handbook and Work Rules 32
Article 23
Article 24
Ceremornal Activities 34
Article 25
Discipline 35
Article 26
No Waiver 37
Article 27
Terms and Extent ofAgreement 38
Agreement FOP Lodge 30 2006-2009 clean 00262988
00262988DOC ii
THIS AGREEMENT effective as ofthe first day ofJanuary 2006 by and
between the Monmouth County Sheriff hereinafter referred to as the Employer the
Monmouth CountyBoard of Chosen Freeholders hereinafter referred to as the
Employer-Funding Agent and the Monmouth County Superior OfficersAssociation
Inc FOP Lodge No 30 hereinafter referred to as the Association is designed to
maintain and promote aharmonious relationship between the Sheriff the County and
those employees who are within the Bargaining Unit in order that more efficient and
progressive public service may be rendered
The terms employee Supervisor and Supervisory personnel shall be
interchangeable terms and refer to employees covered by thisAgreement
00262988 DOC I
Section 1 The Sheriff ofMonmouth County hereby recognizes the Association as
the exclusive majority representative within the meaning ofthe New Jersey Employer-
Employee Relations Act NJSA 34 13A-I et seq for collective negotiations conceming
salaries hours ofworkand other terms and conditions ofemploymentfor all employees
in theclassification ofCounty Correction Officer SergeanfandCounty Correction
Officer Lieiltenant but excluding Captains Deputy Warden and Warden
00262988 DOC 2
Section 1 Visitation The President ofthe FOP or designee shall have the right
to visit County facilities in order to represent or service Employees covered by this
Agreement These visitation rights shallnot interfere with work operations or security
Section 2 Dues Upon receipt ofa lawfully executed written authorization from
anEmployee which may be revoked in accordance with law the Employer-Funding
Agent agrees to deduct the regular monthly Association dues ofsuch Employee from pay
and remit such deduction by the fifteenth 15th day ofthe succeeding month to the
officials designated by the Employee in writing to receive such deduction The
Association will notify the Employer-Funding Agent in writing ofthe exact amount of
membership dues deductions
Section 3 The Association agrees to indemnify and hold the Employer-Funding
Agent harmless against any and all claims suits orders or judgments brought or issued
against the Employer Funding Agent with regard to the dues check-off
Section 4 Agency Shop If an Employee covered by this Agreement does not
become a member ofthe Association during any membership year i e from January 1 to
the following December 31 which is covered in whole orin part by this Agreement said
Employee will be required to pay arepresentation fee to the Association for that
membership year The purpose ofthis fee will be to offset the Employee s per capita cost
ofservices rendered by the Association as majority representative
00262988 DOC 3
Section 5 Notification Prior to the beginning of each membership year the
Association will notify the Employer-Funding Agent in writing ofthe amount ofthe
regular membership dues initiation fees and assessments charged by the Association to
its own members for that membership year The representation fee to be paid by nonmembers
will be equal to eighty-five 85 percent ofthat amount
In order to adequately offset the per capita cost of services rendered by the
Association as majority representative the representation fee should be equal inanJount
to the regular membership dues initiation fees and assessments charged by the
Association to its own members and the representation fee has been set at eight-five
85 percent ofthat amount as permitted by law
Section 6 Deduction ofFee Once during each membership year covered in
whole or in part by this Agreement the Association will submit to the Employer-Funding
Agent alist of those Employees who have not become members of the Association for
the then currentmembership year The Employer-Funding Agentwill d quct from the
salaries ofsuch Employees in accordance with the following the full amount ofthe
representation fee and promptlywill transmit the amount so deducted to the Association
The E-Fmupnldoyinegr Agent will deduct the representation fee in equal
installments as nearly as possible from the paychecks paid to each Employee on the
aforesaid list during the remainder ofthe membership year in question and until such
time as anew Agreement is executed The deductions will beginwith the first paycheck
00262988 DOC 4
a Ten 10 days after receipt ofthe aforesaid list by the Employer-
Funding Agent or
b Thirty 30 days after the permanent employee begins employment in a
bargairnng unit position unless the Employee previously served in abargaining
unit position and continued in the employ ofthe Employer-Funding Agent in a
non-bargaining unit position orwas onlayoff in which event the deductions will
begin with the first paycheck paid ten 10 days after the resumption of the
employment in a bargaining unit position whichever is later or
c Three 3 months after aprovisional Employee begins employment in a
bargaining unit position unless the Employee previously served in abargairnng
unit position and continued in the employ ofthe Employer-FundingAgent ina
non-bargaining urnt position or was on layoff in which event the deductions will
