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Springfield B/E-Union
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Springfield Prin Assn
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07/01/2003 thru 06/30/2006

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May 10, 2004


Between The




Effective July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006























WHEREAS, the Board (as hereinafter defined) and its entire staff are dedicated to the important task of providing the best possible education for the children in its district; and

WHEREAS, satisfactory fulfillment of this responsibility requires a climate of mutual trust and dependability on the part of both the Board and its staff to work together cooperatively, within their respective spheres, as the guardians of the public trust reposed in them respectively.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:

THIS AGREEMENT made this 10th day of May Two Thousand and Four.



hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Board”,



hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Association”.


A. Pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the New Jersey Employer-Employee Regulations Act, Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974 (N.J.S. 34:13A-1 et seq.), the Board recognizes the Association, for the purpose of professional negotiations as the exclusive representatives for the following:
    1. All certificated principals under contract with the Board, hereinafter sometimes referred to as principals.
      B. It is further understood that the following certificated personnel are specifically excluded from this recognition:
        1. Superintendent
        2. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
        3. Business Administrator/Board Secretary
        4. Department Chairs, Coordinators, and Teaching Supervisors
        5. Assistant Principals
        6. Members and Associate Members of the Springfield Education Association
          ARTICLE II


          A. DEFINITION
            1. A grievance is a claim by a principal, or the Association, based upon the interpretation, application or alleged violation of this Agreement or Board policies or administrative decision affecting the terms and conditions of employment of a principal.
              2. Non-tenured employees shall not be permitted to grieve their non-reemployment.
                B. PURPOSE
                            The purpose of this procedure is to provide the means by which grievances can be appealed and resolved at the earliest level. Proceedings will be kept as informal and confidential as possible.

                C. PROCEDURE
                  1. A principal shall, within twenty (20) school days of the known occurrence of the claim, present and promptly discuss the claim orally with the Superintendent or his designated representative with the objective of resolving the matter informally. Failure to do so shall be deemed to constitute an abandonment of the claim.
                    2. If a satisfactory settlement is not reached at the informal level, the grievant may present the grievance in writing, within five (5) school days after the discussion in (1) above, to the Superintendent or his designated representative. The written grievance shall set forth:
                    a. The nature of the grievance and remedy requested.
                    b. The nature and extent of injury or loss.
                    c. The basis of dissatisfaction with the prior determination.

                                Failure to follow this procedure shall be deemed to constitute an abandonment of the grievance.
                    3. The Superintendent’s written decision shall be rendered to the grievant within fifteen (15) school days after receipt of the written grievance by the Superintendent or the designated representative.
                      4. If the grievance is not satisfactorily disposed of in the prior step, then the grievance may be referred by the individual or the Association to the Board within ten (10) school days of the completion of the proceedings in the preceding paragraph, or twenty-five (25) school days after the grievance was delivered in writing to the Superintendent, whichever is sooner. The submission to the Board shall be in writing and shall include copies of all relevant documents previously considered in the grievance procedure together with a statement explaining the dissatisfaction with those decisions previously rendered. Failure to follow this procedure shall be deemed an abandonment of the grievance. The Board shall, in writing, within thirty (30) school days, advise the Association and the individual of its determination and shall forward a copy thereof to the Superintendent.
                        5. Copies of all written documents referred to in (1) through (5) above, shall be submitted to the Board President and the Board Attorney upon the date of their submission to the appropriate personnel as provided herein.

                        6. The stipulated times referred to in (1) through (5) above, shall be considered as outer limits to be strictly followed, except where extenuating circumstances occur, in which case the time limits specified may be extended upon the mutual written consent of the parties.

