Contract Between
Monmouth Cty Sheriff's Office-Monmouth
- and -
FOP Lodge 121 (Superiors)
* * *
01/01/2006 thru 12/31/2009

UnitSheriff's Superior Officers

Contract Text Below
January 1 2006 through December 31 2009
00263179 DOC
Table of Contents
Preamble 1
Article 1
RecognltIon 2
Article 2
Union Security 3
Article 3
Association Time 6
Article 4
Article 5
Strikes and
Article 6
Article 7
Salary 12
Article 8
Uniform Allowance 13
Article 9
College Incentive 14
Article 10
Hours of Work 15
Article 11
Overtime Call-In and Court Time
19 Article
21 Article
Leave22 00263
Article 15
Holidays 23
Article 16
Death in Family 24
Article 17
Training 25
Article 18
No Waiver 26
Article 19
FMLA Policy 27
Article 20
Discipline 28
Article 21
Non-Discrimination29 Article
Activities30 Article
and ExtentofAgreement31 Appendix
Guide 32 OJ263179
DOC 11
THIS AGREEMENT by an between the Monmouth County Sheriff hereinafter
referred to as the Employer the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders hereinafter
referred to as the Employer-Funding Agent and the Monmouth County Superior Sheriffs Officers
FOP Lodge No 121 hereinafter referred toas the Association is designed tomaintain
and promoteaharmonious relationship between the Sheriff the County and those Employees
who are within the Bargaining Unit in order that more efficient and progressive public
service mayberendered 00263I
Section 1 The Sheriff of Monmouth County hereby recognizes the Association
as the exclusive majority representative within the meaning of the New Jersey Employer-
Employee Relations Act N J S A 34 13A-1 et seq for collective negotiations concerning salaries
hours ofworkand other terms and conditionsofemploymentforall Employeesinthe classification
ofSheriffs Officer Sergeant orSheriffs Officer Lieutenant and excluding all other
titles 00263179
Section 1 Visitation The President ofthe FOP or designee shall have the right
to visit County facilities in order to represent or service Employees covered by this Agreement
These visitation rights shall not interfere with work operations or security measures
Section 2 Dues Upon receipt of a lawfully executed written authorization from
an Employee which may be revoked in accordance with law the Employer-Funding Agent agrees
todeduct the regular monthly Association duesof such Employee from pay and remit such
deductionbythe fifteenth lsthday of the succeeding monthtothe officials designatedbythe
Employeeinwritingtoreceive suchdeductionsThe Association willnotify the Employer- Funding
Agentinwritingofthe exact amountofmembershipduesdeductions Section
3The Association agrees toindemnify and hold the Employer-Funding Agent harmless
against anyand all claims suits orders or judgment broughtorissued against the Employer-Funding
Agent withregard tothe dues checkoff Section4Agency
Shop If an Employee covered by this Agreement does not becomeamember
ofthe Association during any membership yeariefrom January 1 tothe folowing December 31
thatiscovered in whole or in part by this Agreement said Employee will be required
to payarepresentation fee totheAssociation for that membership year The purpose of this
fee will be to offset the Employeesper capita cost of services rendered by the Association as majority
representative Section5Notification
Prior to the beginning of each membership year the Association will notify
the Employer-Funding Agent in writingofthe amount of the regular membership dues initiation fees
andassessments charged by the Associationtoits own members 00263179 DOCj
for that membership year The representation fee to be paid by non-members will be equal to eighty-five
85 percent of that amountInorder
to adequately offset the per capita cost of services rendered by the Association as
majority representative therepresentation fee should be equal in amount to theregular membership
dues initiation fees andassessments chargedbytheAssociation toits own members and
the representation feehasbeen setateighty-five 85 percent of that amount Section6Deduction
ofFee Once during each membership year coveredinwhole or in
part by this Agreement the Association will submittothe Employer-Funding Agent alistofthose
Employees who havenot become members ofthe Associationforthe then currentmembership year The Employer-Funding
Agent will deduct from the salaries of such Employees in accordance with the
following the full amount of the representation fee and promptly will transmit the amount
sodeductedtothe Association The Employer-Funding Agent will deduct
the representation fee in equal installments as nearly as possible from
the paychecks paid to each Employee ontheaforesaid list during theremainder of the
membership year in question and until such time asanew Agreement isexecuted The deductions will
beginwith the first paycheck paidaTen 10days after receipt
of the aforesaid list by the Employer-Funding AgentorbThirty 30days after the permanent
Employee begins employment inaBargaining Unit Position unless theEmployee previously served
