Contract Between
Westampton B/E-Burlington
- and -
Westampton EA
* * *
07/01/2005 thru 06/30/2008

CategorySchool District
UnitAides, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Teaching/Professional Staff

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This agreement made and entered into by and between the Westampton Township Board of Education, hereinafter referred to as the "Board" and the Westampton Education Association, hereinafter referred to as the "Association", has as its purpose the promotion of harmonious employee relations between the Board and the Association, in the best interests of the residents of Westampton, the establishment of an equitable, orderly and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences and setting forth of the full agreement between the parties concerning the establishment of salaries, hours of work and other terms and conditions of employment.

Article 1. Recognition Agreement

1.1 The Board does hereby recognize the Association as the exclusive representative for the
      purpose of collective negotiation as defined in Chapter 123, Public Law of New Jersey, for all certified and non-certified personnel under contract to include:
      A. Teachers
      B. Nurses
      C. Media Specialists
      D. Guidance Counselors
      E Custodians
      F: Administrative Aides
      G. Bus Drivers

      The Association agrees to submit a list of all those who are members of the local Association and signed cards shall be on file with the Association with the agreement that this card file may be checked by representatives of the Board.
1.2 Unless otherwise indicated, the term "employees" when used hereinafter in this Agreement, shall refer to all employees represented by the Association in the negotiating unit as above defined, and references to male employees shall include female employees.

1.3 Specific reference to titles such as "Administrative Aides" or "Custodians", et al, shall refer only to that specific category.

1.4 The Board specifically excludes administrators, supervisors, the Administrative Assistant/ Executive Secretary to the Superintendent, the Board Secretary/ Business Administrator, all confidential employees, cafeteria personnel, per diem substitute employees and all others not listed above.

Article 2. Management Rights
      Except as limited by the provisions of this Agreement, the Board of Education reserves all rights and functions vested in it pursuant to applicable laws and regulations and all other functions as are normally and customarily exercised by the Board of Education in the management of the affairs of the school district. According to law, this includes, but is not limited to the right to direct employees of the school district, to hire, promote, transfer, assign, suspend, demote, discharge or take other disciplinary action against employees, to determine the methods, means, and personnel by which school district operations are to be conducted.
Article 3. Association Rights and Privileges

3.1 The Board shall make available to the Association reasonable information in the public domain concerning annual financial reports and audits, register of certified personnel, agendas and minutes of all public Board meetings, census data, names and addresses of all employees, and such other information that shall assist the Association in developing intelligent, accurate, informed, and constructive programs on behalf of the Association.

3.2 Whenever any representative of the Association or any employee is mutually scheduled by the parties to participate during working hours in negotiations, grievance proceedings,
conferences, or meetings, he shall suffer no loss in pay.

3.3 Representatives of the Association shall be permitted to transact official Association business and meetings on school property at all reasonable times upon approval of application as set forth in Board Policy.

3.4 The Association shall be allowed the use of school typewriters/computers, duplicating
      equipment, and all types of audio-visual equipment at reasonable times. School and Board needs will take precedence. Supplies in connection with such equipment use will be furnished by or paid for by the Association.

3.5 The Association shall have, in each school building, the use of a bulletin board in the staff lounge. In the event of one bulletin board being present in the staff lounge, the
Association agrees to equally share the use of the bulletin board.

3.6 The Association shall be allowed the use of the inter-school mail facilities and the school mail boxes as it deems necessary with the knowledge of the building principals. This will not include postage facilities of the school system.

3.7 Upon the request of the Association, subject to Administrative approval, a reasonable number of vending machines shall be installed in the staff lounge. The profits from all such machines shall be placed in Association funds. The total responsibilities and related expenses of vending machines will be borne by the Association.

3.8 Copies of this Agreement shall be reproduced at the expense of the Board within thirty (30) days after the Agreement is signed and presented to the Association for distribution to all employees now employed, or hereafter employed.

3.9 Whenever any notice is required to be given by either of the parties of this Agreement to the other , pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, either party shall do so by telegram or registered letter at the following address:
A. If by Association, to Board at 710 Rancocas Road, Westampton, N.J. 08060.
B. If by Board, to Association at Holly Hills School, 500 Ogden Drive, Westampton , N.J 08060, or to Westampton Middle School, 700 Rancocas Road, Westampton, N.J 08060, whichever location is the school residence of the Association at that time.
3.10 Representation Fee

A. Representation
          If an employee as covered in this Article does not become a member of the Association during any membership year (i.e. from September 1st to the following August 31st) which is covered in whole or in part by this Agreement, said employee will be required to pay a representation fee to the Association for that membership year. The purpose of this fee will be to offset the employee's per capita cost of services rendered by the Association as majority representative.
B. Amount of Fee
          Prior to the beginning of each membership year, the Association will notify the Board in writing of the amount of the regular membership dues, initiation fees, and assessments charged by the Association to its own members for that membership year. The representation fee to be paid by non-members will be determined by the Association in accordance with the law.
C. Deduction and Transmission of Fee
      1. Notification
              Once during each membership year covered in whole or in part by this Agreement, the Association will submit to the Board a list of those employees who have not become members of the Association for the then current membership year. The Board will deduct from the salaries of such employees, in accordance with Paragraph 2 below, the full amount of the representation fee and will promptly transmit the amount so deducted to the Association.
      2. Payroll Deduction Schedule
              The Board will deduct the representation fee in equal installments, as nearly as possible, from the paychecks paid to each employee on the aforesaid list during the remainder of the membership year in question. The deductions will begin with the first paycheck paid:
          a. Ten (10) days after receipt of the aforesaid list by the Board; or
          b. Thirty (30) days after the employee begins his employment in a
                  bargaining unit position, unless the employee previously served in a bargaining unit position and continued in the employ of the Board in a non-bargaining unit position or was on layoff, in which event the deductions will begin with the first paycheck paid ten (10) days after the resumption of the employee's employment in a bargaining unit position, whichever is later.
      3. Termination of Employment
              If an employee who is required to pay a representation fee terminates his employment with the Board before the Association has received the full amount of the representation fee to which it is entitled under this Article, the Board will deduct the unpaid prorated portion of the fee from the last paycheck paid to said employee during the membership year in question. This shall also apply to a member terminating employment or taking a Board approved leave of absence.
      4 Mechanics
              Except as otherwise provided in this Article, the mechanics for the deduction of representation fees and the transmission of such fees to the Association will, as nearly as possible, be the same as those used for the deduction and transmission of regular membership dues to the Association.
      5. Changes
              The Association will notify the Board in writing of any changes in the list provided for in Paragraph 1 above and/or the amount of the representation fee, and such changes will be reflected in any deductions made more than ten (10) days after the Board received said notice.
      6. New Employees
              On or about the last day of each month, beginning with the month this Agreement becomes effective. the Board will submit to the Association a list of all employees who began their employment in a bargaining unit position during the preceding thirty (30) day period. The list will include names, job titles, and dates of employment for all such employees.
D. Save Harmless Clause
          The Westampton Education Association shall indemnify and hold the Westampton Township Board of Education harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits and other forms of liability, including liability for reasonable counsel fees and other legal costs and expenses, that may arise out of, or by reason of, any action taken or not taken by the employer in conformance with this provision.
3.11 A. Classroom coverage
          When a member of the Association leadership (officer or Building Representative) is requested to represent an employee at a meeting between the employee and an Administrator or at an Administrative Law Hearing, the building principal will provide classroom coverage at a mutually convenient time.