                        7. If the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the decision of the Board, the grievant may request the appointment of a mutually acceptable mediator, such request to be made known to the Superintendent no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the decision of the Board is received. Failure to follow this procedure shall be deemed an abandonment of the grievance. If within thirty (30) calendar days, there has been a failure to agree on a mutually acceptable mediator, the issue of determining a mediator shall be submitted to the American Arbitration Association. The mediator selected shall confer with the representatives of the Board and the aggrieved person and/or his representative in an attempted to resolve the issue. During this time, the mediator shall be free to offer suggestions and opinions concerning ways to resolve the dispute. The procedure and time period shall be established by the mediator, but shall not exceed twenty (20) calendar days. The costs of service of the mediator, including per diem expenses, if any, and actual and necessary travel, subsistence expenses and the cost of the hearing room, shall be borne equally by the Board and the Association. Any other expense shall be paid by the party incurring the same.

                        D. RIGHTS OF PRINCIPAL
                                    Any aggrieved principal may be represented at all stages of the grievance procedure by him/herself, or his/her option, by representative(s) selected or approved by the Association or by legal counsel.

                        E. MISCELLANEOUS
                          1. Group Grievance Procedure -
                                      The procedures for group grievances shall be the same as procedures for individual grievances.
                          2. Separate Grievance File -
                                      All documents, communications and records dealing with the processing of a grievance shall be filed in a separate grievance file and shall not be kept in the personnel file of any of the participants.
                          3. Continuation of Assignments -
                                      Any and all grievants shall, during and notwithstanding the pendency of any grievance, continue to observe all assignments and applicable rules and regulations of the Board until such grievance and any effect thereof shall have been fully determined.
                          ARTICLE III

                          PRINCIPALS’ RIGHTS AND BENEFITS

                          The Board agrees to grant principals their right of inspection of their own personnel records and files as provided by PERC laws and decisions thereunder. The Board, in taking official action, is also granted the right to inspect a principal’s personnel record and files. All of the forgoing is subject to, and as provided in, PERC decisions, laws, and decisions of the Commissioner of Education thereunder.
                          ARTICLE IV

                          PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                          A. PURPOSE
                                The program for special grants is a plan designed to help maintain instructional service at the highest level of quality and efficiency for certificated personnel. It is understood that satisfactory service is a prerequisite.
                          B. ELIGIBILITY
                                Principals may apply for grants during each year of employment. Applicants may apply each year to the Superintendent of Schools for a non-cumulative grant of a maximum of $2,300. The calendar year is defined in the same manner as the school budget year of July 1 through June 30.
                          C. PROCEDURE
                            1. The applicant must submit to the Superintendent a brief outline of the purpose for which the grant is to be expended. If the proposed program is approved by the Superintendent, it is then brought to the attention of the Board for consideration. The applicant will be notified of the Board’s decision as soon as is practical, but, in any case, no later than December 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the summer or fall semesters.

                            2. Application for the summer or fall semesters must be submitted to the Superintendent not later than March 1 of the year preceding the one in which the grant is to be expended. For the spring semester, applications must be submitted not later than October 1.

                            3. Requests for payment of grants shall be submitted on the official form, accompanied by a regular voucher.

                            4. Tuition fees received through Federal grants, etc., may not be duplicated by utilization of this provision. Tuition grants, subject to the above conditions, may be awarded during sabbatical leave.

                            D. MEMBERSHIP DUES
                              1. The Board shall reimburse each principal for all necessary dues relating to his/her membership in the following professional associations:
                              a. New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association
                              b. National Elementary/Secondary Principals Association, ASCD or an alternate as selected by the principal.

                              2. The Board shall reimburse each principal for necessary dues relating to his/her membership in a Springfield service club (i.e. Rotary, Lions, etc.); provided, however that not more than one principal may belong to any one such service club.
                              ARTICLE V

                              SABATTICAL LEAVE

                              A. PURPOSE
                                    The purpose of sabbatical leave is a plan designed to help maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of instructional services to the children of the Springfield Public Schools. This privilege is granted to certificated employees in order that they may extend their professional competence and thus better serve the school district.
                              B. APPLICATION
                                    Preliminary application for sabbatical leave shall be made prior to December 15 of the year previous to the year for which the leave of absence is desired. The purpose, date of this application, and length of service will be factors in determining the number of grants within the budgetary limit for that year. The final application must be submitted by February 15. Due consideration shall be given to the reasonable and equitable distribution of the applications among the different schools. The Board shall give notice of the approval for sabbatical leave, or rejection, together with an explanation thereof, no later than April 1 of the year previous to the year for which the leave is requested.

