Contract Between
Delran Tp-Burlington
- and -
Delran Sergeant's Association a/w FOP Lodge #230
* * *
01/01/2012 thru 12/31/2015


Contract Text Below




JANUARY 1, 2012 - DECEMBER 31, 2015


THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into by and between the TOWNSHIP OF DELRAN in the County of Burlington, a Municipal Corporation of the State of New Jersey (hereinafter referred to as the “Township”), and THE DELRAN SERGEANT’S ASSOCIATION in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #230 as the representative for the purposes of collective negotiations of all Sergeants employed by the Police Department of the Township of Delran (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”), represents the complete and final understanding on all bargainable issues between the Township and the Association and is designed to maintain and promote a harmonious relationship between the Township and such of its employees who are covered by Article 1, Recognition, in order that more efficient and progressive public service may be rendered.



A. THE TOWNSHIP RECOGNIZES THE DELRAN SERGEANT’S ASSOCIATION in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #230 as the representative for the purposes of collective negotiations of all Sergeants employed by the Police Department of the Township of Delran. This representation includes all terms and conditions of employment for the collective bargaining process. However, this recognition shall not be interpreted as having the effect of abrogating the rights on Employees as established under the laws of 1968 Chapter 303 as amended.

B. The title of Sergeant shall be defined to include the plural as well as the singular, shall include males and females, and are synonymous with the work employees.

A. It is recognized that the need for continued and uninterrupted operation of the Township is of paramount importance to the citizens of the Township of Delran, in the County of Burlington, the State of New Jersey, and that there should be no interference caused by the Association or its members with such operation.

B. The Association covenants and agrees that during the terms of this Agreement neither the Association nor any person acting in its behalf will cause, authorize, or support any strike (i.e., the concerted failure to report for duty, or willful absence of a Policeman from his position or stoppage of work or absence in whole or in part, from the full, faithful and proper performance of said Policeman’s duties of employment), work stoppage, slowdown, walkout or other job action against the Township. Any unauthorized or illegal action would constitute a material breach of this agreement.

C. The Association agrees that it will do everything in its power to prevent its members from participating in any strike, work stoppage, slowdown or other activity aforementioned or support by any action prohibited by this Agreement any such activity by any other employee or group of employees of the Township, and that the Association will publicly disavow such action and advise all such members who participate in such activities to cease and desist from same immediately and to return to work.

D. In the event of a strike, slowdown, walkout or job action, it is covenanted and agreed that participation in any such activity by any Association member or any employee represented by the Association shall entitle the Township to deem such activity as ground for appropriate action against the individual subject, however, to the application of procedures set forth by law.

E. Nothing contained in the Agreement shall be construed to limit or restrict the Township in its right to seek and obtain such judicial relief as it may be entitled to have in law or in equity for injunction or damages, or both, in the event of such breach by the Association or its members.
F. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as limiting or restricting any individual from the free exercise or his/her rights under the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of New Jersey.

A. The Township hereby retains and reserves unto itself, without limitation, all powers, rights, authority, duties and responsibilities conferred upon and vested in it prior to the signing of this Agreement by the Laws and Constitution of the State of New Jersey and of the United States, including but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following rights:

1. To the executive management and administrative control of the Township Government and its properties and facilities, and the activities of its employees.
2. To hire all employees and subject to the provisions of law, to determine their qualifications and conditions for continued employment or assignment and to promote and transfer employees;
3. To suspend, demote, discharge or take other disciplinary action for good and just cause according to law.

B. The exercise of the foregoing powers, rights, authority, duties and responsibilities of the Township, the adoption of policies, rules, regulations and practices and furtherance thereof, and the use of judgment and discretion in connection therewith shall be limited only by the specific and express terms hereof and in conformance with the Constitution and Laws of New Jersey and of the United States.

C. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to deny or restrict the Township or the Association of its rights, responsibilities and authority under R.S. 40 and R.S. 11, R.S. 40A, or any other national, state, county or local laws or ordinances.


