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07/01/2004 thru 06/30/2007

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A. The Board hereby recognizes the Bergenfield Administrators'

Association as the exclusive negotiation representative, as

defined under the laws of the State of New Jersey as written in

Title 18A of the revised statutes annotated of the State of New

Jersey and in accordance with Public Law #123, for all principals,

assistant principals, directors and supervisors employed by the


B. The term, "administrator", when used hereinafter shall refer
to all professional employees represented by the Association in
the negotiation unit as defined above.



A. Deadline Dates

1. 1. The parties agree to enter into collective negotiations
over a successor agreement in accordance with Chapter 303, Public
Laws of 1968, as amended by Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, in a
good faith effort to reach agreement on all matters concerning the
terms and conditions of employment of supervisory personnel.  The
Board and the Association shall exchange written proposals no
later than January 15th.

2. 2. Negotiations shall commence with a meeting after
receipt of the proposals.

B. Negotiating Team Authority

Neither party in all negotiations shall have control over the

selection of the negotiating representatives of the other party.

The parties mutually pledge that their representatives shall be

clothed with all necessary power and authority to make proposals,

consider proposals and make counter-proposals in the course of the

negotiations. Any agreement reached by the parties shall be

subject to ratification by the Board and the membership of the


C. Modification -Understanding of Parties

1. 1. This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of
the parties on all matters which were or could have been the
subject of negotiations. During the term of this Agreement,
neither party shall be required to negotiate with respect to any
such matter whether or not covered by this Agreement and whether
or not within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both of
the parties at the times they negotiated or executed this

2. 2. This Agreement shall not be modified in whole or in
part by the parties except by an instrument in writing duly
executed by both parties.

3. 3. This Agreement shall be executed as of July 1, 2004 and
shall continue in effect until June 30, 2007, subject to the
Association's right to negotiate over a successor agreement, as
provided herein.



A. Any individual member of the Association shall have the right

to initiate a complaint against the application of policies and

administrative decisions affecting him/her as covered by this

contract. Any person presenting a question or appeal in matters

covered by this Agreement shall be free from restraint,

interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal as a result of

said question or appeal. He/She shall have the right to present

his/her appeal, or to designate another person or group of his/her

own choosing to appear with him/her or for him/her at any step of

his/her appeal. Each side may have representatives at every

meeting concerning a grievance.

B. The initial discussion shall be made with the individual's

immediate supervisor, within thirty (30) calendar days from the

date of the action or decision which forms the subject matter of

the grievance. In the event that the nature of a grievance makes

it inappropriate to follow the regular channel of this procedure,

such grievance may be presented in writing to the next higher

level. If the authority at this level considers the reason for

by-passing the regular channels to be insufficient, he/she shall

notify the complaining party of his/her decision so that the

grievance may be presented through the regular channels.

C. If, as a result of the discussion, the matter is not resolved

to the satisfaction of the employee, within five (5) school days,

he/she shall set forth his/her complaint in writing to his/her

immediate superior. His/Her superior shall communicate his/her

decision to the employee in writing within ten (10) school days of

receipt of the written complaint.

D. The employee may appeal his/her administrator's decision to

the Superintendent of Schools within thirty (30) school days.  The

appeal to the Superintendent must be made in writing and must set

forth the grounds upon which the grievance is based. The

Superintendent shall request a report on the grievance from the

Administrator, shall confer with the concerned parties and upon

request, with the employee or supervisor separately. He/She shall

attempt to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, but within a

period not to exceed thirty (30) school days.  The Superintendent

shall communicate his/her decision in writing.

E. It is understood that at each level of administrative

responsibility the question or grievance shall be reviewed from

all aspects, hearing all sides of the problem so that a decision

can be reached that is fair to all concerned.

F. Again, if mutual satisfaction is not obtained, an appeal by
the employee may be presented, in writing, to the Board of
Education, through the Superintendent of Schools within thirty

. (30) days of the Superintendent's written decision.If requested,
the Board shall review the grievance by holding a closed hearing
and render a decision, in writing, within thirty (30) school days.

. G. Matters not settled at the level of the Board of Education
then enter the procedures established by the Laws of the State
Board of Education, relevant to such situations.