                              C. CONDITIONS
                                1. Since the policy for sabbatical leave is solely to promote the more efficient conduct of the schools, no application for such leave shall be recommended by the Superintendent or approved by the Board unless, after considered judgment, the professional competence of the principal and the general efficiency of the school system will thereby be benefited.
                                  2. During any sabbatical leave, the principal shall not engage in any employment for remuneration without approval of the Superintendent and shall devote the major portion of his/her time and effort toward the purpose of the sabbatical leave.

                                  3. As a condition of sabbatical leave, the principal shall agree that, if he does not continue in service for two years after the expiration of the leave of the absence, he shall be required to repay the Board a sum of money bearing the same ratio to the amount of salary received while on leave of absence that the unperformed part of the subsequent two years of service bears to the full two years, unless such principal is incapacitated, has been discharged without cause or has been released by the Board from this obligation.

                                  4. If the Superintendent has reason to believe that a principal on sabbatical leave is not fulfilling the purpose for which the leave of absence was granted, he shall report this fact to the Board. The Board may eliminate the leave of absence for non-fulfillment of purpose after giving the principal involved the opportunity of a hearing.
                                    5. If a principal on sabbatical leave shall ascertain that she is pregnant, she shall immediately report this fact to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall, after considering her doctor’s report, recommend to the Board whether or not the leave shall continue, dependent upon the probability of the successful completion of the sabbatical program. Transfer to maternity leave shall be governed by the maternity leave policy.
                                      D. ELIGIBILITY
                                        1. Any principal who has completed seven (7) or more years of satisfactory service in the Springfield Public Schools may, on the recommendation of the Superintendent and the approval of the Board, be granted a leave of absence for one academic year or one-half (1/2) of an academic year, for the purpose of professional improvement through study and research. Such study shall be directly connected with his/her work in the school system. The principal’s application for a sabbatical shall outline in detail the proposed professional study plan for administrative review.
                                          2. Any principal shall be eligible for another sabbatical leave after he has had seven (7) additional school years of service in the Springfield district. This time limit may be waived at the discretion of the Board.

                                          E. SALARY
                                                The recipient shall receive, in lieu of salary, a sum equal to two thirds (2/3) of the salary to which the principal would otherwise be entitled if not on leave, less such regular deductions for government income tax, Pension and Annuity Fund, and other deductions as required by law or customary in the District. Said sum shall be paid in installments in accordance with the general time schedule for payment of salaries to employees in the regular employ of the school system.
                                          F. RETURN

                                          1. A principal on sabbatical leave shall notify the Superintendent, in writing, on or before March 1 of that year, of his/her intention to return to duty. Failure to give such information on the part of the principal on leave will be interpreted as an indication that such principal does not wish to return to employment by the Board. Every principal on sabbatical leave shall present a written report to the Superintendent covering the studies engaged in while on sabbatical leave and the benefits anticipated therefrom. Such report is due prior to August 1 but, in any event, not later than two months after the completion of the sabbatical program. If said report is not timely submitted, the principal shall repay to the Board an amount equaling one-half (1/2) of the salary received during the sabbatical.
                                            2. Upon satisfactory completion of the sabbatical leave, the principal will be returned to service at a salary on the same basis as if he had rendered continued and satisfactory service in the school system during the interim.
                                                ARTICLE VI

                                                ABSENTEE POLICY
                                              A. DEFINITION OF TERMS
                                                    All reference in this Article to days shall mean teaching or working days.

                                                    A day’s salary for principals shall be defined at 1/220 of the annual salary for 11 month personnel and, in no instance where a deduction is made from a salary, shall the deduction be greater than the regular wage of the individual for the day involved.