A. The base salaries of all Sergeants covered by this Agreement will be as follows per annum, per year indicated.
                  STEP 1 STEP 2
Beginning January 1, 2012 $90,441 $93,615
Beginning January 1, 2013 $92,250 $95,487

Beginning January 1, 2014 $94,095 $97,397
Beginning January 1, 2015 $95,977 $99,345


    Employees who have served in a full-time capacity in the Police Division for at least four (4) years on any January 1 shall be eligible for the longevity program in accordance with the schedule noted below.

          After 4 years 2.5 percent per annum of base salary
After 7 years 3.5 percent per annum of base salary
After 10 years 4.5 percent per annum of base salary
After 13 years 5.5 percent per annum of base salary

B. The Township shall pay Longevity to those employees who have served in a full time capacity in the police division based upon the eligibility requirements in accordance with the schedule noted above. The employees shall become eligible for the steps in the Longevity schedule based upon the anniversary of their hire date. The employee’s longevity shall be a component of their base salary and will be paid as part of the biweekly payroll.


The Township shall pay a stipend of $1,350 to that individual Sergeant who is permanently assigned as a Detective. Such payment will be made on a monthly basis.


A. The Township shall provide for shift differential to all Sergeants covered by this agreement based on the following rates 12 – 8 shift - $1075 and 4 to 12 shift $975 per year.

B. All Sergeants permanently scheduled to work the 4-12 shift or the 12-8 shift will receive payment of shift differential in accordance with the schedule above based upon 2,080 hours a year.

C. For those employees not permanently scheduled to work the 4-12 or 12-8 shift, those employees will be paid shift differential for hours actually worked during these periods.
D All Sergeants shall be paid $40 overtime shift differential which shall become a component of the base and be paid in the biweekly pay in lieu of being paid shift differential for overtime hours.

E. All Sergeants permanently scheduled to work the 4–12 shift or the 12–8 shift will receive their respective shift differential, which shall be included in the base salary. The shift differential amount shall be determined by the shift the officers are permanently scheduled on January 1 of that year.

A. The Township shall provide term life insurance for all employees covered under this contract in the amount of $50,000.
B. The Township shall provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance for all employees covered under this contract in the amount of $50,000.
C. The Township shall provide disability insurance for all employees covered under this contract, which will provide payment of 66 2/3% of the regular base salary per week during the disability.

A. In addition to the salary noted in Article 4, College Incentive Pay will be paid at the rate of sixteen Dollars ($16) per course credit per year.

B. Payment is conditioned upon the following:
      1. The Sergeant must be enrolled in a college program and the courses taken must lead to a degree or certificate in a recognized police field (as per LEEP-3 Form) or have earned a degree or certificate in a police field (as per LEEP-3 Form).
          2. The courses, for which credit will be given under this Article, must have been satisfactorily completed with a minimum of one (1) grade point (or equivalent) per credit hour.
          3. Payment for college credits will be made in the base salary. All transcripts of courses taken must be submitted on or before May 15 for payment on June 1.
          4. Employee to be eligible must have passed course work in last two (2) calendar years.

A. Full-time employees covered under the Agreement shall earn vacation during each year of service based on the following schedule:

1 - 4 13
5 - 9 16
10 - 14 18
15 - 19 20
20 24

B. Employees may carry over three (3) vacation days which have to be utilized by March 31 of the following year. Employees may carryover an additional three (3) days with the approval of the Chief of Police based upon need and/or extenuating circumstances.

C. Any employee hired January 1, 1989 and thereafter will use the Civil Service regulations as their basis for calculating their earned vacation time during their first calendar year of employment, which is one vacation day for each full or portion of month employed. (Example: hire date of June 15, 1989, employee will earn seven (7) days of vacation in 1989, thirteen (13) days vacation for 1990, and sixteen (16) days vacation beginning in 1994).