. H. The Association or Superintendent of Schools may initiate
group grievances in which case the procedure outlined above shall
be initiated. Arbitration grievances shall concern the
application and interpretation of the terms of this Agreement.  In
the case in which a grievance is submitted for arbitration, the
arbitrator shall be selected from the panel of and pursuant to the
rules of PERC, John Fitch Plaza, P.O. Box 2209, Trenton, New
Jersey 08625. The opinion of the arbitrator shall be of an
advisory nature and shall not be binding upon either party.  Any
costs arising out of arbitration shall be borne equally between



A. Rights and Protection in Representation

Pursuant to Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, the Board

hereby agrees that every employee of the Board shall have the

right freely to organize, join, and support the Association for

the purpose of engaging in collective negotiations and other

concerted activities for mutual aid and protection.  As a fully

elected body exercising governmental power under color of law of

the State of New Jersey. The Board undertakes and agrees that it

shall not directly or indirectly discourage or deprive or coerce

any rights conferred by Chapter 123, Public Laws of 1974, or other

laws of New Jersey or the Constitutions of New Jersey and the

United States: that it shall not discriminate against any

supervisory employee with respect to hours, wages, or any terms or

conditions of employment by reason of his/her membership in the

Association; his/her participation in any activities of the

Association; collective negotiations with the Board; or his/her

institution of any grievance, complaint or proceedings under this

Agreement, or otherwise with respect to any terms of conditions of


B. Statutory Savings Clause

Nothing contained herein shall be construed to deny or

restrict to any employee such rights as he/she may have under New

Jersey School Laws or other applicable laws and regulations.  The

rights granted to an employee hereunder shall be deemed to be in

addition to those provided elsewhere.

C. Required Meetings or Hearings

1. 1. Whenever any employee is required to appear before the
Superintendent, Board or any committees thereof
concerning any matter that may adversely affect the
status of his/her employment, he/she shall be given
reasonable prior notice (which will be in a written
form) of the reasons for such meeting or interview and
shall have the opportunity to have (a)
representative(s) of the Association and/or attorney
present to advise him/her and represent him/her during
such meeting or interview. Any suspension shall be in
accordance with provisions of 18A:25-6 and shall be
with pay in compliance with 18A:6-8.3 until formal
determination by the appropriate authority.

2. 2. The Association shall have the right to be present to
protect the interests, not only of the individual
involved, but also of the organization as the
bargaining representative exclusively recognized.

D. Criticism of Supervisory Employees

1. 1. Any criticism by a supervisor or Board member of an
employee shall be made in confidence and not in the
presence of teachers, parents, students, or at a public

2. 2. Any complaints regarding an employee made to a
supervisor or Board member must be made in writing.
The complaints must identify a specific individual and
the specific action complained of. If a complaint does
not contain this information, an agent of the Board
will make reasonable attempts to determine this
information with the complainant before addressing the
complaint with the employee. The employee shall be
given the opportunity to respond to and/or rebut such
complaint and shall have the right to be represented by
the Association or legal counsel at any meetings or
conferences regarding such complaint.



A. Information

The Board agrees to provide the Association access to public

records which are required by law to be made, maintained or kept

on file by the Board.

B. Use of School Buildings

Representatives of the Association shall be permitted to

transact official Association business on school property at all

reasonable times with the approval of the Principal and written

notification to the Superintendent by the Association at least

twenty-four (24) hours ahead of the use of the building in non-

emergent cases, provided that this shall not interfere with or

interrupt normal school operations.

C. Use of School Equipment

The Association shall have the right to use school facilities

and equipment, including typewriters, computers, mimeographing

machines, other duplicating equipment, calculating machines and

all types of audiovisual equipment at reasonable times, when such

equipment is not otherwise in use, with the approval of the

Principal and with the understanding that the Association shall be

responsible for the cost of all materials and supplies and the

repair of damage.

D. Exclusive Rights

The rights and privileges of the Association and its members

as set forth in this Agreement shall be granted only to the

Association as the exclusive representative of the administrative

employees, as defined in the unit, and no other minority within

the recognized organization.

E. Agency Shop

1. Purpose of Fee

If an administrator does not become a member of the
Association during any membership year (i.e. from July 1 to the
following June 30) which is covered in whole or in part by this
Agreement, said administrator will be required to pay a
representation fee to the Association for that membership year to
offset the costs of services rendered by the Association as
majority representative.