                                                    The provisions of each section of this Article operate independently of all other sections.
                                              B. PERSONAL ILLNESS
                                                    Sick leave with full pay during any school year shall be granted principals of the Board as follows:
                                              1. The sick days allowance for non-tenured principals shall be the same as that for tenured principals: 20 days.
                                                2. Each year, any unused portion of the first fifteen (15) days leave shall be cumulative without limit.

                                                3. Absences on sick leave shall be charged, first, to the annual allowance of any principal until it is fully utilized and, thereafter, to the accumulated credit.

                                                4. For principals who are suffering from an extended illness and are under the continuous care and treatment of an attending physician, sick leave in excess of that provided under (1) and (2) may be allowed, subject to Board approval. Up to twenty (20) days time may be allowed for each complete year of service by the principal on sick leave and limited to ten (10) months in any current ten (10) year period. A deduction, equivalent to the substitute principal salary rate, shall be made from such payments.
                                                  5. Absence for illness in excess of five (5) consecutive days must be certified by the attending physician. In the case of frequent or intermittent illness the Board or Superintendent will require the principal to submit a certificate of illness from the attending physician or submit to an examination or examinations by the school physician, or both.

                                                  6. Upon written request from a principal a written accounting of that principal’s accumulated sick leave will be provided.
                                                    C. ILLNESS IN THE FAMILY
                                                          For absence due to a serious illness of anyone, not in the employ of the employee, living in the employee’s immediate household or a mother, father, child, or grandchild, full pay for not more than five (5) days in each school year shall be paid the employee. For absence due to serious illness of a child or grandchild who is not living in the household of an employee, full pay for not more than three (3) days in each school year shall be paid the employee. Days needed for this purpose will be deducted from the accumulated sick leave allowance which is in excess of that which is stipulated as mandatory by New Jersey State Law. Such absence shall be approved by the Superintendent. If there is no such accumulation of sick leave, such pay shall be subject to the deduction of salary paid a substitute principal.
                                                    D. DEATH
                                                      1. Absences because of death in the principal’s immediate household or the principal’s spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, including father-in-law and mother-in-law, shall be allowed with full pay for a period not exceeding five (5) days in each such case.
                                                        2. Absences due to death of any other family member will be permitted with full pay for the day of the funeral.

                                                        E. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS
                                                          1. Leave of absence with pay may be granted for school business, if application is made in writing five (5) school days in advance and approved by the Superintendent.
                                                            F. PERSONAL BUSINESS
                                                                  A principal will be granted, if needed, two (2) personal business days per year, which shall be with full pay, to accomplish legitimate business requirements that cannot be attended to on other than the normal work day. The Superintendent shall be notified three (3) days in advance, in writing, of the reason stated, unless an unforeseen emergency arises, in which case the three (3) day advance requirement may be relaxed at the discretion of the Superintendent. A personal business day shall not be granted for a day preceding or the day following holidays or vacations and the first and last day of the school year, except by special approval from the Superintendent.

                                                                  Unused personal days will be accumulated as additional sick leave days; however, in no event shall more than fifteen (15) days be accumulated in any school year.