A. Sergeants covered under this Agreement shall continue to be eligible for thirteen (13) paid holidays in accordance with present practices. The holidays are: New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King Day; President’s Day; Good Friday; Easter Sunday; Memorial Day observed (fourth Monday in May); Independence Day; Labor Day; Veteran’s Day; Thanksgiving Day; Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

B. All holiday pay shall be paid as a component of the base.

C. Employees shall receive four (4) Personal days per year.
    1. They shall be non-cumulative
    2. Will not be counted in holiday pay
    3. Shall be granted based on departmental needs.

    Detectives and any other Sergeants that work a Monday through Friday schedule shall be scheduled off on all holidays as defined in Article 12, Section A. and shall continue to be compensated for such holidays in accordance with Article 12, Sections A & B. Officers temporarily assigned to light duty are excluded from this provision.
    ARTICLE 12

    A. The Township agrees to continue to provide a hospitalization and medical-surgical insurance plan equal to or better than the State Health Benefits program in effect as of July 1, 2009, which the employer shall move to as soon as practical, during the lifetime of this agreement in accordance with present practice

    B. The State Health Benefit Plan will also include the prescription plan with co-pays as stipulated by the Plan which is attached and as outlined by the State Health Benefits Program for Local Employers.

    C. Sergeants shall be provided a family dental plan in accordance with present practice equivalent to the current dental program. The Township may, at any time, change carriers so long as substantially similar benefits are provided

    D.. Eye Care Plan shall be provided as follows: The Township shall reimburse the employee for the cost of the examination, upon receipt of acceptable forms developed for this purpose, up to a total of $200. If the examination costs less than $200, the remainder shall be used to reimburse the employee upon receipt of above-referenced forms, for the cost of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses or protective eyewear if so prescribed during the original examination. In the event that the original examination does not result in such a prescription, the remainder of the original $200, if any shall be used to reimburse the employee, upon receipt of acceptable forms, for the cost of an eye examination and/or corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses prescribed for an employee’s spouse or child. In no event shall the total reimbursement in one calendar year to an employee exceed $200. The employee is required to receive an eye examination once every two years in order to be eligible for the eye care benefit.

    E. The Township may, at any time, change insurance carriers so long as substantial similar benefits are provided.

    F. Specific insurance plans referenced within this Article indicate the level of insurance provided at the time of signing of this Contract.

    G. HEALTH INSURANCE BUYOUT – Beginning in 2014 any employee who has health insurance from their spouse may elect a buyout from the Township insurance under receipt of acknowledgment of other health insurance. This buyout benefit does not extend to those employees who have a spouse covered by NJSHBP. Those eligible for the benefit shall receive $3500 on December 1 of each of the contract years. Employee must have received no form of health insurance during that entire calendar year up to that point.

    ARTICLE 13

    A. The Township will continue to issue appropriate uniforms and/or replacements and the discretion of the Chief may be required. In addition to the uniforms, the Township will reimburse $250 per year for uniform or work shoes.

    B. Each Detective shall be reimbursed in the amount of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) per annum in lieu of equipment and uniform issue. In the event an officer serves as a Detective for less than a year, he shall receive a pro-rated amount. Payment shall be made quarterly conditional on receipts for clothing.

    C. Township will pay Seven Hundred Ten Dollars ($710) as a cash payment in one lump sum on or before the thirtieth day following the adoption of the Township’s annual budget of each year for the maintenance, alteration (except for new uniforms which will be paid by the Township) and cleaning of uniforms provided under Paragraph A of this article.

    D .All officers will be measured for new uniforms provided under Paragraph A of this article on or before February 15 of each year, and these uniforms will be provided to the employee no later than December 1 of each year.

    E. Shoe allowance may be used for athletic shoes provided their uniform footwear including boots would pass inspection.

    ARTICLE 14

    A. Bereavement Leave for a death in the family:

    1. Employee shall be granted up to three (3) working days off with full pay for reason of a death in the employee’s immediate family. For the purpose of this Article, immediate family shall be defined as the employee’s mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, spouse, child, sibling, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, or grandchild.

    2. An additional number of days up to four (4) days of sick leave shall be granted for reason of a death in the employee’s immediate family.

    ARTICLE 15
    A. The employee covered under this Agreement shall work an average of forty (40) hours per week.