2. Amount of Fee

Prior to the beginning of each membership year, the

Association will notify the Board in writing of the amount of the

regular membership dues, initiation fees and assessments charged

by the Association to its own members for that membership year.

The representation fee to be paid by non-members will be equal to

the maximum allowed by law.

3. Deduction and Transmission of Fee

. a. The Board agrees to deduct from the salary of any
administrator who is not a member of the Association for the
current membership year the full amount of the representation fee
set forth in Section 2 above and promptly will transmit the amount
so deducted to the Association.

. b. The Board agrees to deduct the representation fee
in equal installments, as nearly as possible, from the paychecks
paid to each administrator during the remainder of the membership
year in question.  The deductions will begin thirty (30) days
after the administrator begins his employment in an Association

4. Save Harmless

The Association agrees to save the Board harmless from
any claims or expenses raised against it pursuant to the Board of
Education fulfilling its contractual obligations in accordance
with the terms of this Article.



A. Right to Full Knowledge

The Board of Education and the Superintendent subscribe to

the principles that an employee has the right to full knowledge

regarding the judgment of his/her supervisor with respect to the

effectiveness of his/her performance and that, further, he/she is

entitled to receive such recommendations that will assist him/her

in increasing the effectiveness of his/her performance.

B. Frequency of Review

The Superintendent shall establish supervisory procedures

that will guarantee a minimum of three (3) written evaluations per

year for each nontenured employee. The process shall be in

accordance with provisions of N.J.A.C. 6:3-1.19. All tenured

administrators will receive a minimum of one (1) written

evaluation per year. Administrators will be evaluated by the

Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

C. Evaluation Procedures

1. Copies of Reports

Each employee shall sign all copies of each written

evaluation, attesting to the fact that the contents of the

evaluation are known to him/her. No written evaluation may become

part of an employee's personnel file without the employee's

signature. Further, each employee shall receive a copy of each

written evaluation within ten (10) school days of the evaluation

conference. In the event an employee refuses to sign the written

acknowledgement, the Superintendent shall call another meeting

with the employee and the Association President or his/her

designee. At the meeting the Superintendent shall demonstrate to

the Association representative that an evaluation of the employee

has been completed and shared with the employee. The

Superintendent and the Association representative shall each sign

a statement acknowledging that the employee was given a copy of

this evaluation. The form of the statement shall be as follows:






This statement shall be incorporated into the body of the

evaluation. The evaluation may then be placed in the employee's

personnel file.

      2. Rights of Employee to Respond

The employee is entitled to have his/her response to

the evaluation appended to the evaluation report.

      3. Notice of Contract Renewal

Each nontenured administrator shall receive written
notice, prior to May 15 of each year, whether or not the
Superintendent intends to recommend a renewal of contract for the
ensuing year, unless a later date is set by statute, regulation or
executive order.


A. Sick Leave

1. Sick leave with pay shall be granted to all full time

employees of the Board on the basis of thirteen (13) school days

per year for each year of employment for those on a ten (10) month

contract and thirteen (13) school days for those on a twelve (12)

month contract. Unused days of sick leave shall be accumulated

from year to year. Sick days shall be prorated for any employee

who works less than a full year.

B. Temporary Leaves of Absence

1. Death in Family

. a. Leave with pay for four (4) days shall be granted
following death in the immediate family (wife, husband, son,
daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, mother-
in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law). Extension
of leaves of this classification shall be at the discretion of the
Superintendent of Schools.

. b. Leave with pay for (1) day may be granted by the
Superintendent of Schools for reason of death of a relative, other
than one in the immediate family, (aunt, uncle, cousin) or others
who have actually occupied a position in fact as a member of the
immediate family. Interpretation of "other" will be at the
discretion of the Superintendent of Schools.

2. Jury Duty

Leave for performance of civic duty in serving on a

petit or grand jury when required by law shall be granted without

loss of pay provided the administrator has first exercised his/her

exemption under N.J.S.A. 2B:20-10. Where the employee is

unsuccessful in receiving an exemption, a letter confirming the

purpose of such leave from a sheriff, court or United States

Attorney, depending on jurisdiction, must be filed with the

Superintendent of Schools immediately upon receipt of written

notice of such required leave.  Remuneration received for service

on a jury excluding any travel allowances, shall be returned to

the school district.