begin with the first paycheck paid ten 10 days after the resumption ofthe
employment in a bargaining unit position whichever is later
Section 7 Termination ofEmployment Ifan Employee who is required to pay a
representation fee terminates hheisr employment with the Employer-Funding Agent
before the Association has received the full amount of the representation fee to which it is
entitled in this Article the Employer-Funding Agent will deduct the unpaid portionofthe
fee from the last paycheck paid to said Employee during the membership year in
Section 8 Changes The Association will notify the Employer-Funding Agent in
writing ofany changes in the list provided for in Paragraph 1 above andor the amount of
002629SS DOC 5
representation fee and such changes will be reflected in any deductions made more than
ten 10 days after the Employer-Funding Agencyreceived said notice
Section 9 Demand and return The Association agrees to establish and maintain a
demand and return system whereby Employees who are required to pay the
representation fee in lieu of dues may demand the retum ofthe pro rata share if any
subject to refund in accordance with the provisions ofNJSA 34 143A-5 as amended
00262988 DOC 6
00262988 DOC
Section 1 It is recognized that the Employer has and hereby retains and reserves
to itself the rights and responsibilities to direct the affairs ofthe office ofthe Monmouth
County Sheriff and the Monmouth County Correctional Institution with all powers
authority and duties conferred and vested by the Laws and Constitution of the State of
New Jersey including without limiting the generality ofthe foregoing the following
a To the management organization and admirnstrative control of the
office ofthe Monmouth County Sheriff and the Monmouth County Correctional
b To determine the standards ofservices offered and to direct the
activities ofemployees
c To maintain the efficiency ofoperations and to implement such
improvements in efficiency as deemed necessary including management a1di
direction ofovertime practices and post assignments
d To determine the content ofwork assignments and the methods means
and personnel by which operations are to be conducted iricluding work and sl1ift
schedules and overtime assignments and
e To contract for or subcontract services
OD262988 DOC 8
Section 2 This contract shall not be interpreted to in any way supercede the
statutory or constitutional duties or obligations ofthe office ofthe Sheriff ofMonmouth
County nor shall it be construed to deny or restrict the Employer-Funding Agent the
County ofMonmouth by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders oftheir
powers rights duties or responsibilities under the Laws or Constitution ofthe State of
New Jersey
00262988 DOC 9
Neither the Association nor any officers agents or employees shall instigate
promote sponsor engage in or condone by any action any strike slowdown concerted
work stoppage or any other intentional interruption ofthe operations ofthe Monmouth
County Correctional Institution
00262988 DOC 10
Section 1 The purpose ofthis procedure is to secure equitable solutions to
problems which may arise from time to time affecting Employees as a result ofthe
interpretation or application of this Agreement between the Employer and the
Section 2 A grievanceshall mean acomplaint that there has been aviolation
misinterpretation or inequitable application of any ofthe provisions ofthis Agreement
Section 3 The Association shall process grievances in the following manner
Step 1 The Association shall present the grievance under Step 1 to the
Warden The grievance shall be presented in writing within ten 10 working days
ofits occurrence The Wardenshallrespond within seven 7 working days ofthe
Step 2 Ifthe Association is not atisfied with the decision ofthe War-den
at Step 1 the grievance shall be presented in writing to the next level ofauthority
within seven 7 working days after Step 1 For the purpose of this grievance
procedure the next level ofauthority shall be considered the Undersheriff
assigned to the Jail The Undersheriff shall within seven 7 working days ofthe
receipt ofthe written grievance arrange a meeting with the Asasnodcisahtaiolln
give the Association awritten answer to the written grievance within three 3
working days after the date ofsuch meeting
Step 3 Ifthe Association is not satisfied with the decision ofthe
Undersheriff in Step 2 ofthe procedure then the grievance shall be presented in
00262988 DOC 11
writing to the Sheriff within seven 7 working days after Step 2 The Sheriff
shall within seven 7 working days ofthe receipt of this grievance arrange a
meeting with the Association and shall give the Association awritten answer to
the grievance within three 3 working days after the date ofsuch meeting
Step 4 If the Association is not satisfied with the decision ofthe Sheriff
under Step 3 ofthe procedure the Association may within fifteen 15 days after
the reply of the Sheriff is due by written notice to the Employer-Funding Agent
Personnel Officer request arbitration Said arbitration shall be through the Public
Employment Relations Commission the expense ofwhich shall be shared equaHy
by theEmp10yer and the Association The decision ofthe Arbitrator shaH be final