    B. OVERTIME - Overtime compensation will begin 15 minutes after the regular shift ends. There will be no compensation for the first 15 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, overtime compensation will be made on the following basis:

    1. 1 through 15 minutes - 30 minutes pay
    2. 16 through 45 minutes - One (1) hour pay
    3. 46 through 50 minutes - One (1) hour 15 minutes pay

    7:45 – 8:00 No Pay
    8:01 – 8:15 30 Minutes
    8:16 – 8:45 1 Hour
    8:46 – 9:00 1 Hour 15 Minutes
    9:01 – 9:15 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    9:16 – 9:45 2 Hours
    9:46 – 10:00 2 hours 15 minutes

        All hours will be paid at the rate of one and one-half (1.5) times the employee’s base salary or at the rate of one and one-half (1.5) compensatory hours as declared by the employee in accordance with paragraph 4(b) of this Article.
        Employees working overtime on a holiday will be paid double time.
        No employee shall accumulate more than 480 compensatory hours per calendar year.
        Employees must within one (1) month subsequent to the signing of this contract declare in writing to the Chief or police his/her intention to receive compensatory time off rather than overtime pay, subject to section 4B of this Article.
        Overtime selection for the annual Delran High School Homecoming Parade (Traffic Control) shall be determined by the overtime logbook and shall begin with the officer having the fewest number of hours.

    C. SHIFTS Shifts shall be determined by the Chief of Police and Sergeants Association on mutual agreement.

    D. Employee shall not change from compensatory payment to overtime payment during the calendar year subject to the provisions in section 4 (b) of this Article.

    E. COURT - Employees who are subpoenaed to appear in Court other than Delran Municipal Court in connection with their job duties on their time off will be compensated at the rate specified in Paragraph B of this Article.

    F. MUNICIPAL COURT - Employees who are required to appear in the Delran Municipal Court on their time off will receive compensatory time at time and one-half. Reasonable efforts will be made by the Township to schedule Municipal Court appearances when the police officer is regularly scheduled for duty.

    G. TIMELINESS OF PAYMENT OF OVERTIME - All overtime pay earned during one calendar month shall be paid to the employee as soon as possible but no later than the date of the second regular pay day of the month following the month in which the overtime is earned. All overtime reports must be submitted by the employee to their immediate supervisor no later than the third day of the month following the month in which the overtime is earned.

    H. No officer shall be contacted to work overtime more than 48 hours in advance of any scheduled overtime.

    I. An officer will be permitted to be off if Jury Duty is scheduled on his shift or a delayed start if his shift is to be commencing immediately after Jury Duty with notice to the Chief.

    ARTICLE 16

    A. Definition - Sick leave is hereby defined to mean absence from post of duty of an employee because of illness, accident, or exposure to contagious disease.

    B. Service Credit for Sick Leave - All permanent employees, or full-time provisional employees, shall be entitled to sick leave with pay based on their aggregated years of permanent and/or full-time provisional service.

    C. Amount of Sick Leave - Sick leave with pay shall accrue to any full-time employee appointed after the effective date of this contract based on:
        1. The first calendar year (January 1 - December 31) of service - one (1) working day of sick leave with pay for each full or partial month of service.
        2. During the second calendar year of employment and each year thereafter - fifteen (15) days of sick leave with pay in every calendar year.
        3. In computing the amount of pay for sick leave there shall be deducted from said amount, the amount of money, if any, which said employee is paid in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey for temporary disability, for any period for which said employee is entitled to such leave with pay.

    Reporting of Absence on Sick Leave
    1. If an employee is absent for reasons that entitle him to sick leave, his supervisor shall be notified promptly as of the employee’s usual reporting time, except in those work situations where notice must be made prior to the employee’s starting time.
    2. Failure to notify his supervisor may be cause of denial of the use of sick leave for that absence and constitute cause for disciplinary action.

    3. Absence without notice for five (5) consecutive days shall constitute a resignation.

    E. Verification of Sick Leave
    1. An employee who shall be absent on sick leave for three (3) or more consecutive working days shall be required to submit acceptable medical evidence substantiating the illness.