Article 4. Negotiations Procedure

4.1 The parties agree to enter into collective negotiations over a successor Agreement in
      accordance with Chapter 123, Public Laws 1974 , with subsequent modifications in a good faith effort to reach agreement on all matters concerning the terms and conditions of employment. Such negotiations shall begin not later than the beginning date set forth in the Rules and Regulations of the Public Employment Relations Commission. Any Agreement so negotiated shall apply to all members of the bargaining unit, be reduced to writing, and upon ratification by the Board of Education and Education Association shall be signed by the Board of Education and the Education Association.
Article 5. Grievance Procedure

5.1 Definition
      A grievance shall mean a claim by an employee, or the Association, (1) that there has been a violation, misinterpretation or inequitable application of any of the provisions of the contract agreement, or (2) that he has been treated unfairly or inequitably by reason of an act or condition which is contrary to the terms of this Agreement, or established Board policies, except that the term 'grievance" shall not apply to any matter for which a method of review is prescribed by Law or by any Rule or Regulation of the State Commissioner of Education having the force and effect of Law, or by any By-Law of the Board of Education, or a matter for which the Board of Education is without authority to act.
5.2 Procedure
      This procedure shall be followed whether the aggrieved chooses to represent himself or be represented by the Westampton Education Association.
      Step I The aggrieved shall submit his grievance in writing and/or in person to his immediate supervisor of the unit where the aggrieved is primarily stationed, in an attempt to resolve the grievance informally at that level. If the aggrieved does not file a grievance in writing and/or in person with his immediate supervisor within twenty (20) work days after the occurrence, then the grievance shall be considered waived. The grievant must specify the circumstances and the specific Board Policy or section of the Agreement alleged to be violated and the remedy sought. The supervisor has ten (10) work days to respond to the grievance. The immediate supervisor's disposition of the grievance shall be in writing and shall be given to the aggrieved party.
      Step II The immediate supervisor's disposition of the grievance may be appealed to the Superintendent of the Westampton Township Schools within five (5) work days of the supervisor's decision. This appeal shall be submitted in written form, shall completely state the grievance and the immediate supervisor's disposition of the same. The Superintendent shall inform the aggrieved in writing, of the Superintendent's disposition of the grievance within ten (10) work days of the Superintendent's receipt of the appeal.

      Step III The Superintendent's disposition of the grievance may be appealed to the Board of Education of Westampton Township Schools by the Westampton Education Association and/or personally. This appeal must be submitted within ten (10) work days of the aggrieved's receipt of the Superintendent's written disposition of the grievance. The appeal shall be submitted with all pertinent data, in writing, to the President of the Board of Education by certified mail and addressed to 710 Rancocas Road, Westampton N.J. 08060.
          The Board of Education shall notify the aggrieved of the disposition of the grievance within ten (10) work days. If a hearing is to be held by the Board, or a committee thereof, then the grievant will be advised within ten (10) work days.
      Step IV If the decision of the Board does not resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of the employee grievant and he wishes review by a third party and if the Westampton Education Association determines that the matter should be reviewed further, it shall so advise the Board through the Superintendent within twenty (20) work days of receipt of the Board's decision.

      Step V The following procedure shall be used to secure the services of an arbitrator.
          a. Either party may request PERC to submit a roster of persons qualified to function as an arbitrator in the dispute in question.
          b. If the parties are unable to determine a mutually satisfactory arbitrator from the submitted list, they may request PERC to submit a second roster of names.
          c. If the parties are unable to determine within ten (10) work days of the initial request for arbitration a mutually satisfactory arbitrator from the second submitted list, PERC may be requested by either party to designate an arbitrator.
          d. The arbitrator shall limit himself to the issues submitted to him and shall consider nothing else. He can add nothing to nor subtract anything from the agreement between the parties or any policy of the Westampton Township Board of Education. The recommendation of the arbitrator shall be advisory.
          e. The costs for the services of the arbitrator including per diem expenses, if any, and actual and necessary travel, subsistence expenses, and the cost of the hearing room, shall be borne equally by the Board and the Association. Any other expenses incurred shall be paid by the party incurring same.
      Step VI The time limits stated in the above steps may be extended when mutually agreed upon in writing between the Westampton Township Board of Education and the Westampton Education Association. This procedure shall not give a non- tenure employee any right to file a grievance because of his dismissal or his contract not being renewed by the Board of Education.

Article 6. Temporary Leaves of Absence
      Employees shall be entitled to the following temporary non-cumulative and accumulative leaves of absence with full pay each school year: Part time employees or those working less than a full 10 or 12 month contract shall receive prorata temporary leave benefits. It is recognized that while the following leaves are available when necessary, the typical professional employee will not expect to take every possible leave day.
6.1 Absence on Account of Personal Illness
      Per law each ten (10 ) month employee shall receive ten (10 ) sick days per year. Twelve (12) month employees shall receive twelve (12) sick days per year. In any school year, any person who uses less than this specified number of days of sick leave with pay allowed, all days of such leave not utilized that year shall be accumulative to be used for additional sick leave as needed in subsequent years. For any employee who begins service with the district after the beginning of a school year, sick leave will be prorated at one (1) day per month of employment. In the event that an employee has perfect attendance for the entire school year, that employee shall receive $300. Perfect attendance is defined as not using any personal days, family leave days, workmen’s comp days, days without pay, or sick days. Use of professional days, military leave days, bereavement leave and jury duty will not count against perfect attendance.

6.2 Personal Benefits
      Up to four work days leave of absence (personal days) will be allowed for personal, religious, legal, business, household or family matters which require absence during work hours. Personal days are not to be used for vacations. Application for personal leave shall be made to the employee's principal (supervisor) at least three (3) days before taking such leave (exception being in case of emergency) and the applicant for such leave shall not be required to state the reason for taking such leave other than he/she is taking such leave under this section. If the day(s) come immediately before or after a school holiday, a written reason may be required. At the end of each school year, all unused personal days will be reimbursed at an amount equal to 50% of each employee’s per diem or may be rolled over as family leave which will not be reimbursable at retirement.
6.3 Bereavement Leave
      In the case of death of a member of the immediate family, (immediate family as here used means husband or wife, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and mother-in-law or father-in-law) of an employee, or the death of any relative who has lived in the home of an employee on a permanent basis preceding the death, such unit member shall be excused without loss of pay for a period not to exceed five (5) workdays (no more than 7 calendar days].