and binding on both parties The Arbitrator shaH be governed by the terms ofthis
Agreement and shall add nothing to nor subtract anything from this Almgernet
00262988 DOC 12
Section 1 Employees shall receive a 3 75 increase in base salary per annum as
set forth in the wage agreement and step system containedwithin Appendix A
00262988 DOC 13
Section 1 Any item ofclothing which is damaged in the line ofduty shall be
replaced at no cost to the Employee payable on the last payperiod ofthe year However
there shall beno replacement payment ifthe employee has expended less than 400 00
during the year for replacement ofclothing or equipment any claim for replacement for
damage must be substantiated with proof ofexpenses in excess ofthe limit herein set
00262988 DOC 14
Section 1 Since both the Sheriff and the County ofMonmouth recognize the
value oftrained Officers they hereby agree to pay any officer covered by this Agreement
additional compensation as follow 25 00 per year per college credit that is obtainedby
any officer after January 1 1984 and until December 31 1995 30 00 per year per
college credit that is obtained by any officer after January 1 1996 and until December 31
1996 35 00 per year per college credit that is obtained by any officer after January 1
1997 and until December 31 2005 and 50 00 per year per college creditthat is obtained
by any officer after anuary 1 2006 and thereafter while in the Sheriff s employ from an
accredited college in acourse that will be ofvalue to the person in the performance of
theirwork Training paid for by the County shall not qualify for this college incentive
payment This final sentence shall not be retroactively applied to employees already
receiving such college incentive payments
00262988 DOC 15
Section 1 The regular hours ofwork each day shall be consecutive except for
interruptions for lunch periods and coffee breaks Aday shall consist of eight hours at
work Said period shall include two 2 fifteen 15 minute breaks and thirty 30 minute
period for meal
Section 2 The workweekshall consist offive 5 consecutive eight hour days as
defined herein
Section 3 Work schedules showing employees shifts work days and hours shall
be posted on the department bulletin board
Section 4 Any required reporting time in advance ofshift shall be paid at time
and one-half 15 the regular hourly rate however advance reporting shall not be a
guaranteed assignment
Section 5 Effective the date offonnal ratification a IO-minute roll call will be
irntiated prior to each regularly scheduled shift unless and until the parties agree to anew
schedule Roll call time shall be paid at the overtime rate Any such overtime earned
under this provision will be accrued a1di paid in the first pay period ofNovember ofeach
00262988 DOC 16
Section 1 Definition Overtime is defined as any time worked in excess ofthe
regular work week of forty 40 hours or eight 8 hours in aday but not inc1udingsick
leave time with no accrued sick leave time available unauthorized absences or
suspension time Sick time shall not count as regular hours worked for overtime
Section 2 Compensation Overtime work shall be compensated at the rate of one
and one-half 1-112 times the employee s regular hourly rate ofpay Overtime work
may also be compensated by compensatory time offbymutual consent of employee and
management provided that no overtime is incurred Officers can accrue up to fourhundred
and eighty 480 hours ofcompensatory time
Section 3 Call-In Time In the event that an officer is called in or backto duty
during time off that officer shall be compensated 1t one and one-half1-12 timesthe
regular rate ofpay for aminimUIDof four 4 hours or for all hours worked on the call-in
Section 4 Court Time All off-duty work-related court appearances shall be
compensated at one and one-half 1-1 2 times the regular rate ofpay for a mimmum of
two 2 hours or for all actual hours required It is understood and agreed that
association member disciplinary matters and arbitration sessions are not deemed court
Section 5 Coverage Supervisory personnel will insure that primary posts are
00262988 DOC 17
Section 6 Overtime Reduction Each employee and the Association shall
continue to exercise all reasonable means to reduce overtime demands at the Monmouth
County Corrections Institution
Section 7 Seruority List Overtime will be assigned on a seniority basis oneach
shift The seniority list shall be agreed to byboth the County and the FOP on aquarterly
basis which list shall be posted for use in assignment ofovertime The sernority
overtime list shall be used with the most senior employee ofthe supervisory personnel
being asked totake overtime first and then the next sernor supervisory employee
thereafter until the list has completely been exhausted at which time overtime will be
offeredto the most seruor officer on the list and the sernoritylist will runthrough again
ad infinitum
Section 8 Officers who do not use any sick time for anytwelve 12 month
calendar period shallbe credited with two 2 Warden incentive days which shall be
utilized at the Officer s discretion
00262988 DOC 18
Section 1 It is agreed that the County will provide amedical Point ofService
POS insurance plan Whereas it is the County s intention to encourage employee in