3. Personal Leave

. a. Leave of up to four (4) days for 12 month
employees and up to three (3) days for 10 month employees each
year for personal emergencies may be granted with pay by the
Superintendent of Schools. Such leave shall not be cumulative.

. b. Requests for leave of this nature shall be
submitted to the Superintendent of Schools or his or her designee
for his/her recommendation preferably forty-eight hours in
advance. Reasons for leave in this category may include illness
in family, religious holidays, death of friends, graduation of
members of the immediate family, marriage, marriage of children,
house closing, moving, or other reasons at the discretion of the
Superintendent of Schools.

. c. Additional leave in this category may be granted
with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools not to exceed
ten (10) school days per year.  The following salary deductions
from the employee's annual salary, or portion thereof, may be
applied in instances where such additional leave is granted:

              i) 1/500 of annual salary of twelve-month

              employees; or

              ii) 1/400 of annual salary of ten-month


d. Any unused personal days shall be converted into

sick days at the end of the school year.

      4. Professional Conferences

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee will

consider Bergenfield Administrators' Association member requests

to attend respective annual, national, state or local association

conferences. Such requests will be considered on an individual

basis as reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her


C. Child Care Leave

      1. Child care leave, in addition to the family leave to

      which an employee is statutorily entitled, shall be

      available to all administrators to care for a newborn

      child or an adopted child subject to the following


. a. An administrator shall apply to the Superintendent
in writing for the child care leave.

b. The administrator shall give as much advance
written notice as possible but no less than sixty

(60) days.
. c. The written application shall include the dates
for the commencement and the termination of the
leave. The dates may be adjusted by the Board to
minimize the disruption to the operation of the
school systems.

. d. Any extensions to the leave will be at the
discretion of the Board.

. e. Where child care leave is granted to a nontenured
administrator, the administrator will not accrue
tenure while on leave. The Board need not grant a
leave to a non-tenured administrator which extends
beyond the end of the contract school year in
which the leave is obtained.

. f. A tenured administrator who leaves at the close of
the school year is entitled to a maximum of two

          (2) full school years leave. A tenured
          administrator who leaves during the school year is
          entitled to one (1) full school year, plus the
          remainder of the school year in which he/she left.

          In either case, the administrator must notify the

          Superintendent of School in writing of his/her

          intent to return to work by April 1 prior to the

          September of his/her return.

1. 2. Female administrators who want to return to work after
the birth of their child rather than take disability
leave, family leave or child care leave pursuant to
this provision, may do so by providing a physician's
certificate which attests to the ability to perform the
administrative duties required by the Board.

. 3. Female administrators shall be entitled to remain in
their position while pregnant provided:

. a. Performance is not affected by the condition; and

. b. A physician's certificate can be provided which
attests to the administrator's ability to perform
her duties in the event that the Board or the
Superintendent has reason to suspect that the
administrator is unable to so perform. The Board
reserves the option to have the Board physician
evaluate an administrator's ability to perform.
Where the opinion of the administrator's physician
contradicts the Board's physician, the Board may,
at its own cost seek the opinion of a third
physician which it selects jointly with the
administrator and whose opinion shall be final and

1. 4. Where both parents/guardians of an adopted or newborn
child are employed by the Board, only one
parent/guardian shall be entitled to a child rearing

2. 5. All requests for extensions or renewals of leaves shall
be made in writing to the Superintendent. The

          Superintendent shall respond to the request in writing,

          subsequent to approval/disapproval by the Board of


D. Sabbatical Leave

1. Basis for Leave

A sabbatical leave may be granted to an administrator

by the Board for graduate study, independent study or research

deemed to be of benefit to the aims and objectives of the

Bergenfield School District. The applicant's record of

performance shall be considered in the Superintendent's

recommendation to the Board.

2. Procedure

. a. Applicants must have held an administrative
position for seven (7) continuous years in the Bergenfield School

. b. The leave will encompass one (1) year at 1/2
contractual salary.

. c. Salary and seniority after returning will be equal
to the level the employee would have received had he/she continued
in his/her position.

. d. Application must be made twelve (12) months
preceding the school year in which the leave is to take place.
Applicants must be notified in writing by January 1.



A. The Board of Education and the Association agree that it is

the responsibility of the administrator to structure his/her time

and organization to insure that all duties are performed and

obligations met. This concept recognizes the professional nature

of the position and that any time limitation diminishes the


. B. 12 Month Contract

. 1. The contract period shall be July 1 to June 30.