      In the case of the death of a brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, aunt or uncle, such employee shall be excused without loss of pay for a period not to exceed two (2) calendar days.
      Upon death in the family, the employee is requested to arrange the details of absence from school with the principal. All days allowed under this provision will be in addition to any sick leave.
      The employee may petition the Board for additional leave as needed. Both parties recognize that actions of the Board in response to these requests do not set a precedent for future requests.
6.4 Military Leave
      Time necessary (up to two weeks) for persons called into temporary active duty of any unit of the U.S. Reserves or the State National Guard, provided such obligations cannot be fulfilled on days when school is not in session. An employee shall be paid his regular pay less any pay which he received from the state or federal government.
6.5 Jury Duty
      When a member is called for Jury Duty, such employee shall be excused without loss of pay or days if the employee has requested a deferral and has been denied. The employee shall turn over to the Board any payment received from the Court.
6.6 Other Leave
      Other daily leaves of absence with or without pay may be granted by the Superintendent at his sole discretion for good reason.
Article 7. Extended Leaves of Absence
      Employees shall be entitled to the following unpaid extended leaves of absence for a full work year unless otherwise specified herein. The contract for the year in which the employee will be returned to full-time service must be returned, signed or unsigned, no later than one month after date of issuance. Failure to return a timely signed contract shall constitute resignation, unless the employee's physician verifies he is incapacitated.
7.1 Care of an Employee's Family Member
      A leave of absence without pay of one year shall be granted for the purpose of caring for a sick member of a employees immediate family, (immediate family is defined for purposes of this section as husband or wife, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and mother-in-law or father-in-law). The need for such leave must be medically substantiated.

7.2 Disability Leave
      A. An employee who anticipates a state of disability and submits a substantiating certificate from his physician shall be granted a disability leave. The physician shall delineate the commencement and termination dates of such disability. The employee must specify the appropriate amount of sick days to be utilized in the initial application.
      B. Where disability leaves have been approved, the commencement or termination dates thereof shall be further extended or reduced for confirmed medical reasons upon written application by the employee.
      C. The Board may require as a condition of the employee's return to service, a Doctor's certificate certifying that the employee is medically able to resume his duties.

7.3 Child Rearing Leave
      A. Application in writing shall be submitted at least forty-five (45) days in advance, and shall specify the date such unpaid leave shall commence and terminate.
      B Application in writing (in the case of an unpaid leave for the adoption of a child less than five (5) years of age) shall be as soon as possible.
      C. The leave for tenured employees shall commence on the date specified by the employee and continue for up to two years. The initial request shall specify the date of return which must be either the first day of the third marking period or the first day of the first marking period . Provided an employee requests, nothing herein precludes the Board from approving a different return date. Nothing in this section will prohibit an individual from getting their increment provided they comply with Article 7.6 A.
      D. Non-tenured employee shall be granted such leave for the balance of the current
      work year. A non-tenured employee who has been offered a subsequent contract
          may request an additional year's leave of unpaid child rearing leave. Approval of such extension shall be at the prerogative of the Board.
      E. Insurance benefits may be continued at the employee's expense during such unpaid leave provided the appropriate premium is received by the Board by the first day of the month before such premium is due.
7.4 Extended Leave of Absence
Peace Corps. and VISTA for Certificated Staff
      A leave of absence without pay of up to two (2) years shall be granted to any tenured teacher who joins the Peace Corps, VISTA, National Teacher Corps, or serves as an exchange teacher or overseas teacher, and is a full-time participant in either of such programs, or accepts a Fulbright Scholarship.

      The contract for the year in which the teacher will be returned to full-time service must be returned signed or unsigned no later than one month after date of issuance.

7.5 Sabbatical Leave For Certificated Staff
      A sabbatical leave of one-half school year or one full school year will be granted to a teacher by the Board for full-time study on a graduate level in the teacher's area of assignment (or in another area if approved in writing in advance by the Superintendent), provided that a certified employee is found who is qualified to assume the applicant's duties while he is on leave. Sabbatical leave shall be applied for by November 1st of the prior school year for which the leave is requested in writing, subject to the following additional conditions:
      A. The certified teacher has completed at least seven (7) full school years of service
          in the Westampton Township School District.
      B. A teacher may not be granted a sabbatical leave more often than once every seven (7) years.
      C. A teacher on sabbatical leave from a school year shall be paid by the Board one-half of his regular salary based on current contract on date of application.
      D. Salary payments will be made on the same basis as the regular staff payroll.
      E Upon return from sabbatical leave, a teacher shall be placed on the salary schedule at the level which he would have achieved had he remained actively employed in the system during the period of his absence providing all requirements of the sabbatical leave policy have been fulfilled satisfactorily in the judgment of the Superintendent.
      F. It is expected that any teacher who has taken a sabbatical leave will, upon completion of such leave, remain as an employee within the Westampton Township School District for a period of no less than two (2) years. If the teacher fails to remain for two (2) years, he must refund all sabbatical leave salary and insurance premium costs and the teacher must sign a statement attesting to this obligation prior to commencing leave. This pay back clause will not be evoked if the spouse of the employee is transferred a100 miles or more, or if the employee is disabled or deceased.
      G. No more than one (1) teacher in the district shall be on sabbatical leave at any one time.
      A teacher on sabbatical leave may be required to file a report each semester. During the sabbatical leave, no other leaves will apply.
7.6 Miscellaneous Provisions Pertaining to Extended Leaves of Absence
      A. Unless expressly stated otherwise in this article an employee shall not receive increment credit for time spent on any other type of leave except for an employee who has worked ninety-one (91) days or more in the year in which a ten month employee's leave commenced or ended. Twelve month employees who work one hundred and twenty-one (121) days or more in the year in which their leave commences or ends shall receive one year credit for purposes of guide placement in the subsequent year.
      B. Unless stated otherwise, all benefits to which a employee was entitled at the time his extended leave of absence commenced, including unused accumulated sick leave, credits toward sabbatical eligibility, and insurance entitlement shall be restored to him upon his return.
      C. Additional leave or modifications of extended leaves of absence may be made at the sole discretion of the Board. Requests for modified extended leaves shall be in writing and will set forth the specifics of why such modification has been requested.
      D. Unless stated otherwise, extended leaves for non-tenured employees shall continue only for the duration of the work year in which such leave commenced.
Representatives of the Association shall be permitted to attend monthly Association meetings without loss of pay. If they so desire, custodians and secretaries may adjust their lunch hours in order to attend 3:30 p.m. meetings.

Article 8. Salary Policy and Incentives

8.1 Teachers
      A. Each teacher shall be placed on his proper step of the salary index in accordance
      with the following:
          1 Teachers new to the system may receive such credit for previous experience in excess of five (5) years as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools and approved by the Personnel Committee and the Board of Education. Salaries of new teachers should, as far as possible, be in line with staff of similar service.
          2. Teachers new to the system will be given full credit for all experience up to a maximum of five (5) years for previously evaluated experience under a standard teaching certificate.
          3. If currently employed teachers are called into the military service, these employees would be entitled to consideration for military service credit upon return from duty.
          4. College credits or in-service credits taken for movement on the salary index beyond the Bachelor or Masters degrees must be directly related to the education profession. College credits (graduate or undergraduate) may be applied to salary index movement only with prior approval of the Superintendent. In-service credits may count toward either salary index movement or fulfillment of State required Continuing Education Credits, but not both.
              NOTIFICATION - Teachers anticipating taking college credits which will place them on a higher salary index step must notify the Board for budgetary purposes no later than October 31st of the previous year via the Superintendent's Office.
              VERIFICATION - Teachers earning college credits causing salary index adjustment must submit for verification and acceptance, college transcript records to the Superintendent by October 31st for salary adjustment retroactive to September 1st or by March 15th for salary adjustment retroactive to February 1st. Salary index adjustments based on in-service credits require that verification from the Curriculum Office be submitted by the same dates.
      B. Teachers, who during their planning period, are asked to assume responsibilities
          normally assigned to substitutes, shall be reimbursed at the supervisory rate (See 17.1) in addition to their regular pay.
C. Payment to Special Teachers for Class Coverage
          Teachers shall be expected to serve as substitutes without additional compensation in the absence of regular staff when substitutes are not obtainable, if the teachers are not expected to carry on their own regular teaching schedules for that day.
    1. If it becomes necessary to assign students from an uncovered class to another
          classroom for either the entire A.M. or P.M. session or both, it would be considered substituting and compensation will be made as follows:

          Each teacher will receive the hourly supervisory rate multiplied by the percentage of students from the uncovered class assigned for each hour the extra children are in the class.
    1. The nurse from each building (except the part-time nurse) will be compensated
          (by period) at the supervisory rate in addition to their regular pay if required to cover both buildings.
    2. Any certified Administrative Aide who is asked to substitute for a teacher shall
          be paid at the supervisory rate (Article 17.2a) instead of his/her regular rate for the time spent as a substitute.
8.2 All Employees
      A All employees shall be notified of their contract and salary status for the ensuing year no later than the date established by law for non-tenure contract notification [normally May 15th].