such POS program employee participation in said plan shall be at no premium cost to the
employee with all premiums being bome by the County
Section 2 The County shall continue to maintain atraditional indemnity medical
insurance program as is currently provided on a self-insured basis However any
employee opting to participate in such program shall be responsible for a portion ofthe
premium costs and made through automatic payroll deductions
Section 3 The provisions ofBoard resolution 94-267 shall continue to apply
and the traditionalindemnity medical insurance program shall not beoffered nor
available to employees hired onJuly 1 1 994 or thereafter
Section 4 Bargainingunit members and those emp10ye s receiving benefits
- -
under the County temporary disability program shall be provided with the prescription
insurance plan established by the County with a 3 00 co-pay for prescription drugs and a
1 00 co-pay for those who use generic drugs It is understood that the co-pay mentioned
herein may be changed no sooner than January 1 2003 but it is agreedthat the change
shallnot exceed 15 00 for brand prescription drugs aIld 10 OOfor generic drugs and
that it may be implemented without further negotiations
Section S The statutory compensation provided in NJSA 34 15-12 a and
applicable law is recognized as controlling the issue ofpayment for eomplonyees
temporary disability leave It is agreed that reimbursement forternporary disability leave
00262988 DOC 19
oflessthan one year shall be calculated to insure that employees onsuch workers
compensation temporary disability leave will be paid the same amount oftake home pay
net pay as they werereceiving prior to their disability leave payments continuing for
not longer than the first year Thereafter the provisions ofNJSA 34 I5-I2 a shall
apply The employee shall in no way suffer areduction ofnetpay as aresult ofthe injury
or disability during the first year ofdisability
00262988 DOC 20
Section 1 Each Employee shall be entitled to annual vacation leave depending
upon said Employee s years ofservice with the Employer-FundingAgent as follows
1 da er month
12 working da s
6th through 12th year 15 working days
13th throu 20th year 20 workin da s
21 or more ears 25 workin days
Section 2 Officers willbe pennitted to select their vacation among officers equal
in rank Selections will be submitted not later than March 1 of each year for that calendar
year Thereafter scheduling shall be done by the employer
Section 3 Sernorityby rank shall govern the scheduling ofall vacations and days
off for Officers covered by this Agreement provided that the Employer reserves the right
to assign days offwhen in the judgment ofthe Employer aspecial assignment requires
assigned days off Scheduling should not beaffected by Correction Officer scheduling
Section4 Approved vacation carry overinto a succeeding year must be used on
or by April 1 ofthat succeeding year provided that vacation carry overwill be perniitted
only in extremely rare cases where an urgent or highly unusual situation necessitates it
00262988 DOC J 21
Section 1 There shall be three 3 personal days available to each employee
Except where the schedule does not permit the warden or designee shall allow personal
days to be taken on any day Except under emergency circumstances all requests for
personal days shall be made at leastfive 5 working days prior to scheduling said
personal days off
Section 2 One personal day may be carried over into the next year where there
has been a denial ofuse ofapersonal day due to scheduling reasons
0D02O629C88 22
Section 1 Effective January l 2006 all employees shall be afforded thirteen 13
altemate holidays per year two 2 ofwhich may be utilized at their discretion as
emergency personal leave days but such emergency personal leave days shall not be
counted as hours worked for overtime purposes
Section 2 The scheduling ofaltemate holidays shall be govemed by sernority
subject to scheduling availability
Section 3 Any other holidays grantedto other County employees by the Board of
Chosen Freeholders
Section 4 Scheduling of any compensatory time off shall he governed by
sernority in rank or title and shall be subject to the approvalthe Undersheriff assigned to
the JaiL
00262988 DOC 23
Section 1 The Employer agrees to grant up to five 5 days leave to an Employee
due to the death of an Employee s parent spouse child or step-child
Section 2 The Employer agrees to grant up to three 3 days leave to an
Employee due to the death of amember oftheir immediate family As used herein
immediate family means parent ofEmployee s spouse grandparent ofthe Employee or
spouse sister brother step-sister step-brother or grandclllldren
Section 3 The days provided under this Article shall not be considered as sick
l 00262988 DOC 24
Section 1 The Employer shall continue to proVide the twice yearly required
firearms range qualification program for all Officers
Section 2 In the event that the Employer assigns trairnng programs for Officers
in accordance with State regulations and guidelines participation in such training
program shall be compensated pursuant to the overtime provisions contained herein
provided such traiillng is required during an employee s non-scheduled dlity time
Section 3 Participation in assigned trairnng programs over and above regular
