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07/01/2004 thru 06/30/2007

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        JULY 1, 2004 - JUNE 30, 2007


        This agreement is entered into in its entirety, by and between the New Milford Board of Education of New Milford, New Jersey, hereinafter called the "Board" and the New Milford Administrators Association, hereinafter called the "Association" pursuant to Chapter 123 Public Laws of 1974, which provides for negotiations between the Board and the Association with respect to the terms and conditions of employment.


        ARTICLE Page
        VI SICK LEAVE 11
        XII DURATION 20

        The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive and sole representative for collective negotiations concerning the terms and conditions of employment for all administrative personnel listed below:
        High School Principal
        Middle School Principal
        Elementary School Principals
        High School Vice Principal
        Middle School Vice Principal
        Athletic Director
        Director of Special Services

        A. The Board and the Association agree to enter into professional negotiations no later than February 1 of the year preceding expiration of the current agreement for the purpose of concluding an agreement in accordance with Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, on all matters concerning the terms and conditions of employment. Any agreement so negotiated shall apply to all employees listed in ARTICLE I, be reduced to writing, and signed by the Board and the Association.
        B. Neither party in any negotiations shall have any control over the selection of the negotiating representative of the other party.
        C. This agreement shall not be modified in whole or in part by the parties except by an instrument in writing duly executed by both parties.
        D. In the event that the contract under negotiations is not agreed to by the start of the new contract year, the existing contract will continue in effect. Upon reaching an agreement for a new contract, terms and conditions will be retroactive to the start of the new contract year.

        A grievance shall mean that Administrators or a representative of Administrators may appeal the interpretation, application, or violation of policies, agreements, and administrative decisions affecting them. A grievance to be considered under this procedure must be initiated in writing, within forty-five (45) school days from the time when employees knew or should have known of its occurrence.
        B. PROCEDURE
        1. Level One
        The Administrator with a grievance shall first discuss it with his/her immediate superior, with the objective of solving the matter informally.
        2. Level Two
        If, within seven (7) school days thereafter, a problem remains unresolved, the grievant shall set forth his/her grievance in writing to his/her immediate superior stating:
        a. The date of the occurrence that caused the grievance
        b. The nature of the grievance and specific request for resolution
        c. The nature of the loss, injury, or inconvenience
        The superior shall communicate his decision to the grievant in writing within five (5) school days of the receipt of the written complaint.

        3. Level Three
        The grievant may appeal the immediate superior's decision to the Superintendent of Schools or the Board of Education, whichever level applies. The appeal must be made in writing and must set forth the grounds upon which the grievance is based. It should also contain copies of all material relating to the previous actions taken on it. The Superintendent or the Board, whichever level is applicable, shall attempt to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, but within a period not to exceed ten (10) school days.
        4. Level Four
        If Level Three was on the Superintendent's level, the grievant may request a review by the Board. The request shall be submitted in writing through the Superintendent of Schools who shall attach all related papers and forward the request to the Board.
        The Board, or a committee thereof, shall review the grievance, hold a hearing with the grievant, and present a decision in writing to the grievant, with copies to the Association within fifteen (15) school days.

        C. Failure at any step of this procedure to communicate the decision of the grievance within the specified time limits shall permit the grievant to proceed to the next step. Failure at any step, within the same time limit prescribed for a decision shall be deemed to be acceptance of the decision rendered at that step.

        D. In the case of a grievance affecting a group or class of employees, the person or persons involved may submit such grievance to the Superintendent of Schools and follow the procedures starting with Level One.
        E. All documents, communications, and records dealing with the processing of a grievance shall be filed in a separate grievance file, located in the Board of Education Office and shall not be kept in the personal file of any of the participants. Such files shall only be accessible to the Superintendent and the grievant.
        F. All meetings and hearings under this procedure shall be held in private, unless the grievant specifically requests a public hearing.

        A. All Administrators will receive salary increases as follows:
        2004-2005 3.5% base
        2005-2006 3.5% base
        2006-2007 3.5% base
        B. LONGEVITY
        1. Longevity shall be defined as actual years of service in New Milford.
        2. Longevity payments are in addition to regular salary.
        3. Longevity is eliminated for all Administrators hired after January 15, 1997.
        4. Longevity provisions will apply to newly appointed Administrators who were employed in another capacity within the District prior to January 15, 1997.
        5. All Administrators hired after February 28, 1986, but before January 15, 1997, will advance to the next level for longevity. After this move, longevity will be frozen at this level.
        6. Longevity payments will be in accordance with the following schedule:
        In the 20th year through and including the 24th year, add $1,540.
        In the 25th year through and including the 29th year, add $3,200.
        In the 30th year and every year thereafter, add 6%.