    (a) In the case of an illness of a chronic or recurring nature causing an employee’s periodic or repeated absence from duty for one (1) day or less, only one (1) medical certificate shall be required for every six-month (6) period as a sufficient proof of need of leave of absence of the employee. However, the certificate must specify that the chronic or recurring nature of the illness is likely to cause subsequent absences from employment.

    (b) The Township may require proof of illness of an employee on sick leave whenever such requirement appears reasonable and warranted under the circumstances. Abuse of sick leave shall be cause for disciplinary action.

    2. In case of leave of absence due to exposure for contagious disease, a certificate from the Department of Health shall be required.

    3. The Township may require an employee who has been absent because of personal illness, as a condition of his return to duty, to be examined at the expense of the Township, by a physician designated by the Township. Such examination shall establish whether the employee is capable of performing his normal duties and that his return will not jeopardize his or the health of other employees, except for periodic required physical and mental examinations. Only in such cases will the Township be required to pay for physician’s expenses or fees.

    F. Accumulated Sick Leave
    Eligibility - employee at retirement or permanent disability only.
    1. Employees shall receive direct cash payment for one-half of accumulated sick days at their current rate up to a maximum of $28,500. Conditions: One year’s written notice. Payment may be made over three years at employee’s option.

                          ARTICLE 17
        The Township may require that each employee have an annual physical examination.

        The cost of said examination shall be borne by the Township.
        The Township will provide a list of not less than three (3) qualified physicians. From said list, each employee must choose one (1) who will be charged with administering said physical. Within a reasonable time after the selection of the doctor to administer the physical, the Township will schedule said examination accordingly.

    ARTICLE 18

    1. The purpose of this procedure is to secure, at the lowest possible level, an equitable solution to the problems which may arise affecting the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    2. Nothing herein shall be construed as limiting the right of any employee having a grievance to discuss the matter informally with any appropriate member of the Department.

    1. Grievance may be raised by an individual or the Association at the request of and on behalf of an individual or individuals.

    2. A grievance arising over the interpretation, application, or alleged violation of the terms or conditions of this Agreement may be processed through all steps of the grievance procedure terminating in Binding Arbitration. No individual may process a grievance to binding arbitration without the approval of the Association’s Executive Committee.

    3. A grievance arising over a disciplinary matter may be processed through all steps of the grievance procedure and will terminate with P.E.R.C., Civil Service or the New Jersey Courts, whichever is appropriate. Minor disciplinary beyond written letter of reprimand and up to and including five (5) days of suspension will be permitted to go through the grievance process including binding arbitration.
    4. A grievance concerning policy matters or rules and regulations of the Department or Township will be processed through all steps of the grievance procedure including PERC, Civil Service, or the Courts and will be binding.

    The following constitutes the sole and exclusive method for resolving grievances between the parties covered by this Agreement, and shall be followed in its entirety unless any step is waived by mutual consent:

    (a) An aggrieved employee or the Association on behalf of an aggrieved employee or employees shall institute action under the provisions hereon within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of the grievance. An earnest effort shall be made to settle the differences between the aggrieved employee and the Chief of Police or his designee, for the purpose of resolving the matter informally. Failure to act within said thirty (30) days shall be deemed to constitute an abandonment of the grievance.

    (b) The Chief of Police or his designee shall render a decision within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the grievance.

    (a) In the event a satisfactory settlement has not been reached, the employee or the Association shall, in writing and signed, file the grievance with the Administrator or his designee within fifteen (15) days following the determination at Step One.
    (b) The Administrator and/or Mayor shall render a decision in writing within fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the grievance

    (a) In the event the grievance has not been resolved at Step Two, then within fifteen (15) days following the determination the matter may be referred to the Council, who shall review the matter and make a determination within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the grievance.

    (a) In the event the grievance has not been resolved at Step Three, and concerns the interpretation, application, or alleged violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Association may file with PERC.