      The salaries of all employees covered by this Agreement are set forth in the
      appropriate salary indices which are attached hereto and made a part hereof.

      All employees shall be paid semi-monthly for the term of their contract. Hourly
          employees’ salaries shall be computed to reflect their annual salaries divided by 20, to be paid in 20 equal checks.
      D. Salary checks are due on the 15th and 30th of the month.

      E. When a pay day falls on or during a school holiday vacation, or weekend, employees shall receive their pay checks on the last previous working day.

      F. Employees who may be required to use their own automobiles in the performance of their duties, employees who are assigned to more than one (1) building per day, or employees who attend local and out-of-town job related workshops or professional seminars with advance approval of the Superintendent shall be reimbursed for all such travel at the current I.R.S. rate per mile.

      G. Payment for Unused Sick Leave
      1. In the following paragraphs "eligibility to retire" will be defined as meeting the State's requirements for retirement without pension penalty. In order to be eligible for payment for unused sick days, an employee must make application for retirement to the TPAF or the PERS. When an employee meets the “eligibility to retire” threshold specified by the TPAF or PERS after July 1st of a school year, that employee’s first year of eligibility under 8.2G1, 8.2G3, 8.2G4, and 8.2G5 below will begin the following July 1st.
          2. Any employee who retires at the beginning of his first year of eligibility for retirement under TPAF or PERS shall receive 1.15 per diem of employee's yearly salary (base/200) up to 120 sick days and at the 8.2G6B rate per day for sick days above 120 to be paid over a five year period commencing July 1st of the year of retirement. During said year, said payments shall be made on a monthly basis or a yearly basis at the option of the staff member.

          3 Any employee who retires at the beginning of his second year of eligibility for retirement under TPAF or PERS shall receive 0.65 per diem of employee's yearly salary (base/200) up to 120 sick days and at the 8.2G6B rate per day for sick days above 120 to be paid over a five year period commencing July 1st of the year of retirement. During said year, said payments shall be made on a monthly basis or a yearly basis at the option of the staff member.
          1. Any employee who retires at the beginning of his third year of eligibility for retirement under TPAF or PERS shall receive 0.35 per diem of employee's yearly salary (base/200) up to 120 sick days and at the 8.2G6B rate per day for sick days above 120 to be paid over a five year period commencing July 1st of the year of retirement. During said year, said payments shall be made on a monthly basis or a yearly basis at the option of the staff member.
      5. Any employee who retires at the beginning of his fourth year of eligibility for retirement under TPAF or PERS shall receive 0.25 per diem of employee's yearly salary (base/200) up to 120 sick days and at the 8.2G6B rate per day for sick days above 120 to be paid over a five year period commencing July 1st of the year of retirement. During said year, said payments shall be made on a monthly basis or a yearly basis at the option of the staff member.

      6. Any employee who retires at the beginning of the fifth year, or thereafter, of eligibility for retirement under TPAF or PERS or who retires before meeting State requirements for retirement without penalty but who has been in the District for a minimum of ten years, will be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

      A. Certified personnel having less than 80 accumulated sick days shall receive $25.00 per day.
          B. Certified personnel having 80 days or more accumulated sick
          days shall receive $50.00 per day.
          C. Non-certified personnel having less than 50 accumulated sick
          days shall receive $22.00 per day.
          D. Non-certified personnel having 50 or more accumulated sick
          days shall receive $45.00 per day.
      7. Death Benefits
              Upon death while an active employee of the Westampton Township School District with ten (10) or more years of service, the estate of said employee shall be reimbursed the rates set in 8.2 G 2.
      8. To be eligible for payment in the year of retirement, the employee must notify the Board of Education by November 1, in writing, of his intention to retire at the end of the work year. If notification is made after November 1, in the year of eligibility, that year's per diem rate will be paid in the following year.

      9. A maximum of five (5) employees per year will be paid according to seniority in the school district. The balance of employees will be paid out in the following year.
H. Educational Credit Payment Plan
          The Westampton Township Board of Education will pay eighty percent (80%) of the costs for twelve (12) approved educational credits, subject to the following conditions:
          1. The maximum cost per credit allowed under this plan shall be equal to the cost per credit for a course at Rutgers, The State University, during the semester in which the course was taken, as follows:
              Certificated Staff - Graduate Courses
              Non-Certificated Staff - Undergraduate Courses
      2. All courses must be approved by the Superintendent in the semester in which taken. No requests for reimbursement will be accepted after June 1st. Any such requests will not be allowed In succeeding years.
      3. Courses to be taken must be graduate level for certificated staff and undergraduate level courses for non-certificated staff and must relate to the teaching profession.
      4. Upon completion of undergraduate/graduate courses, an official grade report must be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools indicating that the employee has completed the courses and has achieved a passing grade, (passing grade is defined as a "B" or better for graduate level and "C" or better for undergraduate level , and 'Pass" for Pass/Fail courses).
              The Board will pay the reasonable expenses including fees, meals, lodging and/or transportation incurred by employees who attend local and out-of-town job related workshops or professional seminars with advance approval of the Superintendent.
8.3 Custodians
      A. Custodian Uniforms
          The Board agrees to provide uniforms for all custodians once they have successfully completed their ninety (90) work day probationary period. All on duty custodians are required to maintain and wear the uniforms when at work. Three uniforms will be provided and replaced as needed yearly.
      B. Custodian Call Out Rate
          Custodians will be guaranteed a three (3) hour minimum call out rate when needed for emergencies, i.e., alarm calls.
8.4 Non-Certificated Staff
      A . Service Gift
          The Board will grant service increments to Support Staff after the completion of the following:
            10 years $ 800
            15 years $ 900
            20 years $1,200
          These amounts are not cumulative.
      B. Overtime
          Overtime shall be paid at the rate of 1.5 times the non-certified employee's regular hourly rate of pay for all time worked in excess of forty (40) hours in any work week, running from Sunday to Saturday. For the purpose of determining the normal work week, the following shall count as a regular work day: holidays, paid vacation days, and other approved leaves.

Article 9. Evaluation

9.1 All monitoring or observation of the work performance of an employee will be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the employee.
9.2 Evaluation Reports
      Evaluation reports shall be presented to each employee by his immediate superior in accordance with the following procedures:

      A. Such reports shall be addressed to the employee.

      B Such reports shall be written in narrative form and may include a check list.
9.3 Employees will have the right, upon request, to review the contents of their personnel file and to receive a copy of any documents contained therein.