working hours shall be compensatedat the overtime rate Participation in voluntary
trairnng programs shall not be considered a part ofthe workday and shall not be
Section 4 The Sheriff agrees to provide newly appointed sergeants with forty
hours of departmental training ofwhich at least sixteen hours would be classroom
instruction This training is to be completed prior to a newly appointed sergeant
assuming a supervisory post
The Sheriff also agrees to provide newly appointed lieutenants with twentyhours
ofdepartmental traiillng ofwhich atleast eight hoUrs would be classroom instruction
This training is to be completedprior to anewly appointed lieutenant assUming a
supervisory post
Section 5 The Sheriff shall provide the Lodge with notice ofoutside training
opportunities within areasonable time after learning ofsuch outside training
00262988 DOC 25
opportunities It is understood and agreed that the employer reserves the right to select
which if any individuals may participate in such outside trairnng
Section 6 The Lodge will meet quarterly with the Director ofCorrections or
designee to discuss the issue ofsupervisory trairnng curriculum
00262988 DOC 26
Section 1 The FOP shall be allocated seventy-five 75 days ofpaidleave per
year for attendance at FOP meetings and conventions Leave pursuant to this provision
shall be granted upon written authorization and pursuant to arequest submitted by the
FOP President to the Employer indicating name or names ofthe individuals and the dates
on which their absence will be required
Section2 ill order to facilitate the scheduling ofmanpower advance notice ofthe
use ofFOP leave time shall be provided and in the case ofscheduled meetings such
advance notice shall be given at least five 5 days prior to the scheduled date ofleave
Section 3 It is understood and agreed that if a member attends adisciplinary
hearing at the requ st ofthe Lodge if that attendanceis paid then it shall be counted
against the days available under Section 1
Section 4 ThePresident ofthe Lodge shallbe assigned to a MForinddaayyYork
scheduled from 8 00 to4 00 p m
00262988 DOC 27
Sectionl It is agreed that all job openings which become available on ariy shift
and including specialassigI11TIent openings which are expected to last for more than 30
days will be posted on the bulletin board for ten 10 days so that unit members may bid
on the opening A copy ofjob openings will also be forwarded to the Lodge
Section 2 A posting shall be offered to the applicant with the most seniority
provided the applicant possesses the requisite qualifications for the position
Management retains the right to determine the prerequisites for job positions The
prerequisites are to include but not be limited to edllcation job skills and experience
wl1ich are tobe listed on the job posting
Section 3 An employee based on seniority and where applicable will be
afforcled the opportunity to learn anyspecial skills requiredfor any current or future job
A senior employee having been derned aposition which was given to ajunior
employee oflike rank may request an explanation from the Admirnstration as to the
reasons for their denialofthe pos tion for wl1ich they applied
Section 4 It is agreed that this Article will not be applicable to thepositions of
Watch Commander Urnt Commander Scheduling Sergeant Training Sergeant Booking
Sergeant Safety and Sanitation Sergeant Any additional exclusion ofposts will be
negotiated in advance by Management arid the Lodge
Section 5 In no case shall assignment or denial ofassignment be used to
discriminate against any supervisor or used as punishment
00262988 DOC 28
Section 1 Every employeeshall have access to their personnel file within four
4 hour notice during regular business hours Each employee shall be able to obtain a
copy ofany and all writings and documents in their personnel file contained in the jail in
the Warden s file and payroll file or any other file which involves or mentions the
employee with the exception ofclassified Intemal Affair files
Section 2 Any material placed in a member s county personnel file which might
be reasonably considered as having potential negative impact and which is reasonable to
assume that the referenced member is unaware of must be approved by the Deputy
Warden or above prior to filing In such case the Deputy Warden or abovewould put the
affected employee on notice The affected employee will be p rmitted to file acomment
relative to the document in question
00262988 DOC 29
Section 1 Supervisory rolls will remain at 14 Lieutenants and 21 Sergeants with
vacancies to be filled in areasonable amount oftime
Section 2 Asufficient number ofSupervisory personnel i e Sergeants and
Lieutenants shall be assigned to each shift to permit the secure operation ofthe facility
and to assure adequate coverage ofthe facility and to assure adequate coverage for the
health and safety ofthe employees and aU other persons within the facility This is to
include all areas ofthe Institution
Section 3 Involuntary shift changes will require seven 7 days written notice to
the affected employee other than in the case of emergent circumstances In no case will
invol ntary shift assignment be utilized for the purpose ofdisciplinary action