inaBargaining Unit Position and continued in the employ of the Employer-Funding
Agentina Non-Bargaining Unit Positionorwas on layoff in which eventthe deductions will
begin with the first paycheck paid ten10days after the resumption oftheemployment ina Bargaining
Unit Position whichever is lateror00263179 DOC4
c Three 3 months after a provisionary Employee begins employment in a Bargaining
Unit Position unless the Employee previously served in a Bargaining Unit Position and
continued in the employ ofthe Employer-Funding Agentina Non-Bargaining Unit Position or was on
layoff inwhich event the deductions will beginwith the first paycheck paid ten10 days after the
resumption oftheemployment inaBargaining Unit Position whicheverislaterSection7
Termination of Employment IfanEmployee whoisrequired topayarepresentation fee
terminates hisheremployment withtheEmployer-Funding Agent before the Association has received
thefull amount of the representation fee towhich it is entitled in this Article the Employer-Funding
Agent will deduct the unpaid portion ofthe fee from the last paycheck paid to said
Employee during the membership yearinquestion Section8Changes The
Association will notify the Employer-Funding Agentinwritingofany changes in
the list provided for in Paragraph 1 above andlor the amount of representation fee and such changes
willbe reflected in any deductions made more than ten10days after the Employer-Funding Agent
received said notice Section9Demand and return The
Association agrees toestablish and maintainademand and return system whereby
Employees who are required topaytherepresentation feeinlieu ofduesmay
demand the return of the pro ratashare ifany subject to refund in accordance with the provisionsofNJS
A3413A-5 4as amended 00263179 DOC5
Section 1 The FOP shall be allocated forty 40 days of paid leave per year for
attendance at FOP meetings seminars conventions and New Jersey Law Enforcement Funerals
Leave pursuant to this provision shall be granted upon written authorization submitted by the
FOP President to the Employer indicating name or names of the individuals and the date on
which their absence will be required
Section 2 In order to facilitate the scheduling of manpower advance notice of
the use ofFOP leave time shall be provided and in case of scheduled meetings such advance
notice shall be given at least five 5 days prior to the scheduled date of leave
00263179 DOC 6
Section 1 It is recognized that the Employer has and hereby retains and reserves
to itself the rights and responsibilities to direct the affairs ofthe Office of the Monmouth County
Sheriff and the Monmouth County Sheriffs Law Enforcement Division with all powers
authority and duties conferred and vested by the Laws and Constitution of the State of New
Jersey including without limiting the generality of the foregoing the following rights
a To the management organization and administrative control of the Office of the
Monmouth County Sheriff and the Monmouth County Sheriff s Law Enforcement Division
b To determine the standards of services offered and to direct the activities of
c To maintain the efficiency of operations and to implement such improvements in
efficiency as deemed necessary including management and direction of overtime practices and
post assignments
d To determine the content of work assignments and the methods means and personnel
by which operations are to be conducted including work and shift schedules and overtime
assignments and
e To contract for or subcontract services
Section 2 This contract shall not be interpreted to in any way supersede the
statutory or constitutional duties or obligations of the Office ofthe Sheriff of Monmouth County
nor shall it be construed to deny or restrict the Employer-Funding Agent the County of Monmouth
bythe Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholdersoftheir powers rights 0
J72693I DOC7
duties or responsibilities under the Laws or Constitution of the State of New Jersey or as
previously exercised
OJ263 79DOC 8
Section 1 Neither the Association nor any of its Officers Agents or Employees
shall instigate promote sponsor engage in or condone by any action any strike slowdown
concerted work stoppage or any other intentional interruption of the operations ofthe Monmouth
County Sheriff
0J263 I 79 DOC 9
Section 1 The purpose of this procedure is to secure equitable solutions to
problems which may arise from time to time affecting Employees as aresult of the interpretation
or application ofthis Agreement between the Employer and the Association
Section 2 A grievance shall mean a complaint that there has been a violation
misinterpretation or inequitable application of any ofthe provisions ofthis Agreement
Section 3 The Association shall process grievances in the following manner
Step 1 The Association shall present the grievance under Step 1 to the
Commander of the Law Enforcement Division The grievance shall be presented in writing