9.4 No material derogatory to an employee's conduct, service, character , or personality shall be placed in his personnel file unless the employee has had an opportunity to review the material. The employee shall acknowledge that he has had the opportunity to review such material by affixing his signature to the copy to be filed, with the express understanding that such signature in no way indicates agreement with the contents thereof. The employee shall also have the right to submit a written answer to such material and his answer shall be reviewed by the Superintendent or his designee and attached to the file copy.

9.5 Any complaint regarding an employee made to any member of the administration which is used in any manner in evaluating said employee, will be promptly investigated and called to the attention of the employee. The employee will be given an opportunity to respond to such complaints.

9.6 No employee shall be disciplined, reduced in compensation, or have an increment withheld without just cause. This statement shall not extend to renewal or nonrenewal of non-tenure teacher contracts. The rights of the teacher or the Board of Education under Title 18A shall not be abridged or modified by the above statement.

Article 10. Insurance Protection

The following benefits apply to full time employees. (For the purpose of this article full time will be defined as employees who work a minimum of seven (7) hours per day and five (5) days per week). Employees who currently (working prior to July 1, 1999) work less than the stated amount will continue with their existing level of benefits.

A. The Board will provide single health, prescription and dental insurance coverage for all new employees at the lowest rate offered, or the equivalent amount may be used for Disability Insurance coverage, for the first three years of employment. In the fourth year of employment, and thereafter, the Board of Education will provide full coverage for the Board sponsored medical plan which will be Amerihealth Personal Choice or its equivalent and full coverage in the Board sponsored prescription and dental plans. Employees wanting coverage in a different Board offered medical plan may pay the difference in premium for that plan. Board agrees to make available the Aetna/US Healthcare Patriot V medical plan to those employees who wish to pay the difference for the duration of this contract.
      The Board agrees to the following for staff members who change medical insurance carriers based on the changes to Article 10.4A.
          Employees changing from Aetna/US Healthcare will be reimbursed $100 for eyeglasses a maximum of twice during the duration of this contract. Employees will also be reimbursed for examinations if they would have been covered by Aetna/US Healthcare and are not covered by Amerihealth.
          Employees changing from Aetna/US Healthcare will be reimbursed for the out of network deductible for dependents who attend college in one of the states where Aetna maintains a reciprocal agreement.
          Employees changing from the Amerihealth Traditional Plan will be reimbursed if they must pay the out-of-network deductible (to a maximum of $100 per calendar year individual or $200 per calendar year family) to a physician or hospital. This group of employees will also be reimbursed for 80% of prescription co-pays which exceed $100 individual or $200 family. Teachers hired by the District who had acquired tenure in their previous district will receive family coverage.
10.2 The prescription plan provided will have a $10 name brand/$5 generic/$0 mail order co-payment for coverage as defined by the carrier selected by the Board of Education.

10.3 A dental program to be selected by the Board of Education to cover:
          100% Preventive Coverage,
          80%/20% Remaining Basic Services,
          60%/40% Prosthodontic Benefits.
10.4 Employees may waive medical, prescription and/or dental insurance totally or in part as follows:
      The employee will receive the following monthly amounts for (ten) 10 months or in a lump sum at the end of the year at the employees option:
Family*HW*Parent/Child Single
Medical $200 per month $100 per month
Prescription $ 65 per month $ 35 per month
Dental $ 40 per month $ 20 per month
      The first month's payment will coincide with the first month the Board ceases to make a premium payment. To reinstate insurance, the employee must comply with carrier open enrollment requirements.
10.5 The Board shall adopt a cafeteria plan pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code and the appropriate New Jersey statutes, provided that the cost to the Board shall not exceed the amounts contained in Article 10.5.The Secretary to the Board shall be responsible for polling the employees in order to determine the type of coverage an individual shall select.

Article 11. Association-Administration Liaison

The Association shall select an Advisory Liaison Committee for each school building,
which shall meet with the Superintendent or designee periodically by mutual agreement
      for the duration of the school year, to review and discuss local school problems and practices, and to play an active role in the revision or development of school programs. Said Committee shall consist of the Westampton Education President, Vice-President, and one (1) representative from each building.
11.2 The Committee shall meet at mutually agreed upon times.

11.3 The above mentioned meetings shall be held after school without compensation.

Article 12. Employee Rights

Whenever any employee is directed to appear before the Board concerning any matter which could adversely affect the continuation of that employee in his office, position or employment, or the salary or any increments or adjustments pertaining thereto, then he shall be given prior written notice of the reasons for such meeting and shall be entitled to have a representative of the Association present to advise him and represent him during such meetings.

In the event that an employee's salary increment, salary adjustment, or both, is recommended by the Superintendent to be withheld for inefficiency or other good cause for the following year, the Superintendent or his designee shall notify the employee in writing 10 working days prior to the date that the matter (recommendation) is to be heard / acted upon by the Board of Education.

Both parties recognize the desirability of continuous and uninterrupted operation of the instructional program, including co-curricular activities, during the normal school year. Therefore, the Association agrees that it will not participate in a strike, sanctions, work slowdowns, or in any effort that will impair or interrupt the operation of the school during the duration of the contract.

Article 13. Miscellaneous

13.1 Known changes in assignment for the subsequent work year will be given to the employee on or before June 1st. Nothing herein precludes the Board's right to make other changes, and the Board will attempt to provide as much notice as is reasonably possible.

13.2 The administration will make available to the teachers tentative grade assignments and
tentative class lists by July 15th for the approaching school year if practical. Any changes made in tentative grade/teaching assignments and tentative class lists must be made prior to August 1st. After August 1st all assignments will be considered permanent for that school year except in the case of support staff and/or faculty personnel changes or other emergencies.

13.3 Employees are expected to devote to their assignments the time necessary to meet their responsibilities. The WEA agrees to a sign-in procedure developed by the Chief School Administrator with WEA input and approved by the Board of Education.

13.4 In the formation of teacher committees all such committees openings will be announced and assigned from those who volunteer and are qualified. The administration reserves the prerogative to assign qualified individuals to various committees should there not be enough qualified volunteers.

13.5 Children of any full time employee may attend Westampton Schools at 50% tuition
      providing that the addition of the child does not require the Board of Education to add an additional classroom section or to incur additional educational expenses above the average per pupil cost.
      A maximum of five families will be eligible to participate at the same time. If more than five families were to apply at the same time children already attending school in the district would remain and a lottery would be held to fill any available openings.

Article 14. Facilities

Each school administrator shall continue to provide the following facilities, equipment and supplies in a timely manner:
      A. An appropriately furnished room shall be available for use as a staff lounge. Although employees shall be expected to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of said lounge, it shall be regularly cleaned by the school's custodial staff.
      1. A serviceable desk, chair, and filing equipment for the exclusive use of each teacher shall be provided, if space is available. The Administrator will assure that either the desk or the file cabinet will lock.
      C. Copies, exclusively for each teacher's use, of all texts and teachers' manuals used in each of the courses he is to teach.
      D. A complete dictionary, comparable to Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, in every classroom and office.
      E. Equipment, paper, pencils, pens, erasers, and other such materials required in daily responsibility.
Teachers who work in more than one school building shall be assigned a single classroom or office for their use outside of regular teaching hours during the school day, with a desk or other equivalent facility and a place to store materials and supplies for their personal use. The exception to this policy may be made in the event of increased staff and/or student enrollment.