        A. The Board shall pay full premium for the Administrator's individual and/or family coverage.
        B. The Board shall provide health care insurance protection designated below, paying the full premium for each administrator’s health coverage and appropriate coverage for dependents. Provisions of the existing Health Benefits Program shall be detailed in the master policies and contracts agreed upon by the Board and the Association, and shall include:
        1. Hospital room and board and miscellaneous costs
        2. Out-patient benefits
        3. Laboratory fees, diagnostic expenses and therapy treatments
        4. Maternity costs
        5. Surgical costs
        6. Major Medical coverage
        7. Prescription coverage
        Coverage will include Dental and Vision Care
        C. The Board reserves the right to change insurance carriers, provided benefits are not diminished.
        D. Each Administrator shall be entitled to obtain a complete annual physical examination. The cost, not to exceed three hundred fifty ($350) dollars, is to be borne by the Board. Said examination is to be performed by a physician of the Administrator's choice. The results of the physical shall be discussed by the Administrator with the Superintendent upon request.

        A. All Administrators employed shall be entitled to ten and one-half (10) sick days each school year if employed on a ten and one-half (10) month contract and twelve (12) sick days each year if employed on a twelve (12) month contract. When an Administrator works less than a full contractual year (10 or 12 months), the number of sick days will be prorated accordingly.
        B. Sick leave accumulated prior to formulation of this contract shall remain in full force.
        C. Unused sick leave shall be accumulated from year to year with no maximum limit.
        D. Noncumulative additional sick leave benefit may be allowed to Administrators upon approval by the Board in each individual case.

        A. As of the beginning of the school year, Administrators shall be entitled to the following temporary leave of absence:
        1. Death in the Immediate Family
        a. Leave of absence without loss of pay following death in the family* shall be granted for six (6) consecutive calendar days, one of which is the day of death or the day of burial inclusive; or five (5) consecutive calendar days, one (1) of which is the day of death or the day of burial inclusive, and one (1) day which may be used at a later date for legal matters related to the death of the individual.
        * wife husband son daughter mother father sister brother
        mother-in-law father-in-law daughter-in-law son-in-law

        b. Leave without loss of pay following death of other family members* shall be granted for four (4) consecutive calendar days, one of which is the day of death or the day of burial inclusive; or three (3) consecutive calendar days, one (1) of which is the day of death or the day of burial inclusive, and one (1) day which may be used at a later date for legal matters related to the death of the individual.
        * sister-in-law brother-in-law grandparents close friend

        c. If it is found necessary to exceed the time allotted above, the Superintendent may grant additional time, not to exceed two (2) days at full pay.

        2. Death of Other Relative
        In case of the death of any relative not listed in Part 1 above, Administrators shall be granted a one (1) working day leave of absence, without loss of pay, to attend the funeral.
        3. Legal Process
        Time necessary for appearance in any legal proceeding connected with the Administrator's employment or in any other legal proceeding that the Administrator is required by law to attend shall be granted without loss of pay. This section shall not apply in connection with any litigation initiated by the employee against the district and/or any of its employees or agents, or litigation involving a job action, work stoppage or strike against the Board.

        4. Other Leaves
        During the term of this contract, leave up to three (3) days with pay for personal emergencies (illness in immediate family, religious holidays, and other personal business) may be granted by the Superintendent. Unused personal days can either be carried over for one (1) year or converted to sick days that will accumulate from year to year. No more than six (6) personal days can be used in a school year.
        5. A leave may be granted up to twenty-one (21) calendar days necessary for persons called into involuntary temporary active duty of any unit of the U.S. Reserves or the State National Guard, provided such obligations cannot be fulfilled on days when school is not in session. An Administrator shall be paid his/her regular pay in addition to any pay which he/she received from the federal or state government.
        6. Time and travel may be granted for the purposes of visiting other schools or attending meetings or conferences of an educational nature and where such attendance shall be pertinent to areas of study.
        Time and travel shall be granted for four (4) representatives of the Association to attend conferences and conventions of nationally affiliated organizations each year at a cost not to exceed two thousand ($2,000) dollars per Administrator. Time and travel shall be granted for two (2) representatives of the Association to attend conferences of state affiliated organizations each year. The time mentioned in this paragraph (6) shall be deemed professional and shall be subject to approval by the Superintendent.

        7. Leave of absence not covered by any of the preceding paragraphs, but which are sanctioned by the Superintendent, shall be granted with the stipulation that an Administrator working 10 or 10 months shall forfeit 1/200 of his/her salary. An Administrator working 12 months shall forfeit 1/240 of his/her salary.
        B. Leave taken pursuant to Section A shall be allowed with the following stipulations:
        1. It shall be in addition to any sick leave to which the Administrator is entitled.
        2. Except in case of emergency, all requests for leave shall be in writing stating the reason for the request. After approval by the Superintendent, the request shall be filed in his office. In emergency cases, the leave form will be completed the day an individual returns to work.
        3. Leave under Article VII shall not be cumulative.