within ten 10 working days of its occurrence The Commander of the Law Enforcement
Division shall respond within seven 7 working days of receipt ofthe grievance
Step 2 If the Association is not satisfied with the decision of the Commander of
the Law Enforcement Division at Step 1 the grievance shall be presented in writing to the next
level of authority within seven 7 working days after Step 1 For the purpose of this grievance
procedure the next level of authority shall be considered the Sheriff The Sheriff or designee
shall within seven 7 working days of the receipt of the written grievance meet with the
Association unless it is mutually agreed by both the Sheriff and the Association to extend the
time for said meeting The Sheriff shall give the Association a written answer to the written
grievance within three 3 working days after the date of such meeting
Step 3 If the Association is not satisfied with the decision of the Sheriff or
designee under Step 2 of the procedure then the grievance shall be presented in writing to the
next level of authority within seven 7 working days after Step 2 For the purpose of this
0J263 79 DOC 10
grievance procedure the next level of authority shall be considered the Employer-Funding Agent Personnel
Officer or designee The said Employer-Funding Agent Personnel Officer shall within seven
7working days of the receipt of this grievance meet with the Association unlessitis
mutualy agreedbyboth the Personnel Officer and the Association to extend the time for said meeting
The Personnel Officer shall give the Association awritten answertothegrievance within three
3working days after the date of such meetingInthe
event the grievance is not settled at Step 3 of this procedure the Association may
electto proceed through Civil Service or Step 4of this grievance procedure However upon
election of either the Civil Service procedure or Step 4 of this grievance procedure the
choice of the Association then becomes exclusiveinnature and neither it nor the employee involved
canavail themselvesatalater time ofthe procedure not usedStep4
lfthe grievance isstillunsettled the Association may within fifteen 15days after
the reply of the Employer-Funding Agent Personnel Officer isdue bywritten notice to the Employer-Funding
Agent Personnel Officer request arbitration Said arbitration shallbethrough the Public Employment
Relations Commission the expenseofwhich shallbeshared equally by the Employer
and the AssociationThedecision ofthe Arbitrator shall befinal andbinding on both parties
TheArbitrator shallbe governedbythe termsofthis Agreement and shall add nothing to
nor subtract anything from this Agreement 00263I79DOC
Appendix A
00263179 DOC
Section 1 The wage agreement and step system agreement shall be as set forth in
Section 1 Any item of clothing which is damaged in the line of duty shall be
replaced at no cost to the Employee payable on the last pay period of the year However there
shall be no replacement payment if the Employee has expended less than 400 00 during the year
for replacement of clothing or equipment any claim for replacement for damage must be
substantiated with proof ofexpenses in excess of the limit herein set
Section 2 Ifthe Employer mandates achange in uniforms the Employer shall
supply Employees with new uniforms pursuant to such change
Section 3 At all times Employees shall bear the responsibility of maintaining a
full compliment of uniforms and other required clothing
00263I 79 DOC 13
Section 1 Since both the Sheriff and the County of Monmouth recognize the
value of trained Officers they hereby agree to pay any Officer covered by this Agreement Fifty
50 00 Dollars per college credit that is obtained by any Officer while in the Sheriffs employ
from an accredited college in a course that will be of value to the person in the performance of
their work The County shall not provide any college incentive for life experience credits earned
as aresult of training paid forprovided by the County
Section 2 A committee consisting of representatives of the Sheriffs Office the
Personnel Office and the FOP Lodge 121 shall review and approve courses taken by the
Employee in advance of registration Payment shall not be made without such prior approval
0J263I 79 DOC 14
Section 1 The regular hours of work each day shall be consecutive except for
interruptions for lunch periods and coffee breaks A day shall consist of eight hours at work
Said period shall include two 2 fifteen 15 minute breaks and thirty 30 minute period for
Section 2 The work week shall consist of forty 40 hours All workdays shall
be consecutive in the week from Sunday through Saturday
Section 3 Work schedules showing Employees shifts work days and hours shall
be posted on the department bulleting board
00263179 DOC 15
1Definition Overtime isdefined asany time workedin excessof the regular
work weekofforty 40 hours but not including sick leave time unauthorized absencesor