Twice each calendar year during the months ofJanuaryand July the bargaining
unit will present in writing to the Warden senioritybased bids for shift reassignment
The Warden or his designee will make agood faith effort to honor these bid requests
however theWarden will retain the right to denyindividual bid requests in keeping with
legitimate professional judgment and orgarnzation effectiveness
Itis understood that the provisions ofthis section do not apply tothepositionsof
Watch Commander Unit Commander or Special Assignment Sergeants Any additional
exclusions will be negotiated between the Lodge and employer
00262988 DOC 30
Section 1 The employer may establish reasonable and necessary rules ofwork
and conduct for employees Such rules will be equitably applied and enforced
Section 2 The employer has developed an employee rule book setting forth work
rules regulations and discipline procedures Each employee shall be provided with a
copy ofsuch rulebook
Section 3 Any proposed new rule regulation policy orprocedure or any change
in rules regulations policies or procedures which directly affect the terms and
conditions ofemployment new construction or changes in operations shall be discussed
with the FOP Lodge 30 andor Lodge representatives
00262988 DOC 31
Section 1 No full time employee in a safety sensitive position or in a position
requiring unique training and experience as aSupervising County Correction Officer
shall be replaced by an individual outside ofthe bargairnng urnt
Section 2 No post currently filled by a full time employee in a safety sensitive
position or in aposition requiring urnque training and experience as aSupervising
County Correction Officer shallbe replaced by an individual outside of the bargaining
00262988 DOC 32
Section 1 In the event of adeath ofa law enforcement officer in another
department the employer will permit at least two 2 urnformed Superior County
Correction Officers to be detailed to participate in funeral services for the deceased
officer to be selected by the Lodge President
Section 2 The detail will be provided with a Sheriff s vehicle to be utilized for
participation in the funeral service subject to the availability ofsuchavehicle
00262988 DOC 33
Section 1 Employees may be discharged orotherwise disciplined for just cause
Section 2 An Employee given the opportunity to appear at ahearing on
disciplinary charges shallbe given written notice ofthe hearing the specific charges to
be heard and the anticipated extent of possible disciplinary action at least five 5
working days prior the hearing
Section 3 TheLodge shall be provided with the same notice at the sametime as
the Employee
Section 4 Ifan employee is interviewed in a disciplinary matter in which they
reasonably believe will result in discipline to them that employee shall be entitled to
have the assistance ofaumon representative ifrequested An employee shall have the
right ofrepresentation atany disciplinarY hearing
Section 5 An Officer s prior disciplinary record other than major offenses shall
not be considered in imposing disciplinarypenalties for subsequent offences if the
Officer s record has been free ofdisciplinary offenses for over one calendaryearprior to
the subsequent infraction For purposes of this Section amajor offense is defined as a
non-attendance offense which results in a penalty suspension
Effective January 1 2003 and for infractions occurring thereafter an employee
who maintains adisciplinary-free record of attendance-related matters for a period of
twelve 12 consecutive months based on date offmal notice ofdiscipline will revert to
two previous levels ofdiscipline on the current progressive disciplinary guidelines for
attendance-related infractions and will continue to revert to previous levels ofdiscipline
Q0262988 DOC 34
for each additional year the member goes free from discipline Example 1 year free from
discipline the member goes back twosteps on the guideline 2 years free the member
goes back one additional step and so on
Discipline forpattem setting will not be brought unless an employee has used
their allotted 15 days ofsick leave in agiven year
Section 6 Any employee ordered or required to appearbefore the Employer or
any legitimate agent thereof for interview or interrogation who had reason to believe that
disciplinary charges may be brought against them as aresult ofsaid appearance shall
have aright to request and receive a Lodge representative prior to the commencemfntof
said interview or interrogation
00262988 DOq 35
Section 1 Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement the failure to enforce
anyprovision ofthis Agreement or exercise one s rights pursuant thereto shall not be
deemed awaiver thereof This Agreement is not intended and shall not be construed as a
waiver ofany right or benefit to which the employees herein are entitled
00262988 DOC 36
This Agreement shall be effective January 1 2006 and shall continue in full force
until December 31 2009 or until a new Agreement is executed
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures this
day ofN6V2006
LCv oiL 1 I --- va-
00262988 DOC 7
New Serfeants 2006 2007
1 85 000 90 000
2 96 384
00262988 DOC 38
95 000
101 384
107 768
100 000
106 384
112 768
119 152

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