Article 15. Voluntary Transfers

15.1 All transfers are the sole prerogative of the Board, save for disciplinary transfers as per statute.

15.2 The Superintendent shall post in the staff lounge of each school all known vacancies and new positions which occur, or will occur, and make such postings prior to the date scheduled for the initial interviews except as required by law.

15.3 Employees who desire a change in work assignment, or who desire to transfer to another building, may file a written statement of such desire with the Superintendent not later than March 1st. Such statement shall include the work assignment to which the employee desires to be assigned and the school or schools to which he desires to be transferred, in order of preference.

15.4 As soon as practicable, the Superintendent shall inform the Association of a system-wide schedule showing the names of all employees who have been reassigned or transferred and the nature of such reassignment or transfer.

Article 16. Work Year / Work Day

16.1 Teachers:
A. The teacher work year shall consist of 184 work days.

B. A school year shall include:
1 Those days mandated by the State of New Jersey.
2. Four (4) orientation / in-service days. Days three and four will continue unless the State reduces the current requirement for 100 hours of Professional Development. Day four will conform to a normal half day schedule (8:00 A.M. to 1:15 P.M.)

C. The work day shall consist of seven (7) hours and fifteen (15) minutes for all teachers.
1. Teachers who are assigned to inclusion or co-teaching assignments may be
            assigned to meet for the purpose of common planning during the 8:00 A.M. to 8:15 A.M. time period a maximum of three days per week if the administration is not able to schedule common planning during the rest of the school day.
2. Westampton Middle School teachers shall have a combined total of eighty
            (80) minutes per day for lunch and planning. No less than thirty (30) minutes shall be for lunch. The remaining time (for planning) will be assigned in a single block.
          3. Holly Hills School teachers shall have an uninterrupted, duty-free lunch period of at least forty- five (45) minutes.
      4. Holly Hills School teachers shall be scheduled for at least one (1) planning period per day of at least forty-five (45) minutes.
      5. The above provisions of paragraphs 1, 2. 3. and 4 shall not apply on short days and early dismissal days. Teachers shall continue to assist in getting students to the cafeteria. Teachers shall help in maintaining discipline in the hallways.
      6. Should the Board revise the provisions of 16.1 C, the Board will advise the Association and negotiate the impact of these provisions. These negotiations will be limited to these paragraphs and will not open other Articles to negotiations.
D. A homeroom period shall not exceed fifteen (15) minutes, except in situations deemed as emergencies by the administration.

E. Teachers may leave the building during their lunch. Teachers' planning period must be a school related function. Teachers who are assigned 30 minute lunch periods will be permitted to l eave the building during their planning period to conduct personal business on an occasional basis. When teachers leave the building during lunch or planning periods, they will notify the office of their departure and return. The Board assumes no liability risks.

F. Teachers may be required to remain after the end of the regular work day without additional compensation for the purpose of attending faculty meetings. Such meetings shall begin no later than five (5) minutes after the school work day is finished and shall run no more than forty-five (45) minutes. If additional time is needed, students shall be dismissed early. Notice of meeting shall be given to teachers Involved five (5) calendar days prior to the meetings or three (3) work days prior to the meetings, except for emergency faculty meetings. Teachers shall have the opportunity to suggest items for the agenda. The administration will make every reasonable effort to reduce the number of meetings required of teachers through combining agenda items and/or sessions, or other scheduling techniques.

G. On Friday and days preceding holidays, the teaching day will end when the
children are dismissed.

H. Teachers shall not be required to perform the following non-professional duties except under emergency conditions such as bomb scares, fires, student activism, or other similar conditions.
          1. A.M. or P.M. bus duty.
          2. Collecting money for any purpose.
          3. Sidewalks.
          4. Lavatories.
          5. Registers.
          6 Correcting standardized tests, which are machine scored, and recording
          scores on permanent files. However, these test results must be
          analyzed by the respective teacher.
          7. Custodial functions other than good housekeeping functions.
          8. Other clerical functions other than those directed by the Superintendent:
          Filing of report cards and forms in record folders.
          Duplicate report cards.
          Arranging of class cards and folders alphabetically and by
16.2 Part-Time Aides
A.. For hourly compensated Part-Time Aides, the work day shall consist of less than seven (7) hours per day.
B . Part-Time Aides shall receive ten (10) paid holidays.
C. Part-time aides shall be entitled to one (1) fifteen (15) minute break. Part-time aides working 6.5 hours per day are entitled to a daily unpaid duty-free lunch per statute.
D. Substitute certification renewals for part-time aides will be paid by the District at a cap of $75 after three consecutive years in the District.

16.3 Custodians
A. The custodians' work year shall be twelve months with twelve (12) paid holidays per year:
          July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, December 24th
          and 25th, December 31st, and January 1st, Martin Luther King Day,' Presidents Day,
      Good Friday, and Memorial Day.
B. Full Time Custodians shall be entitled to vacation time according to the following schedule:
              10 days after 1 year
              15 days after 3 years
              20 days after 9 years
C. The work day shall consist of eight (8) hours for all full time custodians. All custodians shall be available during their lunch period for emergencies, but shall not be deprived of their normal lunch time for that day.

D. When schools are closed due to inclement weather, the custodians shall be released to go home by the Supervisor of Maintenance, upon completion of snow removal or the assigned tasks.

E. Custodians will also be granted one floating holiday to be taken with advance approval of supervisor.
    16.4 Bus Driver
        A. The Bus Driver shall be considered a full time, ten-month employee, responsible for completing assignments as per the job description.
    Article 17. Enrichment and Supervisory Schedules

    17.1 Teachers who are assigned to enrichment activities and supervisory responsibilities shall be paid as follows:
        A. Teachers sponsoring co-curricular activities will be compensated for each activity according to the following scale:
            Group A - Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Club Coordinator (HHS), Student Council (WMS).
            Group A activity sponsors are expected to spend a minimum of 95 hours involved with each activity.
            2005-2006 Stipend $2,637
            2006-2007 Stipend $2,769
    2007-2008 Stipend $2,907

            Group B – Art (WMS), Band, Baseball, Cheerleading, Computer Club (WMS), Drama (2 Positions), Eighth Grade Advisor, Field Hockey (2 Teams), Lacrosse, Newspaper, Robotics (WMS), Soccer (2 Teams), Softball, Student Council (HHS), World Language, Yearbook.
            Group B activity Sponsors are expected to spend a minimum of 65 hours involved with each activity.
            Stipend $1,758
            Stipend $1,846
            Stipend $1,938
            Group C - Advanced Ensemble, Art Club (HHS), Channel One, Dance/ Step/Drill Team, Computer Club (HHS), National Honor Society, Vocal Music Club (HHS)
            Group C activity sponsors are expected to spend a minimum of 35 hours involved with each activity.
            Stipend $ 879
            2006-2007 Stipend $ 923
            Stipend $ 969

            Hourly – Safety Patrol (HHS, Intramurals, Site Supervisors
            Hourly activities will be paid at the supervisory rate:

            $27.30 per hour
            $28.67 per hour
            2007-2008 $30.10 per hour
        B. Stipends will increase at the same percentage as the salary index.
      1. Existing advisors will have the opportunity to remain in the position, if so
        desired, unless evaluated to be not meeting objectives of the job description.
      1. Adjustments to the Group levels listed above may be made on a yearly basis by
            agreement of the Board and WEA. Either party may request re-examination of levels.
      2. Splitting of stipends (for an activity) between two people will be permitted when
        the Board and the individuals involved agree.
    A. Duties of supervision as may occur at recess, lunch - cafeteria, detention time,
    homework club and shall be compensated at the following rate:
            $20.48 per 45 minute period
    $13.65 per 30 minute period
        2006-2007 $21.50 per 45 minute period
    $14.33 per 30 minute period
    2007-2008 $22.58 per 45 minute period
    $15.05 per 30 minute period
        B. Duties of tutoring, curriculum writing, summer school, after school standardized test preparation and B.S.I.P. tutoring programs held after school, etc. will be compensated as follows:
    2005-2006 $35.09 per hour
    2006-2007 $36.84 per hour
    2007-2008 $38.68 per hour

    17.3 The Board has the prerogative to determine the number and type of enrichment activities. Those activities shall include, but not be limited to the following:
            Boys' and girls' soccer, girls' field hockey, boys' basketball; girls' basketball, softball; baseball; cheer leading; chorus; Student Council; school newspaper; yearbook; band; World Language Club, computer club, drama club and eighth grade advisor.
    17.4 The Chairperson of the Pupil Assistance Committee, in each building, shall be compensated at the hourly rate with a maximum of the Group C stipend rate.

    Article 18. Duration of Contract

    18.1 This Agreement shall be effective from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2008.
    18.2 The parties have caused this Agreement to be signed by their respective Presidents and
    Secretaries on the day and date below:

        _________________________ ___________________________
        President President

        _________________________ ____________________________
        Secretary Secretary

    Date of Signing


      STEP BA BA15 BA30 M M15 M30

      1 $ 42,119 $ 43,140 $ 44,161 $ 45,182 $ 46,203 $ 47,224
      2 $ 42,319 $ 43,340 $ 44,361 $ 45,382 $ 46,403 $ 47,424
      3 $ 42,473 $ 43,494 $ 44,515 $ 45,536 $ 46,557 $ 47,578
      4 $ 42,679 $ 43,700 $ 44,721 $ 45,742 $ 46,763 $ 47,784
      5 $ 42,886 $ 43,907 $ 44,928 $ 45,949 $ 46,970 $ 47,991
      6 $ 43,902 $ 44,923 $ 45,944 $ 46,965 $ 47,986 $ 49,007
      7 $ 44,917 $ 45,938 $ 46,959 $ 47,980 $ 49,001 $ 50,022
      8 $ 46,188 $ 47,209 $ 48,230 $ 49,251 $ 50,272 $ 51,293
      9 $ 47,457 $ 48,478 $ 49,499 $ 50,520 $ 51,541 $ 52,562
      10 $ 48,726 $ 49,747 $ 50,768 $ 51,789 $ 52,810 $ 53,831
      11 $ 50,250 $ 51,271 $ 52,292 $ 53,313 $ 54,334 $ 55,355
      12 $ 51,774 $ 52,795 $ 53,816 $ 54,837 $ 55,858 $ 56,879
      13 $ 53,803 $ 54,824 $ 55,845 $ 56,866 $ 57,887 $ 58,908
      14 $ 55,834 $ 56,855 $ 57,876 $ 58,897 $ 59,918 $ 60,939
      15 $ 57,992 $ 59,013 $ 60,034 $ 61,055 $ 62,076 $ 63,097
      16 $ 60,150 $ 61,171 $ 62,192 $ 63,213 $ 64,234 $ 65,255
      17 $ 62,435 $ 63,456 $ 64,477 $ 65,498 $ 66,519 $ 67,540
      18 $ 65,283 $ 66,304 $ 67,325 $ 68,346 $ 69,367 $ 70,388
      19 $ 67,638 $ 68,659 $ 69,680 $ 70,701 $ 71,722 $ 72,743
      20 $ 69,811 $ 70,832 $ 71,853 $ 72,874 $ 73,895 $ 74,916
      21 $ 72,064 $ 73,085 $ 74,106 $ 75,127 $ 76,148 $ 77,169
      22 $ 74,491 $ 75,512 $ 76,533 $ 77,554 $ 78,575 $ 79,596
      23 $ 76,996 $ 78,017 $ 79,038 $ 80,059 $ 81,080 $ 82,101

      Longevity $500 in 18th year in District (Staff hired prior to 11/1/94)

      $2,200 in 25th year in District

      Steps do not necessarily reflect years in District.


      STEP BA BA15 BA30 M M15 M30

      1 $ 43,314 $ 44,347 $ 45,380 $ 46,413 $ 47,446 $ 48,479
      2 $ 43,514 $ 44,547 $ 45,580 $ 46,613 $ 47,646 $ 48,679
      3 $ 43,714 $ 44,747 $ 45,780 $ 46,813 $ 47,846 $ 48,879
      4 $ 43,926 $ 44,959 $ 45,992 $ 47,025 $ 48,058 $ 49,091
      5 $ 44,139 $ 45,172 $ 46,205 $ 47,238 $ 48,271 $ 49,304
      6 $ 45,184 $ 46,217 $ 47,250 $ 48,283 $ 49,316 $ 50,349
      7 $ 46,229 $ 47,262 $ 48,295 $ 49,328 $ 50,361 $ 51,394
      8 $ 47,536 $ 48,569 $ 49,602 $ 50,635 $ 51,668 $ 52,701
      9 $ 48,843 $ 49,876 $ 50,909 $ 51,942 $ 52,975 $ 54,008
      10 $ 50,148 $ 51,181 $ 52,214 $ 53,247 $ 54,280 $ 55,313
      11 $ 51,717 $ 52,750 $ 53,783 $ 54,816 $ 55,849 $ 56,882
      12 $ 53,285 $ 54,318 $ 55,351 $ 56,384 $ 57,417 $ 58,450
      13 $ 55,374 $ 56,407 $ 57,440 $ 58,473 $ 59,506 $ 60,539
      14 $ 57,465 $ 58,498 $ 59,531 $ 60,564 $ 61,597 $ 62,630
      15 $ 59,685 $ 60,718 $ 61,751 $ 62,784 $ 63,817 $ 64,850
      16 $ 61,907 $ 62,940 $ 63,973 $ 65,006 $ 66,039 $ 67,072
      17 $ 64,258 $ 65,291 $ 66,324 $ 67,357 $ 68,390 $ 69,423
      18 $ 67,189 $ 68,222 $ 69,255 $ 70,288 $ 71,321 $ 72,354
      19 $ 69,613 $ 70,646 $ 71,679 $ 72,712 $ 73,745 $ 74,778
      20 $ 71,850 $ 72,883 $ 73,916 $ 74,949 $ 75,982 $ 77,015
      21 $ 74,168 $ 75,201 $ 76,234 $ 77,267 $ 78,300 $ 79,333
      22 $ 76,666 $ 77,699 $ 78,732 $ 79,765 $ 80,798 $ 81,831
      23 $79,244 $ 80,277 $ 81,310 $ 82,343 $ 83,376 $ 84,409

      Longevity $500 in 18th year in District (Staff hired prior to 11/1/94)

      $2,200 in 25th year in District

      Steps do not necessarily reflect years in District.