suspension timeThe parties specifically recognize that sick leave does not count as hours worked
for overtime FLSA purposes Overtime isauthorized when approved bythe Commander
oftheLaw Enforcement Divisionordesignee Section
2Compensation Work shall becompensatedatthe rateofone and one- half
1-1 2 times the Employee s regular hourly rateofpay Section3
Call-In Time In the event an Officer is calledinor back to duty during time off that
Officer shall be compensated at the rate of one and one-half 1-1 2times the regular rate of pay for
aminimum of four 4hoursorfor all hours worked on the call-in This minimum shall apply only when an
Officerisrequested to report more than two2hours before thescheduled start of their regular
assignment This minimum shall not apply where anOfficer isrequested toreport two2
hoursorless prior to their regular duty assignment inwhich case the Officer will be compensated at
overtime rates for the actual hours worked immediately prior to the startoftheshift
The Employer reserves the right to assign additional duties to theOfficer if theoriginal detail is completed
in less than four 4 hours Section4Court Time All off-duty
work related Court appearances shall be compensated atone and one-half 1-1 2
times the regular rate of pay for a minimum oftwo2hours or for all actual hours required 00263 I
79 DOC 16
Section 5 Overtime Reduction Each Employee and the Association shall
continue to exercise all reasonable means to reduce overtime demands within the Monmouth
County Sheriff s Law Enforcement Division
Section 6 Additional Assignments Off-Duty Hours When anOfficer isassigned
toadditional assignments during off-duty hours byasupervisor anditis necessary forapatrol vehicle
tobeused by the Officer pay compensatory timeatovertime rate will be made from the
time the patrol vehicle is picked up by the Officer at the Courthouse Veterans Memorial building
orID Transportation Unitanduntil the patrol vehicle isreturned to the original location
at the completion oftheassignment The Officer shall check in and out of service with
theMonmouth County PoliceRadio Room Whenan
Officer hasanoffice vehicle assigned anditis necessary to pick up the patrol vehicle
from one ofthe Freehold locations the officer will receive pay compensatory timeat
the overtime rate from the time the Officer arrives atthe location ofthe detai1 aunntdil the Officer
departs the detail Whenan
Officer has volunteered foranoff-duty assignment and the County is being compensated for
the Officer s service byanother municipality or company where an Officer sSupervisor
hasapproved the use of an official vehicle the Officer will not becompensated by the
Employer for their travel time toor from the assignment or topickup or return the vehicle
Officer shall have the option tocash-in accrued compensatory time twice annually
firstweekofJune and the firstweek ofNovember toamaximumof120 hours
peryear Tobeeligible the Officer shall provide the Sheriff with60 days noticeofJune
1and November1of hisherintent to cash-in compensatory time Payments 00263179 DOC17
shall be made in the first pay period ofJuly for the June cash-in and the first payperiodinDecember
forthe November cash-inat the rate ofpay in effect at the time of cash-in 00263I79
DOC 18
Section 1 It is agreed that the County will provide a medical Point of Service
paS insurance plan Whereas it is the County s intention to encourage employees in such pas
program employee participation in said plan shall be at no premium cost to the Employee with
all premiums being borne by the County
Section 2 The County shall continue to maintain atraditional indemnity medical
insurance program as is currently provided on a self-insured basis However any employee opting
to participateinsuch program shallberesponsibleforaportionofthe premium costs and made
through automatic payroll deductions Section
3The traditional indemnity medical insurance program shall not be offered
noravailabletoemployees hiredonJuly11994 or thereafter Section
4Bargaining Unit Members and those Employees receiving benefits under
the County temporary disability program shall beprovided withthe prescription insurance plan
establishedbythe County withaFifteen15 00 Dollar co-pay for prescription drugsandaFive 5
00 Dolar co-pay for those who use generic drugs Section5The
statutory compensation provided inNJS A 34 15-12 a and applicable law is recognized
ascontrolling the issue of payment for Employees on temporary disability leave Itis
agreed that reimbursement for temporary disability leave of less than one 1year shall be
calculated toinsure that Employees on such Workers Compensation temporary disability leave Itis
agreed that reimbursement for temporary disability leave of less than one 1year shall be
calculated to insure that Employees on such Workers Compensation temporary disability leave willbe
paid the same amount of take home pay net pay asthey were receiving OJ263179 DOC19
prior to their disability leave payments continuing for not longer than the first year Thereafter