                                                            G. MATERNITY LEAVE
                                                              1. NOTIFICATION

                                                                        A principal shall notify the Superintendent of her intent to take a maternity leave of absence, no later than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the date on which she intends to leave. Such notification will be accompanied by a written statement from her doctor. The leave of absence shall begin on the date stipulated by the principal, subject to her continued ability to perform all professional responsibilities, as determined by her doctor.
                                                              2. At the time a principal applies for said leave, she shall also submit the date on which she expects to return to employment. The leave for a tenured principal may extend up to one (1) year following the birth of the child, plus as much time as may be required for her to return on the next succeeding September 1. For a non-tenured principal, the leave may not extend beyond the end of her contract period. The Board will grant such a leave of absence without pay, except as provided in (3) below. The principal may return to her position prior to the expected date of return upon sixty (60) calendar days advance written notice to the Superintendent.
                                                                3. PERIOD OF DISABILITY
                                                                          Under normal conditions, pregnancy shall be deemed to be a temporary disability during the four (4) weeks immediately preceding the expected birth of the child and the four (4) weeks following the termination of the pregnancy. For this period the principal may elect to use her accumulated sick leave up to a maximum of eight (8) weeks.
                                                                H. CHILD ADOPTION
                                                                      Any principal adopting a child shall be eligible to receive leave similar to maternity leave. Any principal planning adoption should notify the Superintendent upon submitting legal application for adoption. Said leave shall commence upon his/her receiving de facto custody of said child or earlier, if necessary to fulfill the requirements for adoption.
                                                                I. JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS
                                                                      Absences from school, by reason of a subpoena by any court, shall be allowed with full pay, providing a copy of the subpoena is shown to the Superintendent. If a principal is a party to a suit and is required to appear in court, absence from school shall be with pay for a maximum of five (5) days.
                                                                J. QUARANTINE IN CONTAGIOUS DISEASES
                                                                  1. When such quarantine is not because of personal illness, the principal shall be allowed full pay, providing the certificate is filed with the Superintendent.
                                                                    2. When the quarantine is because of personal illness, Section (B) of this Article shall control.
                                                                      K. OPTIONAL LEAVE
                                                                            On the recommendation of the Superintendent, absence in excess of that referred to in (E) through (J) above may be reviewed by the Board for special consideration, but there shall be no deviation from these rules except by vote of the Board.
                                                                      ARTICLE VII


                                                                      A. HEALTH

                                                                            The Board shall provide health care coverage for each principal and in cases where appropriate for family plan insurance coverage.
                                                                      B. DENTAL
                                                                            The Board shall provide dental care coverage for each principal and in cases where appropriate for family plan insurance coverage.
                                                                      C. PRESCRIPTION
                                                                            The Board shall provide each principal with prescription coverage for the employee only.
                                                                      D. DISABILITY AND/OR LIFE INSURANCE PLAN
                                                                            The Board shall reimburse payments to a maximum of $2,300 for life insurance and/or disability insurance, or a combination of plans, for each employee for the duration of this contract. It is agreed that an employee may alter his/her life or disability coverage at any time and/or convert this insurance benefit to salary.

                                                                      E. INTENT OF PARTIES
                                                                            It is clearly understood by all parties hereto that it is intended to offer all members of the Association the same health, dental, and prescription coverage as provided for the members of the Springfield Education Association, in such form and with such changes as may from time to time occur.
                                                                      ARTICLE VIII

                                                                      TAX-SHELTERED ANNUITIES AND INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS

                                                                      The Board agrees to provide the bookkeeping necessary to make a tax-sheltered annuity program (as described in Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code), and payroll deduction for savings bonds available in the district.

                                                                      The Board shall remit one monthly check, covering all participants in the plan, to the agency designated in writing by the Association.

                                                                      The Board’s responsibilities in this matter are to honor the request of the individual employees to participate in the plan and remit the money as outlined below, and to also record the payment as salary for purposes of TPAF.

                                                                      A. $7,500 contribution on behalf of the employee to a tax sheltered annuity designated by the employee by August 1 of each year.
                                                                        B. An amount designated by the employee to be deducted from the employee’s compensation each month and not to exceed the amount permitted by statute.
                                                                          ARTICLE IX

                                                                          BOARD’S RIGHTS

                                                                          A. The Board, on its own behalf and on behalf of the citizens of Springfield, Union County, New Jersey, hereby retains and reserves unto itself, without limitation, all power, rights, authorities, duties, and responsibilities conferred upon and vested in it prior to the signing of this Agreement by the Laws and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey and of the United Stares.
                                                                            B. The exercise of the forgoing rights, powers, authority, duties, and responsibilities of the Board, the adoption of policy, rules, regulations, and practices and furtherance thereof and the use of judgment and discretion in connection therewith shall be limited only by the specific and express terms hereof and in conformance with the Constitution and Laws of New Jersey and of the United States and the decisions of the Commissioner of Education.
                                                                            ARTICLE X

                                                                            PRINCIPALS’ WORK YEAR

                                                                            The principals shall be considered to be employed on an eleven (11) month per year basis. Said eleven (11) months shall include twenty (20) days during the summer vacation – the ten (10) days following June 30 and the close of school in the summer and the ten (10) days preceding September 1 and the opening of school in the fall unless otherwise arranged and approved by the Superintendent.