      STEP BA BA15 BA30 M M15 M30

      1 $ 44,891 $ 45,941 $ 46,991 $ 48,041 $ 49,091 $ 50,141
      2 $ 44,891 $ 45,941 $ 46,991 $ 48,041 $ 49,091 $ 50,141
      3 $ 45,091 $ 46,141 $ 47,191 $ 48,241 $ 49,291 $ 50,341
      4 $ 45,091 $ 46,141 $ 47,191 $ 48,241 $ 49,291 $ 50,341
      5 $ 45,309 $ 46,359 $ 47,409 $ 48,459 $ 49,509 $ 50,559
      6 $ 46,383 $ 47,433 $ 48,483 $ 49,533 $ 50,583 $ 51,633
      7 $ 47,455 $ 48,505 $ 49,555 $ 50,605 $ 51,655 $ 52,705
      8 $ 48,797 $ 49,847 $ 50,897 $ 51,947 $ 52,997 $ 54,047
      9 $ 50,138 $ 51,188 $ 52,238 $ 53,288 $ 54,338 $ 55,388
      10 $ 51,478 $ 52,528 $ 53,578 $ 54,628 $ 55,678 $ 56,728
      11 $ 53,088 $ 54,138 $ 55,188 $ 56,238 $ 57,288 $ 58,338
      12 $ 54,698 $ 55,748 $ 56,798 $ 57,848 $ 58,898 $ 59,948
      13 $ 56,843 $ 57,893 $ 58,943 $ 59,993 $ 61,043 $ 62,093
      14 $ 58,989 $ 60,039 $ 61,089 $ 62,139 $ 63,189 $ 64,239
      15 $ 61,268 $ 62,318 $ 63,368 $ 64,418 $ 65,468 $ 66,518
      16 $ 63,549 $ 64,599 $ 65,649 $ 66,699 $ 67,749 $ 68,799
      17 $ 65,962 $ 67,012 $ 68,062 $ 69,112 $ 70,162 $ 71,212
      18 $ 68,971 $ 70,021 $ 71,071 $ 72,121 $ 73,171 $ 74,221
      19 $ 71,459 $ 72,509 $ 73,559 $ 74,609 $ 75,659 $ 76,709
      20 $ 73,755 $ 74,805 $ 75,855 $ 76,905 $ 77,955 $ 79,005
      21 $ 76,135 $ 77,185 $ 78,235 $ 79,285 $ 80,335 $ 81,385
      22 $ 78,700 $ 79,750 $ 80,800 $ 81,850 $ 82,900 $ 83,950
      23 $ 81,346 $ 82,396 $ 83,446 $ 84,496 $ 85,546 $ 86,596

      Longevity $500 in 18th year in District (Staff hired prior to 11/1/94)

      $2,200 in 25th year in District

      Steps do not necessarily reflect years in District.


      Step 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008
      1 $ 23,399 $ 24,276 $ 25,238
      2 $ 23,606 $ 24,491 $ 25,461
      3 $ 23,825 $ 24,718 $ 25,697
      4 $ 24,058 $ 24,960 $ 25,948
      5 $ 24,275 $ 25,185 $ 26,182
      6 $ 24,491 $ 25,409 $ 26,416
      7 $ 24,708 $ 25,635 $ 26,650
      8 $ 24,935 $ 25,870 $ 26,894
      9 $ 25,169 $ 26,113 $ 27,147
      10 $ 25,412 $ 26,365 $ 27,409
      11 $ 25,669 $ 26,631 $ 27,686
      12 $ 26,442 $ 27,434 $ 28,520

      Steps on Index do not necessarily reflect years of service.

      Salary is based on 180 days of service per year. Compensation for 7 paid holidays was included in base salary when converted from an hourly scale in October 1994.


      Step 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008
      1 $ 13.26/hr. $ 13.85/hr. $ 14.55/hr.
      2 $ 13.36/hr. $ 13.95/hr. $ 14.65/hr.
      3 $ 13.50/hr. $ 14.05/hr. $ 14.75/hr.
      4 $ 13.65/hr. $ 14.20/hr. $ 14.85/hr.
      5 $ 13.80/hr. $ 14.37/hr. $ 15.03/hr.
      6 $ 13.97/hr. $ 14.54/hr. $ 15.21/hr.
      7 $ 14.14/hr. $ 14.72/hr. $ 15.39/hr.
      8 $ 14.31/hr. $ 14.90/hr. $ 15.59/hr.
      9 $ 14.49/hr. $ 15.08/hr. $ 15.78/hr.
      10 $ 14.68/hr. $ 15.28/hr. $ 15.99/hr.
      11 $ 14.85/hr. $ 15.46/hr. $ 16.17/hr.
      12 $ 15.03/hr. $ 15.65/hr. $ 16.37/hr.

      Steps on Index do not necessarily reflect years of service.
      Yearly contracts will be based on 180 student days plus 10 paid holidays for a total of 190 days.


      Step 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008
      1 $ 28,862 $ 29,482 $ 29,259
      2 $ 29,662 $ 30,282 $ 30,259
      3 $ 30,462 $ 31,082 $ 31,259
      4 $ 31,262 $ 31,882 $ 32,259
      5 $ 32,482 $ 32,682 $ 33,259
      6 $ 32,828 $ 34,059 $ 34,259
      7 $ 33,175 $ 34,419 $ 35,782
      8 $ 33,524 $ 34,781 $ 36,158
      9 $ 33,882 $ 35,153 $ 36,545
      10 $ 34,258 $ 35,543 $ 36,950
      11 $ 34,651 $ 35,950 $ 37,374
      12 $ 35,064 $ 36,378 $ 37,819
      13 $ 35,502 $ 36,833 $ 38,292
      14 $ 35,943 $ 37,290 $ 38,767
      15 $ 36,458 $ 37,825 $ 39,323
      16 $ 36,898 $ 38,282 $ 39,798
      17 $ 37,338 $ 38,738 $ 40,272
      18 $ 38,282 $ 39,718 $ 41,290
      19 $ 40,616 $ 40,816 $ 42,432
      20 $ 40,862 $ 42,395 $ 42,695

      Includes $1,000 Black Seal bonus.
      Steps on Index do not necessarily reflect years of service.


      Step 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008
      1 $ 25,862 $ 26,482 $ 26,259
      2 $ 26,662 $ 27,282 $ 27,259
      3 $ 27,462 $ 28,082 $ 28,259
      4 $ 28,262 $ 28,882 $ 29,259
      5 $ 29,482 $ 29,682 $ 30,259
      6 $ 29,828 $ 31,059 $ 31,259

      Steps on Index do not necessarily reflect years of service.
      Addendum to Board of Education – WEA
      Contract for 2005-2008

      To be listed on salary indexes for each year:

      Pat Cunningham and Delores Bettner will remain “off guide” for the duration of the Contract. Their salaries will be as follows:

      Pat Cunningham 2005-2006 $79,369
      2007-2008 $83,569

      Dolores Bettner 2005-2006 $81,087
                  2007-2008 $85,440

        Future salary increases for these individuals will be the same dollar amount given to other teachers with comparable index placement.


        _____________________________ ______________________________
        President President

        _____________________________ ______________________________
        Secretary Secretary

        Date of Signing


        Between The


        And The


        July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2008

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