the provisions ofN J S A 34 15-12 a shall apply The Employee shall in no way sufferareduction
ofnetpay asaresultofthe injury ordisability duringthefirst yearofdisability 00263179
DOC 20
Section 1 Each Employee shall be entitled to annual vacation leave depending
upon said Employee s years of service with the Employer-Funding Agentasfollows YEARS
to one year One 1day per month 2nd
through 5thyear Twelve 12working days 6th
through lih year Fifteen 15working days 13
ththrough 20thyear Twenty 20 working days 21
or more years Twenty-five 25working days Section2
Employees will bepermitted to select their vacation among Officers equalin
rank Selections shall besubmitted not later than February 20ofeach year for that calendar year
Thereafter scheduling shall bedone by the Employer Section3
Seniority by rank in present assignment shall govern the scheduling ofall vacations
for Officers coveredbythis Agreement Whenever possible scheduling should notbeaffected
by other SheriffsOfficerscheduling Section4
Approved vacation carryover intoasucceeding year must beused on or by
April 1 of that succeeding year provided that vacation carryover willbepermitted onlyinextremely rare
cases where an urgent or highly unusual situation necessitates it 00263179 DOC
Section 1 There shall be three 3 personal days available to each Employee
Except where the schedule does not permit the Sheriff or designee shall allow personal days to
be taken on that day Except under emergency circumstances all requests for personal days
shall be made at least five 5 working days prior to scheduling said personal days off
Section 2 One 1 personal day may be carried over into the next year where
there has been a denial of use of apersonal day due to scheduling reasons
00263179 DOC 22
Section 1 The following days shall be recognized and observed as paid holidays
New Year s Day
Lincoln s Birthday
Washington s Birthday
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Martin Luther King
Labor Day
Columbus Day
General Election Day
Veteran s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Section 2 When a holiday falls during an Employee s regular day off said
Officer shall receive one 1 extra day s pay at straight time
Section 3 If an Officer works on a holiday that Officer shall be paid at the rate
oftime and one-half plus holiday pay Section
4Any other holidays grantedbythe Board ofChosen Freeholders shall also
be grantedtoEmployees coveredbythis Agreement Section
5Scheduling ofany compensatory time off shall be governed byseniority
inrank or title and shall be subject to the approval of the Commanderofthe Law Enforcement
Section 1 The Employer agrees to grant up to five 5 days leave to an Employee
due to the death of an Employee s parent stepparent spouse child or stepchild
Section 2 The Employer agrees to grant up the three 3 days leave to an
Employee due to the death of a parent-in-law sister brother grandparent grandchild foster child or
other member ofthe immediate household On6379
DOC 24
Section 1 In the event that the Employer assigns training programs for Officers
in accordance with State regulations and guidelines participation in such training program shall
be compensated pursuant to the overtime provisions contained herein provided such training is
required during an employee s non-scheduled duty time Section
2Participation inassigned training programs over and above regular working
hours shall be compensatedatthe overtime rateParticipation involuntary training programs
shall not be consideredapart of the workday andshall not becompensated 0a263179
DOC 25
Section 1 Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement the failure to enforce
any provision ofthis Agreement or exercise one s rights pursuant thereto shall not be deemed a
waiver thereof This Agreement is not intended and shall not be construed as a waiver of any
right or benefit to which the employees herein are entitled
0J263 I 79 DOC 26
Section 1 The Association shall comply with the County Family and Medical
Leave Act FMLA Policy
00263179 DOC 27
Section 1 An Employee may be discharged demoted or otherwise disciplined for
just cause
Section 2 An Employee required to appear at a hearing on disciplinary charges
shall be given written notice of the hearing the specific charges to be heard and the anticipated
extent of possible disciplinary action at least five 5 days prior to the hearing
Section 3 The FOP shall be provided with the same notice at the same time as
the Employee provided that Employee may waive FOP notice in the event the Employee does
not wish such notification to be made
Section 4 An Employee shall have the right to representation at any disciplinary
Section 5 An Employee ordered or required to appear before the Employer or
any legitimate agent thereof for interview or interrogation who has reason to believe that
disciplinary charges may be brought against them as aresult ofsaid appearance shall have aright