        The Board of Education will deal with sabbatical leaves for Administrators on an individual basis as the need arises and to fit particular needs. Applications shall be made in writing to the Superintendent no later than January 15th, for the subsequent year. Each applicant shall be notified in writing by the Superintendent no later than April 1st of the decision concerning his/her application. The sabbatical leave shall commence on the first date of the contract year and shall terminate on the last day of the contract year. An Administrator shall enjoy all rights and privileges during his/her sabbatical as if he/she were in full employ as an Administrator.

        A. Qualifications
        1. The Administrator must have been:
        a. Actively employed in the teaching profession in a fully certified capacity at least fifteen (15) years prior to the effective date of retirement.

        b. Actively employed in a full-time, fully certified capacity in the New Milford Public School system at least ten (10) of the fifteen (15) years immediately prior to the effective date of retirement.

        2. The Administrator must notify the Superintendent of Schools, in writing, of his/her intention to retire. This notification must be received by the Superintendent at least three (3) months prior to the effective date of retirement.
        3. In the event of death of an Administrator who has otherwise fulfilled the requirements of this Article, the benefit noted in Section B, shall be paid to the Administrator's designated beneficiary or estate.
        B. Calculation of Benefit
        The amount of the sick leave benefit shall be determined by the accumulated sick leave balance at the effective date of retirement or death, accumulated since the beginning date of employment. The accumulated sick leave balance shall be multiplied by seventy-five ($75) dollars per day. The total sick leave benefit shall not exceed twenty-two thousand five hundred ($22,500) dollars.
        C. Payment of Benefit
        The accumulated sick leave benefit is to be paid in one lump sum in the school year following retirement or death.

        A. The Board will pay the cost of membership for each Administrator in the County, State, and National Principals' Association as well as dues for the ASCD. The Board will not pay for membership in BCEA, NJEA, and NEA.
        B. All days that school is closed as per the student calendar, adopted by the Board of Education, shall be extended to members of this Association. The Superintendent may require principals and vice principals to work on recess days established by the student calendar.
        C. During the term of this contract, mileage allowance for attending in-district school meetings and other in-district functions deemed appropriate by the Superintendent will be seven hundred ($700) dollars per year. The decision on the appropriateness will rest solely with the Superintendent.
        D. Privileges, such as dues deduction, annuity deductions and the summer savings plan previously granted to Administrators will continue in effect the same as prior to this agreement.
        E. With respect to matters not covered by this agreement between the Board of Education and the Association, the Board of Education agrees that it will make no changes in terms and conditions of employment without prior consultation with the Administrators Association. The decision of the Board will be final in any event and not be subject to the grievance procedure as previously stated.
        F. All twelve (12) month Administrators earn vacation time at the rate of two (2) days per month up to a maximum of twenty-two (22) days in a fiscal year.

        Vacation is to be taken in the fiscal year following the fiscal year it is earned - as the needs of the school permits. Unused vacation days will be reimbursed by the Board annually at the salary received during the fiscal year the days were unused. No more than five (5) unused vacation days will be reimbursed by the Board.
        Vacation days should not accumulate from year to year. The Superintendent may permit an accumulation of no more than five (5) days in a year. A request to accumulate days beyond five (5) is subject to Board approval.
        G A stipend of thirty-five hundred ($3,500) dollars will be given to an Administrator who either possesses or obtains a doctorate degree during the course of this contract. If doctorate is obtained during the contract year, the stipend shall commence from the beginning of July or the beginning of January.
        H. A fund of three thousand five hundred ($3,500) dollars per school year shall be established annually for providing administrative personnel with the opportunity to participate in graduate educational programs which are approved by the Superintendent prior to starting the course. Unused funds shall revert back to the Board. A maximum of three thousand five hundred ($3,500) dollars will be divided by the total number of approved courses taken by the members of the administrative personnel and shall be reimbursed at the end of the school year.
        I. Each administrator is required to submit 2 public relations press releases for events in their building/department according to a set schedule created by the Superintendent.

        If any provision of this agreement or any application of this agreement to any Administrator is held invalid by operation of law or by a court or competent jurisdiction, such provisions shall be inoperative, but all other provisions shall not be affected thereby and shall continue in full force and effect.

        A. Except where noted, the provisions of the agreement shall be effective as of July 1, 2004 and shall remain in full force and effect through June 30, 2007 subject to the right of the Board and the Association to negotiate for a modification of the agreement.
        C. Attested to on this Fourteenth day of June, 2004.


        By: By:__________________________ A. John Moncrief James McCarten
        Representative President

        By: By:__________________________ Lawrence Mash James McCarten
        Representative Negotiations Chairperson

        By: By:__________________________
        Audrey Levi Stacy Garvey
        Representative Secretary

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