    (b) The arbitrator will be appointed and the case will be heard in accordance with the rules and regulations of PERC except as modified by this Agreement. The arbitrator shall set forth his findings of fact and law and reasoning in rendering his decision, and shall submit such decision in writing to the parties.

    (c) The decision of the arbitrator shall be binding. The arbitrator shall be without power to alter, amend or modify the terms of this Agreement, or to make any decision which requires the commission of an act prohibited by law or which is contrary to the terms of this Agreement.

    (d) The cost for the services of the arbitrator shall be borne equally by the parties. The party incurring the same shall pay any other expenses incurred.

    (e) No response at any Step in this procedure by the Township or its agents shall be deemed a negative response and upon termination of the applicable time limits, the grievance may proceed to the next step upon written notice to the Township Clerk.

    (f) Time limits may be extended by the parties by mutual written agreement.

    ARTICLE 19

    A. Any employee called into the Armed Forces of the United States during national emergency shall receive the protection of all applicable laws.

    ARTICLE 20

    A. In accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:14-155, whenever a member or officer of the Police Department is a defendant in any action or legal proceeding arising out of or incidental to the performance of his duties, the governing body of the municipality shall provide said member or officer with necessary means for the defense of such action or proceeding, but not for his defense in a disciplinary proceeding instituted against him by the municipality or in a criminal proceeding instituted as a result of a complaint on behalf of the municipality. If any such disciplinary or criminal proceeding instituted by or on complaint of the municipality shall be dismissed or finally determined in favor of the member or officer, he shall be reimbursed for the expense of his defense.

    ARTICLE 21

    A. A bulletin board shall be made available by the Township for the use of the Association for the purpose of posting Association announcements and other information not of an inflammatory or derogatory nature. Prior to the posting of any announcements, the Association shall furnish a copy to the Chief of Police. The Township may have removed from the bulletin board any material which does not conform to the intent of the above provision of this Article.

    B. No Township job vacancies shall be posted on said bulletin board, except with written permission of the Township.

    ARTICLE 22

    A. There shall be no discrimination by the Township or the Association against an employee because of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

    B. There shall be no discrimination, interference, restraint, or coercion by the Township or any of its representatives against any of the employees covered under this Agreement because of their membership of non-membership in the Association or their activity or inactivity with respect to such Association.

    ARTICLE 23

    If any provision of this agreement or any application of this Agreement to any employee or group of employees is held invalid by operation of law or by a Court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be inoperative but all other provisions shall not be affected hereby and shall continue in full force and effect
    ARTICLE 24

    A. This Agreement represents and incorporates the complete and final understanding and settlement by the parties of all bargainable issues that were or could have been the subject of negotiations. Neither party will be required to negotiate with respect to any such matter whether or not covered by this Agreement and whether or not within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both parties at the time they negotiated or signed this Agreement.

    B. This Agreement shall not be modified in whole or in part by the parties except by an instrument in writing only executed by both parties.
    ARTICLE 25

    Upon the written authorization of any employee covered by this contract, the Township agrees to deduct from the wages of the employee the sum certified by the Association as the dues on a monthly basis. Any employee desiring to discontinue dues deduction shall, in writing, notify the Township specifying such discontinuance including the effective date. The Township also agrees to deliver on a monthly basis the total sum thus withheld to the duly authorized Association representative. The Association agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Township of and from any and all claims, suits or actions which may be filed against the Township in connection with dues check off.

    ARTICLE 26

    The Township shall provide a cash payment reimbursement to any employee who retired from the Township, to help defray the cost for the premium for their obtaining their own health insurance, with the following conditions:

    1. The employee shall have been retired with 25 years of service in the PFRS system.

    2. The employee will receive this benefit for a maximum of ten (10) years.

    3. Employees shall have the right to choose either a maximum of $6,875 for reimbursement of selecting only health insurance in2014 and $7,000 in 2015 or a sub-limit of $3437.50 in 2014 and $3500 in 2015 which may be used by an employee who is not going to be utilizing health insurance reimbursement in order to obtain prescription plan, eye exam, glasses, and/or dental coverage. The required proof of payment will be the same as is already spelled out in the contract. The ten (10) year period starts at the retired employees request and is continuous for the ten (10) year period.