. 2. A twenty (20) day vacation for all administrators
during the months of July and/or August provided such
administrators shall have worked the full preceding contract year.

. Administrators with ten (10) or more years experience in
Bergenfield are entitled to twenty-three (23) days. The
administrator shall submit the schedule sixty (60) days prior to
July 1. The Superintendent must approve the vacation schedule
thirty (30) days prior to July 1. Administrators who have worked
for less than one (1) year shall have a vacation period on a pro
rata basis. Up to five (5) unused vacation days may be carried
over for use into the next year. However, if those days are not
used in that next year, they shall be lost and shall not carry
over into a second year.  Upon leaving the district, twelve (12)
month administrators shall be paid for unused vacation days at the
per diem rate applicable at the time of their departure from the

. 3. Administrators may avail themselves of all holidays and
recess periods as outlined in the school calendar except as set
forth below provided such does not interfere with their primary
responsibilities (and providing administrative personnel is
available at all times).

. 4. Twelve month Administrators hired after July 1, 2001
shall work one (1) day over the two (2) school recesses. The
coordination of the days worked by the Administrators shall be
handled by the Association and approved by the Superintendent or
his/her designee. Administrators hired before July 1, 2001 shall
not be required to work over any school recess. However, they
shall leave written orders for any staff member in his/her
office/department who is required to work, outlining the tasks
which should be completed and any directions therefor. In
addition, the Administrators shall be available by telephone to
address any questions concerning the written orders which may

5. School holidays are part of the regular vacation and

are not to be counted as part of the total vacation days.

C. 10 Month Contract

1. Administrators shall be granted holidays and recess

periods granted to teachers as per the yearly school calendar.

      2. The contract period shall be September 1 to June 30.


A. Notice of all vacancies in administrative positions will be

posted in each school by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her
designee within thirty (30) school days of:

1. Acceptance of a letter of resignation; and/or

. 2. Official Board action vacating a position or creating a
new position within the school system.

B. Certified Administrators who are interested may then apply

for said positions according to the following protocol:

1. 1. Five (5) school days will be given in which to submit a
letter of intent.

2. 2. All those who are interested will be considered by
application and/or interview.

3. 3. Each applicant will be given the courtesy of a reply to
his/her application or interview within a reasonable period of

C. The Superintendent reserves the right to fill any vacancy of

an emergency nature as soon as possible. However, should an

administrator be absent from his/her position for more than

fifteen (15) school days, the Superintendent will then appoint an

acting administrator to fill that position for the remainder of

the leave. If the acting administrator is a current member of the

Association, a fair and equitable compensation shall be agreed

upon before assignment of additional duties.

D. Administrators desiring a change of assignment shall make

their request in writing to the Superintendent of Schools by April

15 prior to the school year in which the change in assignment

would take place.

E. Any change in subject or position shall be made in writing by

June 1st to the administrator involved except where there are

necessary schedule changes.

F. Written notice of an involuntary transfer shall be provided

to the administrator affected at least thirty (30) calendar days

in advance thereof. The Board shall use its best efforts to

comply with this requirement except in cases of emergency.

1. Any employee who is to be transferred to a

principalship in a category in which he/she has not
served previously, e.g., high school principal to
elementary school principal shall be given sixty (60)

calendar days notice and the Board shall exert its best
efforts to comply except in cases of emergency. Any
employee who might be transferred within his/her
designated category shall be given thirty (30) calendar
days written notice and the Board shall exert its best
efforts to comply except in cases of emergency.

2. 2. The transferred Administrator shall be provided with
all information available in order to become acquainted
with the school curriculum.

G. The Board of Education will make every effort to include the
President of the BAA, and/or his/her designee(s) in discussions
involving possible elimination or major changes in working
conditions of positions covered by this agreement. Nothing
contained herein shall be construed to deny or restrict
responsibilities under Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes or any
other national, state, county, district or local laws or
regulations as they pertain to education.



A. Professional Dues

The Board of Education will pay the dues for one (1)
professional organization for each member, as approved by the
Superintendent, provided, however, that the maximum amount payable
to each member annually shall not exceed $850, and provided the
member produces an invoice to substantiate the amount of the dues.