to request and receive and FOP Local 121 representative prior to the commencement of said
interview or interrogation
00263179 DOC 28
1The Employer and the Association agree not to discriminate foror against
anyEmployeeonthe basis ofrace color creed sex national origin lawful Association membership
orlawful political aCtivity Section
2The Employerandthe Association agreenot tointerfere with the right of
Employeestobecome ornot become membersofthe Bargaining Unitand further that there shall
be no discriminationorcoercion against any Employee because oftheir membershipornon-membership
Grievances arising under this Article shall not besubject to thefinal binding arbitration
ofthe grievance procedure but rather shall be submitted to the appropriate administrative agency
having jurisdiction overthesubject matteroftheco plaint 00263179 DOC
Section 1 In the event of a death of a Law Enforcement Officer in another
department within the State of New Jersey the Employer will permit at least two 2 Sheriffs
Officers to be detailed to participate in the funeral services for the deceased Officer to be
selected by the Lodge President
Section 2 The detail will be recorded as FOP release time under Article 3
Section 1
Section 3 The detail will be provided with a Sheriffs vehicle to be utilized for
participation in the funeral service subject to availability of such vehicle
00263179 DOC 30
This Agreement shall be effective January 1 2006 and shall continue in full force
until December 31 2009 or until anew Agreement is executed
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures this
day of 2006
BY alt
J a
121 0J263 79
New Sergeants 2006 2007 2008 2009
1 85 000 90 000 95 000 100 000
2 96 384 101 384 106 384
3 107 768 112 768
4 119 152
Existing 2006 2007 2008 2009
102 000 110 694 114 845 119 152
Lieutenants 2006 2007 2008 2009
106 343 115 000 119 312 123 787
00263 79 DOC 32
Resolution No 06-406 COUNTY
LOCAL 121 Freeholder
BURRY offered the following resolution and moved
its adoption WHEREAS
the County of Monmouth County and the Monmouth County
Superior Officers FOP Local 121 Union have been conducting
negotiations for a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement
and the parties reachedatentative agreement on May
21 2006 and WHEREAS
the Union has subsequently ratified the tentative terms
of that Agreement and WHEREAS
the County desires to ratify the terms of the parties
agreement NOW
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Chosen Freeholders
ofthe County of Monmouth ratifies the following terms
for inclusion In a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement
and directs the County sSpecial Labor Counsel to incorporate
said terms into the parties Collective Bargaining Agreement
and authorizes the County Administrator toexecute said
Collective Bargaining Agreement when completed1
1 Salary Article 7 Section 1 shall be modified by
the inclusion of a new salary guide with a new starting salary
of 85 000 for new Sergeants effective January 1 2006
Effective January 1st of each year of the Contract the salary
guide shall be adjusted by a 3 75 increase All salary
increases shall be fully retroactive
2 Article 8 -Uniform Allowance Delete Sections 1
and 2Section 4shall beamended to provide that the County
will supply new uniforms ifitmandatesauniform
change 3Article 9College Incentive Effective January
1 2006 the County will not provide any college incentive for
life experience credits earned as aresult of training
paid for provided by the
County 4Article 10 - Hours ofWork Eliminate Section
4and incorporate into
Article 75 Article
11- Overtime Section1First
sentence eliminate eight 8 hours inaday and
eliminate with no accrued sick leave
time available Add The parties
specifically recognize that sick leave does not count
as hours worked for
overtime FLSA purposes Section6
Eliminate meal allowance Section 7Remove last
fullparagraph from Section7
in its entirety AddaSection
which provides that Officer shall have
the option to accrued
time twice
first week of June and the first week of
November to a maximum of 120 hours per
year To be eligible the Officer shall
provide the Sheriff with 60 days notice of
June 1 and November 1 of his her intent to
cash-in compensatory time PaYments shall be
made in the first pay period of July for the
June cash-in and the first pay period in December for
the November cash-in at the rate of pay
in effect at the time of cash- in 6 Article
- Longevity Pay Remove in its entirety 7 Add
an Article which provides that FOP 121 will comply with the
County FMLA Policy BE IT
FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk forwardacertified true copy
of this resolution to theCounty Administrator the Monmouth County
Sheriff and the Director of Finance Seconded by
Freeholder CLIFTON and adopted on roll call by the
following vote MrLittle
Mrs Burry
Mr Narozanick
Mr Clifton
Mr Barham
20J 6 CLERK3

Monmouth Cty Sheriffs Office and FOP Lodge 121 Superiors 2006.pdf