    4. The only exception to the above three (3) conditions will be if an employee takes early retirement for disability purposes in accordance with the terms of PFRS. The Township then will provide $6,875 in 2014 and $7,000 in 2015 cash reimbursement for health insurance premium paid by the disabled employee for a maximum of ten (10) years after the date of the early retirement. Only those employees having at least fifteen (15) years employment with the Township will be eligible for this benefit after taking an early retirement for disability purposes. This reimbursement will be paid by the Township for employees retiring with a disability retirement for Health Insurance only (not prescription, vision nor disability insurance) The retired employee must submit proof of payment (canceled check, paid invoice or receipt from insurance company) to the Township’s Treasurer, who will make payment to the retired employee no later than thirty (30) days after submission of proof of payment by the retired employee.

    5. The retiree qualifying for this benefit shall receive the financial reimbursement level that is provided for in the agreement in the year of their retirement. The reimbursement level shall not be affected by future additions and/or deletions in any agreement negotiated by the DPA or Sergeant’s Association and Township of Delran.
    ARTICLE 27

    A. The Township has previously provided a complete copy of all insurance policies referred to in this agreement to the President of the Sergeant’s Association. Copies of any changes or new policies will be provided to the President of the Sergeant’s Association no later than sixty (60) days after they are received by the Township.
    ARTICLE 28

    A. The Township will provide a complete and accurate report of each employee’s earned, used and accumulated Vacation, Personal and Sick to the employee on or before February 15 of each year.
    ARTICLE 29

    The Township will provide for a Sergeant’s meal after having worked twelve (12) consecutive hours of department assigned work in the amount of Ten Dollars ($10.00). If required to stay overnight at a training facility or other department assignment, then a meal allowance of Five Dollars ($5) for Breakfast; Ten Dollars ($10) for Lunch and Fifteen Dollars ($15) for Dinner would be provided, if meals are not provided or available at no cost.

    ARTICLE 30

      A. The Township shall provide for a minimum of three (3) uniformed officers for all municipal court sessions, for the purpose of providing security and protection against any potential acts of violence.
      B All officers, as defined in Sections A and B of this Article shall in no way detract from the regularly scheduled 8:00 am to 4:00 pm shift.
      C Uniformed officers shall be defined as Sergeants and Patrolmen, and shall exclude all other.

    RTICLE 31

    All salary schedules agreed to in this contract are retroactive to the date specified.

    ARTICLE 32

    All Sergeant’ that have a valid EMT certification will be paid Seven Hundred Sixty-Five Dollars ($765) to be paid on July 1 of each year.

    ARTICLE 33

    In the event a Sergeant or Patrolman calls in sick for a scheduled shift and an overtime shift is created as a result, said overtime can only be filled by a Sergeant or Patrolman.
    ARTICLE 34

    One member of the Executive Board shall be permitted to attend State FOP meetings without loss of time if working that shift or the shift immediately proceeding provided no overtime costs are incurred. A member if the Executive Board can attend grievance hearings, disciplinary hearings or PERC hearings.


    A. This agreement shall be in force and effect as of January 1, 2012 and shall remain in full force and effect through December 31, 2015. This Agreement shall continue in effect from year to year after December 31, 2015 subject to modification, change or termination by either party on written notice, no sooner than one hundred eighty (180) nor later than one hundred fifty (150) days prior to the expiration date of the Agreement.

    B. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be signed by the undersigned at Delran, New Jersey on this day of 2014.

    Township of Delran, N.J. Delran Sergeant’s Association
    Ken Paris, Mayor Sgt. Matthew Gasper

    Jeffrey S. Hatcher, Twp. Administrator ---------------------------------------
    Sgt. James Mitchell


    Jamey Eggers, Twp. Clerk

    Delran Tp and Delran Sergeants Assn 2012.pdf
    Delran Tp and Delran Sergeant's Assn 2012.doc