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City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
Eliizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
Elizabeth Admin/Supv CoMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Admin/Supv CoMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Benevolent AssnMunicipal07/01/2013 - 06/30/2017No
Elizabeth City Hall Ees AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
Elizabeth City Hall Maint AssnMunicipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
Elizabeth City Hall Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal10/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal10/01/1978 - 09/30/1980No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1992 - 03/31/1994No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 12/31/1992No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
Elizabeth Emergency Med Serv AssnMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
Elizabeth Fire Offrs AssnMunicipal07/01/2017 - 06/30/2021No
Elizabeth Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth Police Mech & Elec AssnMunicipal01/01/1993 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2014No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal04/01/1985 - 03/31/1987No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal04/01/1983 - 03/31/1985No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal04/01/1979 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1979No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal01/01/1990 - 12/31/1992No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal01/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
Elizabeth Police SOAMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal07/01/2017 - 06/30/2021No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
Elizabeth Pub Health Nurses AssnMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
Elizabeth Rec Dept SupvsMunicipal01/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal04/10/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Rec Dept Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal11/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Rec Maint Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth Water Utility Rank/File AssnMunicipal07/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Water Utility Rank/File AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Water Utility Supvs AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/01/1986No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs AssnMunicipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980Yes
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978Yes
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
Elizabeth Yard Wkrs Supv AssnMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
Elizabeth Yard Wrks Supv AssnMunicipal07/01/2017 - 06/30/2021No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal07/01/2003 - 06/30/2005No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1987No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1991 - 12/31/1993No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1989 - 12/31/1990No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1980 - 12/31/1981No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
FMBA Loc 9Municipal01/01/1970 - 12/31/1970No
IAEP Loc 87Municipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
IAFF Loc 2040Municipal07/01/2003 - 06/30/2005No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal07/01/1977 - 06/30/1979No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal04/01/1985 - 03/31/1987No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal04/01/1983 - 03/31/1985No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal04/01/1979 - 03/31/1980No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal01/01/1992 - 12/31/1993No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal01/01/1990 - 12/31/1991No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
IAFF Loc 2040 (Superiors)Municipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
IBTMunicipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
IBT Loc 866Municipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
IBT Loc 866Municipal01/01/1977 - 06/30/1978No
IBT Loc 866Municipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
IBT Loc 866Municipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
NJCSA Co 8 Municipal07/01/2017 - 06/30/2021No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal07/01/2001 - 06/30/2005No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal07/01/1994 - 06/30/1998No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal04/01/1992 - 06/30/1994No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
NJCSA Co 8 IFPTEMunicipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
PBA Loc 4Municipal07/01/2018 - 06/30/2022No
PBA Loc 4Municipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2014No
PBA Loc 4Municipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No
PBA Loc 4Municipal04/01/1985 - 03/31/1987No
PBA Loc 4Municipal04/01/1983 - 12/31/1985No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1994 - 12/31/1996No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1980 - 12/31/1981No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1979 - 12/31/1979No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1977 - 12/31/1978No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
PBA Loc 4Municipal01/01/1970 - 12/31/1970No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1990 - 03/31/1992No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1986 - 03/31/1988No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1984 - 03/31/1986No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1982 - 03/31/1984No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1980 - 03/31/1982No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal04/01/1978 - 03/31/1980No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal01/01/1977 - 03/31/1978No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal01/01/1975 - 12/31/1976No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal01/01/1973 - 12/31/1974No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal01/01/1971 - 12/31/1972No
SEIU Loc 455Municipal01/01/1970 - 12/31/1970No
Union Co 8Municipal07/01/2013 - 06/30/2017No
Union Co 8Municipal07/01/2009 - 06/30/2013No
Union Co 8Municipal07/01/2005 - 06/30/2009No

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