                                                                            The principals shall be entitled to the school holidays and vacation periods as follows: religious and legal holidays and vacation periods (Christmas-New Year’s, Winter and Spring Recesses) as declared in the school calendar, all other days shall be deemed work days.

                                                                            ARTICLE XI

                                                                            REASSIGNMENT OF PRINCIPALS

                                                                            A. Administrative vacancies shall be advertised in all school offices for at least a period of ten (10) calendar days in order to permit application for transfer, reassignment or promotion of present principals. During vacation periods, such notices shall be mailed to the principals’ homes.

                                                                            B. Should a vacancy occur, a principal may request such transfer based on good cause and providing he or she qualifies in regard to certification. Such a request shall be made to the Superintendent, but the Board shall have complete discretion in filling said vacancy.

                                                                            C. A written notice of reassignment for any principal covered by this Agreement will be provided no less than thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the reassignment.
                                                                            ARTICLE XII

                                                                            PHYSICAL EXAMINATION

                                                                            The Board shall provide, at no cost to the employee, one (1) complete physical examination for each twelve (12) month period of this Agreement and employee will submit himself/herself to such physical examination, the results of which shall be made available to both employer and employee. This examination will be conducted by medical personnel of employee’s choice and the Board will reimburse employee for said physical for the amount of the bill in excess of the medical insurance reimbursement. Said reimbursement will not exceed $490 and proof of submission to the insurance carrier must be provided. In the event this medical examination is conducted by medical personnel of employer’s choosing, said medical fees will be paid by the district.
                                                                            ARTICLE XIII

                                                                            CHILDREN OF STAFF

                                                                            Children of principals who live out of district may attend the Springfield Public Schools at the tuition rate set by the Board annually provided that the children receive only in-district services in a placement within the district public schools, at the Superintendent’s discretion.
                                                                            ARTICLE XIV

                                                                            REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES FOR MEALS AND TRAVEL

                                                                            Additionally, the Board shall reimburse employee for meals and travel relating to employee’s official and professional functions and duties. Employee’s expenses herein shall be limited to $800/year.
                                                                            ARTICLE XV

                                                                            SALARIES AND OTHER COMPENSATION

                                                                            A. SALARY GUIDES
                                                                                  The salary guides for all principals are set forth in Schedule A which is attached hereto and made a part hereof.
                                                                            B. UNUSED SICK DAYS
                                                                              1. A principal who retires pursuant to N.J.T.P.A.F. shall be paid for accumulated unused sick days, at the rate of $95.00 a day to a maximum of $9,200.
                                                                                2. If an employee dies prior to retirement, his/her estate shall receive the above payment.

                                                                                3. A principal who notifies the Board in writing by January 1, 2005 of his/her intention to retire by June 30, 2005 shall be paid a per diem rate for accumulated unused sick days based upon his/her current salary up to a maximum payment equal to 13% of his/her annual salary. Said payment shall be paid in three equal installments on September 1, beginning September 1, 2005.

