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July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006


A. Flat Rate Guides

Hired Prior to 7/1/95
Noon Run Flat Rate
Late Runs
$42 per run
$42 per run
$43 per run
Field Trip Rate

At the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor, a 0.8 ratio may be applied to the flat rate for in-district routes and a 1.1 or 1.2 ratio for out-of-district special education routes.

Note: To be eligible for a year’s credit on the salary guide, a bus driver must be under contract as of February 1st .

B. Field Trip Rate:
$24.25 per hour for contracted drivers (substitutes are entitled to only the trips that contracted drivers cannot fulfill). In case of an emergency, substitute drivers can be called at the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor. Kindergarten field trips will be offered first to contracted kindergarten drivers after make-up time.

C. Rate Over 40 Hours: Time and one-half for work over 40 hours at field trip rates.

D. Overtime Pay: For Holidays (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day) at time and one-half at the field trip rate.

E. Method to Determine Flat Rate:

Contracted runs shall consist of the following:
1. Regular route time
2. Bus walk-around
3. Two (2) in-service training sessions (evening)
4. One (1) dry run before the start of the school year
5. Extra time for inclement weather

For drivers not meeting the flat rate base, the following will be part of their responsibilities based upon seniority and training:
1. Operation Snow Flake
2. Driver training
3. Child Awareness Program
4. Kindergarten field trips


A. Personal Business Leaves
A transportation staff member will be allowed three (3) days per school year for personal business which cannot be transacted outside of school hours. The employee taking such leave will give the transportation supervisor ample advance notification whenever possible. A personal day may not be used before/after a vacation /holiday period except under the following conditions:

1. Conditions
a. birth of own child or grandchild
b. immediate family weddings/grandchild
c. high school/college graduation of own child/grandchild
d. house closing
f. court appearance
g. family medical issue/illness
h. religious holidays of your faith
i. own child’s field trip
j. parent/teacher conference
k. at the discretion of the Superintendent (the above is not an all inclusive list)

Consecutive personal days will not be granted before/after a vacation/holiday period.

A sick day before or after a personal day during a vacation/holiday period will fall under 2.B.3.

Unused personal days can be accumulated and added to the employee’s accumulated sick leave for a maximum of three (3) days sick leave at the rate of one (1) day for each unused personal day in the contract year.


Sick Leave
1. A transportation staff member will be allowed up to an additional ten (10) days leave of absence for illness per school year with full pay. A transportation staff member who has a contract for part of the year shall receive sick leave proportionate to the number of months of the contract period. All unused days of sick leave are accumulated without limit from July 1, 1955, or date of employment, whichever comes later. A medical doctor’s certificate may be required after five (5) days of absence. A medical doctor’s note may be required by the Superintendent for any employee using a sick day immediately before or after a holiday.

2. An unpaid leave of absence can be requested by a driver after all sick days have been used up and this request is supported by a medical doctor’s letter. Granting this request will be at discretion of the Board of Education.

3. A transportation staff member will not be allowed to consolidate sick days before/after a holiday/vacation period. Any transportation staff member using a sick day before/after a holiday or school vacation period will be contacted by the district, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to verify the employee is home sick. A medical doctor’s note will be required if the employee cannot be reached.

4. After ten (10) consecutive years of employment in Washington Township Schools, transportation members who have a full-time flat rate contract shall be reimbursed for their unused sick leave as set forth below at a rate of $80 per day. Transportation members with a part-time flat rate contract shall receive a prorated portion of the previously stated daily rates. This payment is reduced by 5% if notification is not received by January 10th of the school year preceding the year in which payment is made. To avoid any penalty, the employee may elect to receive payment in the year following resignation or retirement. This penalty will be waived at the discretion of the Board of Education in case of forced retirement due to health reasons of either the employee or his or her spouse only.

1. Upon resignation or leaving the district in good standing, for days accumulated as of 6/30/89 and not subsequently used, employees shall be reimbursed at 80% of these unused days (no maximum).
2. For retirement in good standing as defined in PERS, or death, employees or their estates will be reimbursed for 90% of their unused sick days up to a maximum of 182 days.
3. In determining the unused sick days in “1” above, sick days are used in the order (1) accumulated after 6/30/89, (2) accumulated up to 6/30/89.

C. Death in Family

A transportation staff member for each year of the contract will be allowed a leave of absence, for the purpose of bereavement, due to death in the immediate family (husband, wife, father, mother, child or other relative living with the family) for a period of three (3) days at full pay. At the discretion of the Supervisor, employees may be granted two (2) additional days. Close relative (brother, sister, in-laws, grandparent, grandchild) not living with the family two (2) days; distant relatives, one (1) day.


D. Maternity Related Disability

Upon request to the Superintendent, transportation staff members shall be granted maternity/paternity/child rearing leave without pay to begin immediately following the birth, date of adoption, or period of disability.

The maximum leave shall be two school years. The two-year period shall include the balance of the school year in which the leave was requested and the following school year. The child rearing/maternity leave shall commence and terminate on the date requested by the employee, subject to approval by the Board of Education.

The maternity/paternity/child rearing leave granted pursuant to this section shall be concurrent with any family leave an employee may be entitled to pursuant to the Federal Family Leave Act and the New Jersey Family Leave Act.

Pursuant to the said Family Leave Acts, employees shall be entitled to receive medical insurance coverage during the term of their leave, for a period not to exceed the month of the end of active (contractual) employment and for the next three (3) months, at no cost to the employee.

A transportation staff member on maternity leave shall have the opportunity to substitute with concurrence of the personal licensed physician of the employee on leave.

A transportation staff member may return to work on the first day of the month provided they have given the transportation supervisor a minimum of thirty (30) days notice to do so. A transportation staff member returning to work for September 1st must notify the transportation supervisor of their intent by the preceding May 1st.


The Board shall provide insurance coverage for all full-time employees and those working over 20 hours per week and their families in accordance with the district health benefits packages and payment schedules.

An absolute seniority order will be mutually established and maintained. In the case of abolishing a position, the last driver hired shall be the first “riffed”.

The Transportation Supervisor will post a seniority list once yearly.

When a new driver must be hired for new runs that present drivers cannot cover, hiring shall be as follows:

1. Drivers who have been let go because of abolishment of their runs
2. Transportation employees with a contract, a bus driver’s license and who substitutes at least once a week
3. Substitute drivers with consideration given to seniority
4. Any application

During each year of the contract, drivers shall attend two (2) evening meetings for a duration of
2 hours each for in-service training.


1. Installation of chains - one (1) hour at the field trip rate
2. The Board approved Disciplinary Policy is as printed in the Student Handbook.
3. Every effort will be made to establish and adhere to a regular late bus schedule.
4. Each driver shall complete a dry run of their assigned routes prior to the start of school.
5. If the approved West Morris calendar has more school days than Washington Township, the additional day will be paid on a time sheet.
6. AVA run will be paid at 1/5 base salary
7. Miscellaneous transportation tasks (i.e. washing buses, painting bumpers) will be paid at the hourly substitute rate.

If, during the course of this contract, it is found that a specific clause of the contract is illegal under Federal or State law, the remainder of the contract not affected by such a ruling shall remain in force.

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