A. Tax Sheltered Annuity

An employee may authorize the Board to make deductions for

the purpose of tax-sheltered annuities pursuant to the provisions

of N.J.S.A. 18A:66-127 et seq., and the terms of a group contract

approved by the Board.

B. Save Harmless

The Association agrees to save the Board harmless from any
claims or expenses raised against it pursuant to the Board of
Education fulfilling its contractual obligations in accordance
with the terms of this Article.



A. Salaries

1. 1. The Board and the Association agree that the salary
guides attached hereto and made a part hereof, including the
general provisions thereon pertaining to educational stipends and
longevity, shall apply to all administrators within the
Association for the entire duration of said Agreement.

2. 2. Any ten-month administrator who is directed to work
outside of the September 1 to June 30 contract year shall be paid
at the per diem rate of 1/200 times the administrator's annual
base salary or portion thereof.

B. Insurance

The Board agrees to provide without cost to the contracted

administrator, the following:

1. 1. Individual or family coverage through the New Jersey
State Health Benefits Plan.

2. 2. Individual and dependent coverage through the existing
plan with Delta Dental.

3. 3. The Board shall pay the additional premium cost
necessary to permit employees to submit their eligible
prescription drug costs for themselves and their eligible
dependents to their applicable State Health Benefits Plan for
reimbursement. However, the maximum the Board shall be required
to pay in such additional premium cost shall be capped at $1,000.
Any increase in additional health benefits premium as it relates
to the elimination of the stand alone prescription drug plan above
the applicable capped amount per employee per year shall be paid
by the employee through appropriate payroll deductions.

4. 4. The Board of Education shall provide a physical
examination for each administrator covered by this Agreement.
Each administrator shall submit the name of his/her examining
physician to the Board. Each administrator shall submit a claim
for the cost of his/her physical to the insurance carrier.  The
Board shall pay the cost of such an examination to the extent it
has not been reimbursed up to a maximum of $250.00 per contract
year or a maximum of $750.00 once during the term of this



A. Upon voluntary retirement with ten (10) or more years of

service within the Bergenfield School District, administrators

shall receive per diem remuneration for all accumulated sick leave

days in accordance with the following schedule:

1. 1. 0-200 days at $90.00 per day;

2. 2. 201 (+) days at $80.00 per day;

3. 3. The maximum payout to an administrator pursuant to this
section shall be capped at $16,000. Thus, based on the
above schedules, and depending on the number of unused
sick days accumulated, an administrator may be entitled
to less than or up to $16,000, but never more than
$16,000 if he/she retires.

B. All members of the Association who may be required to use

their own automobiles in the performance of their duties shall be

reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service rate.

C. The Board of Education will notify the Association, in

writing through the Superintendent of Schools, of any items

initiated by any group which could change the administrative

responsibilities of the Unit.

D. The Bergenfield Administrators' Association shall attend the

Board of Education meetings from time to time as requested by the

Board or its designee and will attend Parents' Night, Open House,

Orientation Programs, In-Service training programs.

E. Lunch Periods

1. 1. The normal in-school work day shall include a duty-free
lunch period for all administrators.

2. 2. The principals recognize that they are the primary
resource administrators for the Public School buildings. The
Board of Education recognizes the right of each principal to the
duty free lunch period. Therefore, the Board of Education will
provide for a certified person in each school to supervise the
student lunch program and lunch room aides under the principals'

3. 3. When an emergency situation occurs and supervision is
needed, the administrator involved will personally supervise the
pupils' lunch period and will arrange for his/her lunch period at
another time on that day.

F. Printing and Distribution

The School District will, at its own expense, print

sufficient copies of this Agreement for present and new employees.

G. Notice

Whenever any notice is required to be given by either of the

parties to this Agreement to the other, pursuant to the

provision(s) of this Agreement, either party shall do so, in

writing, at the following addresses:

1. 1. If by Association, to Board at 225 West Clinton Avenue,
Bergenfield, New Jersey.

2. 2. If by the Board, to Association at in care of the
school to which the president of the Association is



In the event that any portion of this contract shall be

deemed to be in violation of the law, the remainder of the

contract shall remain in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this

Agreement to be signed by their respective presidents and attested

by their respective secretaries.


By:____________________________________ President
By:____________________________________ Secretary
Board of Education
By:____________________________________ President
By:____________________________________ Secretary

Bergenfield BE and Bergenfield Admin Assn 2004.pdf