                                                                                4. For purposes of calculating the per diem rate of (3) above, a principal’s salary shall be divided by 220.

                                                                                C. DOCTORATE
                                                                                      An additional $2,500 will be paid for earned doctorate.
                                                                                D. DIRECT DEPOSIT

                                                                                      The Board, wherever possible and without additional cost to the Board, may provide each principal the option of “direct deposit” of bimonthly payroll checks in the banking institution of their choice.
                                                                                SCHEDULE A
                                                                                    SALARY SCHDULE – 2003 – 2004

                                                                                Elementary Middle School High School
                                                                                Step 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months

                                                                                0 86,902 91,052 98,262

                                                                                1 86,736 91,936 99,216

                                                                                2 89,440 94,640 101,920

                                                                                3 92,144 97,344 104,624

                                                                                4 94,848 100,048 107,328

                                                                                5 97,552 102,752 110,032

                                                                                6 100,256 105,456 112,736

                                                                                7 102,960 108,160 115,440

                                                                                D 105,664 110,864 118,144

                                                                                C 116,962 122,715 130,774

                                                                                B 117,840 123,826 132,083

                                                                                A 123,114 128,779 137,366

                                                                                    SALARY SCHEDULE – 2004 – 2005

                                                                                Elementary Middle School High School
                                                                                Step 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months

                                                                                0 88,479 93,784 101,210

                                                                                1 89,596 94,967 102,487

                                                                                2 90,466 95,889 103,482

                                                                                3 93,286 98,710 106,303

                                                                                4 96,106 101,530 109,123

                                                                                5 98,926 104,350 111,943

                                                                                6 101,747 107,170 114,763

                                                                                7 104,567 109,991 117,584

                                                                                D 110,208 115,631 123,224

                                                                                C 121,991 127,992 136,397

                                                                                B 122,907 129,150 137,763

                                                                                A 128,408 134,316 143,273

                                                                                        SALARY SCHEDULE – 2005 -2006

                                                                                Elementary Middle School High School
                                                                                Step 11 Months 11 Months 11 Months

                                                                                0 91,133 96,597 104,246

                                                                                1 92,461 98,004 105,764

                                                                                2 93,628 99,241 107,099

                                                                                3 94,537 100,204 108,139

                                                                                4 97,484 103,151 111,086

                                                                                5 100,431 106,099 114,033

                                                                                6 103,378 109,046 116,981

                                                                                7 106,325 111,993 119,928

                                                                                D 115,167 120,835 128,769

                                                                                C 127,480 133,752 142,535

                                                                                B 128,438 134,962 143,962

                                                                                A 134,186 140,360 149,720


                                                                                5 years - $1,040 10 years - $2,080
                                                                                    Any principal covered by this Agreement who has reached steps 7, D, C, B or A of the salary guide, and has served as principal for the required number of years in the Pre-K through Grade 12 organization, will be eligible for longevity pay.

                                                                                ARTICLE XVI

                                                                                SUCCESSOR AGREEMENT

                                                                                A. MEETINGS
                                                                                      The Board and Association agree to commence collective negotiations in accordance with Public Employment Relations Commission rules and regulations. Both parties agree to meet at reasonable times and to negotiate in good faith.
                                                                                B. REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                      The Board and the Association agree that their respective representatives shall be given full authority to negotiate, but any agreement reached shall be subject to ratification by the respective bodies.
                                                                                C. MODIFICATION
                                                                                      This Agreement shall not be modified in whole or in part by the parties except an instrument in writing duly executed by both parties.

                                                                                ARTICLE XVII


                                                                                This Agreement shall be effective July 1, 2003 and shall continue in effect until June 30, 2006 when it shall expire unless an extension is agreed to by both parties and expressed in writing prior to that date. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the terms of this Agreement shall be subject to renegotiation for the school year 2006-2007.

                                                                                  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto caused these presents to be signed by their proper corporate officers the day and year first above-mentioned.

                                                                                  ATTEST: BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE TOWNSHIP OF SPRINGFIELD,
                                                                                                      COUNTY OF UNION

                                                                                  Board Secretary Board President

                                                                                  Date: Date:

                                                                                  ATTEST: SPRINGFIELD PRINCIPALS ASSOCIATION

                                                                                  SPA Secretary SPA President

                                                                                  Date: Date:

                                                                                  Springfield BE and Springfield Prin Assn Union Cty 2003.pdf