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07/01/2005 thru 06/30/2008

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JULY 1, 2005 – JUNE 30, 2008


The Haddon Township Board of Education places the highest priority on providing the best possible education for each of the students in the district. This conscious striving for excellence is reflected in the programs and facilities which together provide the educational experience in Haddon Township.

Programs and facilities, however, do not appear spontaneously on the educational scene. They are the result of countless day-to-day actions taken by administrators in carrying out the policies established by the Board of Education. The success and quality of the Haddon Township schools is directly attributable to these administrative actions. It is therefore crucial to the continued success of our schools that administrative compensation be managed in a manner which allows the district to attract and retain administrators who will not only maintain but who will increase the quality of the school system.

The Administrative compensation agreement must recognize that there are competing economic realities which must be considered in determining total compensation. First, the market value of a given position is in large measure determined by what value that position is assigned in similar districts. Second, and equally important, the economic resources of a district may impose limits on the ability to provide compensation at a given level. Additional considerations such as district enrollment, school enrollment, and socio-economic demand of the district can influence the level of compensation offered to administrators.

This agreement is directed toward the achievement of the following objectives:

1. To recognize the quality of work performed by the administrators in the Haddon Township School District by providing compensation which is competitive with the highest levels provided in Southern New Jersey.

2. To set salary compensation at a level which can be presented to the citizens of Haddon Township with confidence that it recognizes the demographic and economic character of the district.

        The Superintendent shall, by June 30 of each school year, establish goals and objectives for each member of the administrative staff for the succeeding school year. By the board meeting in May of each school year, the Superintendent shall report to the Board on the performance of each administrator as measured against the administrator’s goals and objectives. This report shall be in writing and shall make provision for being signed by the administrator being reviewed. The review reporting instrument shall include provisions for the reviewed administrator to include his/her comments in the report.

        The Superintendent shall establish criteria to measure performance in meeting these goals and objectives.

A. The total pool of money for administrative salary increases shall be based on the salaries of the following.:
              High School Principal
              High School Assistant Principals
              Elementary Principals
              Director of Special Services
              Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
              Middle School Principal

              This calculation (“the base”) shall be done with the salaries of the individuals who fill the positions as of July 1 of the year preceding the expiration of the contract

B. Starting salaries for any movements and or promotions within the association shall be recommended by the Superintendent to the Board of Education after consultation with the Association.
    C. The total pool of money for administrative salaries shall reflect an overall increase of 3.5% in 2005-06, 3.75% in 2006-07 and 3.9% in 2007-08.
        A. It is also the intent of the Board to recognize the unique contribution of the administrators by considering the provision of compensation and benefits other than salary and in addition to those fringe benefits awarded under the negotiated teachers’ agreement.
                  These additional administrative compensation/benefits should be structured to recognize the individual circumstances of each administrator. The Superintendent shall recommend such additional compensation/benefits to the Board for its consideration, in consultation with the administrators.

        B. For the budget school year, the Board shall establish a fund to be awarded by the Superintendent to members of the Association under the provisions of Section II A above:

                    For an outstanding performance rating… $3,000.*

                    For an outstanding/above average performance rating…$2,000.*

                    For an above average performance rating…$1,000.*

                    For a satisfactory performance rating…$0

                    For a less than satisfactory performance rating…-$1,000.**
                * These amounts would be multiplied by the individual’s responsibility
                factor to determine his/her non-salary fringe benefit amount.

        **This amount would be “banked” to be charged against future awards for

        C. Job Responsibility Factor
                  The positions covered by this agreement are ranked according to responsibility as follows:

                  Title Responsibility Factor
                  High School Principal 1.32
                  Middle School Principal 1.26
                  Elementary Principal 1.23
                  Director of Special Services 1.23
                  High School Assistant Principal 1.00
                  Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 1.00
        D. Computation of Administrative Compensation
                  The Superintendent shall determine the salary increase which the lowest ranked member of the Association (as covered in C above) would receive for Performance Evaluation ratings ranging from 1.0 (Outstanding) to 3.0 (Satisfactory). To determine the amount of salary increase, multiply the Responsibility Factor (determined in C above) x the increase for the administrator’s rating range, based on the Superintendent’s Performance Evaluation of the administrator, to determine the amount of salary increase for the ensuing school year.

        E. The additional fringe benefits to be considered for each member of this Association may include:
          1. Tax shelter annuity plan
            2. Life insurance/disability insurance

            3. Annual physical examination

            4. Attendance at conventions/meetings, subject to approval of the Superintendent and Board

            5. Eyeglasses

            6. Other insurance plans, as approved

            7. Graduate credits toward the completion of a doctoral degree in a program approved by the Superintendent from an accredited college or university.

            8. Individual’s suggestion
                      Any tax liability involved with any of these choices belongs to the individual administrator.
              F. Payment of benefits shall be in accordance with Article VII of the Haddon Township Board of Education Administrators’ Deferred Compensation Plan.

              G. The Board shall establish payment for unused accumulated sick leave upon service retirement at the rate of $64.75 per day for the 2005-06 school year and $ 67.18 per day for the 2006-07 school year and 69.80 for the 2007-08 school year up to a maximum of 215 days. (Minimum 60 accumulated days to qualify and payment is to be made only for days accumulated in Haddon Township.) This provision shall apply to all certified and non-certified administrators covered by this agreement.

              III. MISCELLANEOUS

              A. After 15 years in an administrative position in the district, the administrator shall receive an additional week vacation.
                B. Principals may attend their national convention once every three years at Board Expense.

                C. Upon retirement, administrators shall be paid their per diem rate for all accumulated unused vacation days and accumulated unused sick leave (per Section IIG). If the employee notifies the Board of his/her intention to retire by January 1, the payment will be made in July of the next budget year. If the employee notifies the Board after January 1, the payment will be made in July of the following budget year.
                  D. If an administrator is directed to temporarily assume the duties of another administrator who is absent for a period that exceeds ten working days, said administrator shall receive compensation on a case by case basis according to the absent administrator’s responsibility factor and input from the Association..

                  E. The Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds shall be entitled to the following fringe benefit:

                  1. Black Seal License stipend

                    Except as this Agreement shall hereinafter otherwise provide all terms and conditions of employment applicable on the effective date of this Agreement shall continue to be so applicable during the term of this Agreement.

                    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be signed by their respective presidents and attested by their respective secretaries.

                    Haddon Twp. Principals and Supervisors Haddon Twp. Board of Education

                    By ______________________, President __________________, President

                    By ______________________, Secretary __________________, Secretary

                    Date: _____________________________ Date: ______________________

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